1. B

    NGD! 2017 Les Paul Tribute T Satin Ebony

    This beauty just arrived today, not come across these 2017 models in ebony before. An absolute bargain at £500!
  2. M

    UPDATE: Finally got my 1st Gibson. Is this normal?

    Hello everyone out there, it's great to meet you all! So I finally got my 1st Gibson; a 2013 Les Paul 70's tribute. My question is this: Is it normal to see what appears to be a seam running the length of the fingerboard just underneath the fret tangs? I realize Gibson does hand scraping and...
  3. T

    2007 Les Paul CLassic Plastic Klusons seem cheap Grovers vs Kluson

    2007 Les PAul Classic Ebony W/ chrome Chambered weight relief 8.2 lbs Plastic Klusons seem cheap THink I'm gonna swap out these tuners, there doesnt seem like much space to get a good wind on the posts i dunno maybe beeing overly critical Put strings on her and put too many winds on the...
  4. Jewel the Sapphire

    2019 Double Cut Special Tribute 2 P90s

    Gibson is now making two P90 DC tributes for the second half of 2019, HYPE!!!
  5. W

    Should I change out my '57 Classics?

    Hi everyone, I know this is to do with an Epi LP, however, it's more to do with the pickups in general so thought I would post in here. I have a 2015 Epi LP Tribute Plus with the '57 Classic and '57 Classic Plus pickups. Amongst other improvements such as nut, bridge, tailpiece which are...
  6. W

    Advice needed for pickup combo on Epi LP Tribute Plus

    Hi everyone, I have an Epiphone Les Paul 1960 Tribute Plus which has the Gibson '57 Classic humbucker in the neck and '57 Classic Plus in the bridge. It has been professionally set up and I have some other modifications on the way such as Tusq nut, Gotoh tailpiece and bridge. I’m now onto the...
  7. Jewel the Sapphire

    2019 Junior!!

    I'm blown away by the quality of mine let's all share a review here, First off the neck finish is satin nitro which is cool and dry to the touch. The carve is like my 2002 SG Special slim taper maybe thinner down at the 12th fret on this junior. The frets may be a bit taller than my other...
  8. F

    toggle switch and pots lenght for Tribute

    Hi All, I’m changing the electronics in my LP 2018 Goldtop Tribute. It came with Gibson’s PCB. I guess I need long shaft pots but I’m not 100% sure. I would like to be certain before I place an order for a prewired harness. As for the toggle switch, I thought every USA Lp used Switchcraft...
  9. Gtarzan81

    2017 Tribute HP - Goldtop

    Anyone familiar with these by chance? I did a search here and found nothing. Even Google didn't come up with much. The reason I'm asking for forum wisdom is the Sam Ash near me has one...
  10. Visual Guy

    Sheptone Tribute Pickups Comparison

    Yes - I'm new. Yes - I'm one of those video demo guys with better gear than he is a player. :dude: No - I'm not gonna make millions of posts pretending to care but secretly trying to promote myself. Now that all the nonsense is out of the way. I did up this compare video on some Sheptone...
  11. sambot

    My First Paul! What the heck is up with Gibson logo?!

    Lusted after Les Pauls for more than a decade, I'm finally in a financial place where I can make it work without having to go hungry for a few weeks. So, I took the plunge and bought a used 2018 LP Tribute in Honeyburst (you'll note that despite my newfound financial stability, I stayed on the...
  12. VDeuce


    Up for sale is a nice '17 Tribute Goldtop weighing 8.5 pounds. Excellent condition with only superficial pickmarks on guard and a small worming mark on the back that will likely not show in pics. Plays and sounds as good as she looks. No fret wear. Fantastic guitar for the money. $759...
  13. penguinchit

    FS: G&L Tribute ASAT Special

    I'm really Jonesing for an American Special Tele. REALLY really. So I'm selling my G&L Tribute ASAT Special to help fund one. Here's the Craigslist link to satisfy your curiosity in this beautiful machine: