1. Goldtopman777

    Les Paul 1960 Traditional Zebra Satin Goldtop

    Hello all! New member and first post, though ive searched through the threads for years...a couple months back I acquired a 1960 Traditional Zebra Satin Goldtop. It is a fantastic insturment, but there is little to no information on this model online and they seem to be hard to find. Compared to...
  2. J

    First Gibson Les Paul buying advice

    Hey everyone, I'm new here on the forum. After going back and forth on Les Pauls and owning a few Epiphone versions of them, I think it's finally time to go on the prowl for a genuine Gibson Les Paul. I know there have been plenty of these threads and many things are subjective. The thing is...
  3. mrmega

    My new (to me) 2011 Les Paul Traditional.

    Hi, First time post. :) I met the guys representing the forum at the Philly guitar show a few weeks back and signed up. I really enjoyed meeting them and look forward to getting to know y'all as time passes too. I went to the show to find a black Les Paul I could use live because I don't...
  4. Veritas0Aequitas

    WTB: 2014 Gibson Les Paul Traditional Plus in Wine Red 120th Anniversary

    Hi everyone, I've been looking for months now for a 2014 120th Anniversary Gibson Les Paul Traditional Plus in Wine Red. I missed out on this one but this is exactly what I'm looking for. A nice rich Wine Red with a nice plus top like this...
  5. pedecamp

    Help Deciding Between LPs

    I'm looking at a 2009 Traditional and a 2013 Standard T. What are the features of each, trying to decide which way to go. Is there anything more special about one over the other.
  6. K

    New Les Paul Standard vs old Traditional

    Just wondering: Is there any difference between the new Les Paul Standard 50's spec announced at NAMM 2019 and the old Traditional? They seem pretty similar.
  7. Z

    Super confused... Help

    I just wanna say one thing, that I need a les paul as close to vintage specs as possible without having to pay for a reissue. I have no budget for Historics. By being close to vintage means the color, weight and everything else. And these trads are killer guitars imo. So I have these two...
  8. Dr.Tj


    NEW GUITAR DAY! I've dreamed of getting my hands on this beauty for more years than I can remember and that dream finally came true, today. (2018 les paul traditional tobacco sunburst.) I also got my first tube amp, the Laney CUB12R. It is great for vintage led zep/pink floyd etc tones! <cries...
  9. Z

    New Tobacco Burst In Traditional 2019

    Heyy guys! I have been posting a lot. But I really am finding THE ONE. So drop down your thoughts and help. So I was about to buy this Cherry Les Paul Traditional 2018.. And this Tobacco burst showed up just now! Cherry is 9.7lbs and Tobacco is 9.0 lbs. Tell me what do you think about these two...
  10. Z

    New Les Paul Traditional With P90s!!!

    I was just roaming around in Tokyo today. I usually go there to meet my buddy who works in G-Club Tokyo (The biggest dealer of Gibson in Japan) And I found this Beauty! Its a Les paul trad solid body with P90s and there was another limited model with 3 P90s in it! Where are P90 lovers at? :D
  11. Z

    Solid Body Light Weight Les paul?

    These are two Les Paul Trad 2018. Honey Weighs at 3.86 KG. Im considering to buy this over the cherry which is 4.4 Kg. I have only played Cherry and it feels great but the weight is kinda bugging me. I dont gig at all but I might, who knows. So Im just wondering if weight will cause any problems...
  12. Z

    2018 Gibson Les Paul Traditional

    Hey guys! I tried these two guitars and both of them play amazing!! Im getting a great deal on these for Christamas Sale. Both are exact same models but the tobacco burst has a little fat neck than the other one. The only main difference is the weight. Tobacco is 8.9 Pounds or 4.04 Kg and the...
  13. Z

    Les Paul 2014 Standard Plus or Traditional 2018

    This is 2014 Standard Plus And this is Trad 2018 Hey guys. This is my second thread on this forum. I live in Japan and English is not my first language so bare with me. Im very confused about these two guitars. Just one thing I wanna clear is that I am a big time flame top guy and I fell in...
  14. F

    Would you buy Gibson LP Trad/Std 2019 at this price?

    Hello on a Monday, It is that time of the year (Christmas) and I have an offer (from a guitar shop) for one of 2 brand new Gibson Les Pauls from the 2019 range. Option A) Traditional in Tobacco Burst for EUR 1.900 (all other shops want around 2.600) Option B) Standard (non-HP) Blueberry Burst...
  15. LesPeterGuitarJam

    Gibson Les Paul Traditional 2018 - My thoughts....

    so i had my new gibson les paul for around 6 months now. so i made a quick little video with some improvised jam, also talking and giving my thoughts on this really fucking awesome guitar..
  16. Hamsterean

    2018 traditional unparallel headstock

    What do I do now? This Les Paul traditional headstock neck carve on the right side goes in too deep. It’s supposed to go straight and then out. It’s not supposed to look like a C.
  17. M

    2019 LP Traditional Opinions

    So, what is the forum's opinion on the new traditional? I'm so so so tempted. But I am going to wait to play one. But the fact of it not being weight relieved, the neck, and the slightly brighter pups (from what I've read) is a very attractive proposition for me. I do like the colour options...
  18. LesPeterGuitarJam

    NGD - Gibson Les Paul Traditional 2018 Tobacco Sunburst Perimeter

    I just picked up a new guitar, a les paul traditional 2018 tobacco sunburst perimeter. and wow.. she is AWESOME.. i have a few epi lp's, and they aint half bad, but this girl.. damn.. DING, welcome to the next level.. I did a very firmly inspection of the guitar in the store (the years with...
  19. 519tbarr

    For Canadians - The Pricing game again.

    For all Canucks... I was browsing the L&M site and it turns out 2018 Traditionals have now topped out at $2999 CDN. A traditional priced at more than $3000 for a standard production USA model seems high. Pricing is starting to remind me of the 2015 debacle up north. I get that our loonie is...
  20. JaiminhoPagina

    NGD! 2013 Chicago Blue Les Paul Traditional

    Very happy! A little late (received the guitar last Thursday), and only now I realized I forgot to do the usual NGD routine! :applause: I fell in love with this color the moment I saw the pictures at the Gibson website. It was really love at first sight - "I AM going to own this guitar...

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