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  1. Atavan Halen

    [For Sale] 2018 Gibson Custom Les Paul Special Doublecut 1960 Reissue TV Yellow Listed is a 2018 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Special Double Cutaway '60 Reissue. Cosmetic Condition: Excellent, with only very minor surface level scratches on the pickguard and body. No cracks...
  2. bossaddict

    NVGD: 1955 Les Paul Special

    I wanted to share a recent arrival to my home - a 1955 Les Paul Special. This one has a handful of non-original parts, but is easily the best one that I've ever had. This is the third one that I've owned and I think it's going to stick this time. I previously had a refinished '58 that I sold and...
  3. '18 Special DC Front Body

    '18 Special DC Front Body

  4. F

    Just purchased one - WTB 2004-2011 Les Paul Junior - Single Cut

    Hey there, I am sure that i am not the only one, but I am looking to add a 2011 LPJ to my collection.. If anyone is looking to part with a Pelham Blue or TV Yellow...I AM INTERESTED!!! I also have a 2015 LPJ TV Yellow that I will be posting for sale here as well. Nice guitar, but the wider...
  5. '59Fatburst


    Please delete. Thank you!
  6. timbraun

    NGD: 2015 LP Special DC

    I found a fun guitar at L&M's Attic sale : Somebody swapped the robo-tuners for gold Grovers. Nice and light, sings well, though I might put a tunable wrap-around bridge on it - the intonation gets a little iffy up above the 12th fret. Feels like a nice base for some mods and very playable...
  7. R

    Stew Mac Spray Can TV Yellow...

    ... Have you used it? Have you had good results? What was your method? Today I decided to start practicing how to shoot nitro using spray cans on a scrap piece of mahogany. As the title says, I want to shoot a TV Yellow finish on my first build. The point here is that when I shot the TV Yellow...
  8. loopmasta

    Epiphone Limited Edition '57 Les Paul Jr. Reissue - TV Yellow

    Hi, I need to repair (repaint) the top of a Epiphone Limited Edition '57 Les Paul Jr. Reissue - TV Yellow. Does anybody know what kind of lacquer this is and where to buy it? Preferable in Europe? Thanks
  9. PontiacKendall

    SOLD: Gibson Les Paul Junior 2011 - TV Yellow gloss

    For sale is my 2011 Gibson Les Paul Junior in gloss TV Yellow. This Junior plays like butter and the P90 sounds fantastic. As the pictures show this is a players guitar with some dings, chips, color wear, etc but structurally sound. It weighs in at 8.1 pounds and the neck measures .84" at the...
  10. bossaddict

    NVGD: 1957 Les Paul Special

    Well, Jon sort of outed me (or more accurately, I felt like I had to out myself) in another thread, but I suppose I'll make it official. I got this '57 TV Special from Detroit Guitar a few weeks back. I had a refinished '58 a couple of years ago that was nice as well, but I've grown into a real...

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