1. the drew

    Rectifier tubes vs. rectifier diodes

    Hello, I have been looking at Fender amps and was wondering which is better, tube or solid state rectifiers. My amp is a Fender Blues Deluxe and it has the solid state rectifier, also I see the Twin 65 RI also has solid state rectifiers. I notice the low and mid watt 65 Princeton and 65 deluxe...
  2. refret

    WTB: Mullard EL34 matched pair XF2

    Looking for a matched pair of early 70's era Mullard EL34 tubes. Should be XF2 and working great. Links to reliable online sellers would also be helpful :)
  3. GibsonKramer

    New Marshall 2018 DSL40CR

    Late 2017 brought rumors of the DSL's demise. An Anderton's video made reference to it, and Marshall spent months, denying it. Well, they were telling a half-truth. Both. The DSL40CR is a new voiced, new speaker (V-Type) DSL. It has 2 separate MV, that are programmable. When Marshall gets...
  4. Bluesytone

    SOLD: Eurotubes Power tube bias probe

    Going through my gear boxes and found my tube amp bias tool. Great cost effective way to bias your amp after installing new power tubes. I used it one time. $SOLD
  5. Bluesytone

    SOLD: Preamp 12ax7 tubes

    Going through my gear boxes and found 4 spare 12ax7 tubes. 2 look new and the other 2 look like NOS tubes. I don’t have an amp to test these in now, but I don’t keep broken stuff or junk so I’m assuming they are all good. Priced accordingly. $SOLD
  6. T

    FX Loop on VOX AC30C2, tube issue?

    Hi, I'm trying out the FX loop on a VOX AC30C2 and since the manual doesn't describe how it works I have a doubt about it. Does using it worn out or "damage" any of the tubes faster than it would if I didn't use the loop? Or not? And the second issue is that today the reverb gone out. It...
  7. Bluesytone

    SOLD NOS Tube set

  8. Bluesytone

    SOLD : New Guitar Amp Tubes

  9. Bluesytone

    delete me

    Keeping em
  10. '59Fatburst

    FS; Vintage Westinghouse Tubes for 5E3 Tweed Deluxe

    I'm selling some extra tubes that I had purchased for my Clark 5E3 Beaufort. They're a set of Westinghouse 6V6G's and a Westinghouse 12AY7. The 12AY7 tested 101% on an Aplitrex AT1000. The 6V6G's are a matched pair and tested Tube 1: Ia = 43.5mA and Gm = 4,2mA/V Tube 2: Ia = 43.7mA and Gm =...