1. treyrab

    FSOT: 2006 Fender Nocaster 1951 Custom Shop Reissue Tele (Mint, 6.8lbs)

    Hi All - Since I was fortunate enough to buy a real Blackguard Telecaster, I am selling (or trading) my 1951 Custom Shop Reissue Nocaster. About the Nocaster: It is a 2006, "like-new" unplayed condition. Only 6.8lbs. Large, flame-maple neck. Comes with an original HSC and all the case-candy...
  2. DanKovFilm

    FSOT: 1963 Martin 00-21NY - Brazilian/Sitka - Hide Glue

    Here is a babied, crack free, old factory hide glue Martin. The NY models were built with lighter bracing than the standard 00-21 and produce a bit more movement in the top when played. It's basically their first attempt at an "Authentic" line since it's meant to mimic early 1900's builds. This...
  3. Jewel the Sapphire

    Need reviews: 2014 Futura

    Im talking to someone with a red 2014 Futura. The tuners are changed from the robots to black hipshot open back. I can get it with the humbucker switched to a gibson dirty fingers, but the p90 is no longer the gibson sidewinder, now an unbranded p90. Another option is to have active EMGs in it...
  4. Londonbus


  5. theusualdan

    FSOT - 2015 Fender Eric Johnson Stratocaster Sunburst Maple Neck - sold. Please delete

    Putting out a feeler on trades for this EJ strat. It's a late 2015 model (confirmed by Fender). Has the case and all the goodies that came with it (strap, ashtray cover, trem bar, cable, etc). It's been played and has one small ding through the finish on the front. Some light playwear on the...
  6. Londonbus


  7. Londonbus

    FOR TRADE: Gibson 84T-LM & P94 Pickup Set

    Hi there. I just purchased (like a week ago) a Lee Malia Signature Explorer. It comes stock with a Gibson USA P94 and Gibson 84T-LM. The 84T is supposed to be Gibson's version of the SD bridge pickup from EVH's Kramer, or something like that, from back in the 80s. There's a bunch of info on...
  8. Londonbus


  9. Londonbus


  10. J

    Trade with a Les Paul Studio

    Hello everybody, I'm selling a Stratocaster (in particular a partscaster) and one guy asked me if I'm interested with a exchange with his Les Paul. It's a Les Paul studio 120th anniversary (2014) in ebony. He has replaced the nut (bone) and the bridge (Gotoh), but the main problem is the finish...
  11. Londonbus

    ★ FS/Trade ★ 2018 Fender "American Original" USA Jazzmaster

    2018 Fender American Original Jazzmaster. Ultra clean and in excellent condition with no issues. Includes original case and everything it came with brand new. No fret wear, no issues. 9.5 radius, medium tall frets, thin nitro lacquer finish... Bascially the 2018 version of what was...
  12. gary moore 92

    WTT Les Paul Historic Standard 58 and Fender Custom Shop 1956 Relic Strat for Gibson True Historic

    Hey there. I'm currently trying to find a True Historic 59 LP and would like to trade my 2016 Historic Standard 58 Iced Tea and a 2015 Fender Strat 56 Heavy Relic in black. I also might consider just trading the Fender for another LP Reissue/Custom, Martin 000 - 28/OM28 acoustic. I'm located...
  13. Ozzy

    FT: 2016 Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 Goldtop

    For trade. Hit me with your best shot. Rare color, no mods, 7.9 Pounds (3.583kg). Super condition, no fret wear, all case candy and tools.
  14. mrdannyboy

    Pickup trade

    I have a set out of a 2011 studio. They are gold covers and are Just Starting to fade a bit. I’m Looking for some other plug and play pups to trade. preferably burstbuckers. I think mine are 490r and 498t if someone can comfirm that that would be cool. But I’m pretty confident they are.No...
  15. Londonbus


    sale pending
  16. Londonbus


  17. H

    Trade Help - Which one should I choose???

    Hello everyone! I have a nice Telecaster custom shop which I want to trade. I have two offers that I like and I don't know which one to choose : - First one is a 6-digits Art Historic Gibson LP Custom 1957 VOS 1997 black beauty. Mint condition for the age. - The other one is a nice Gibson...
  18. Trogly

    25/50 Anniversary Les Paul - Nice Condition - $3675

    I have a few 25/50 Gibson Anniversary Les Pauls that I am selling. Many people have this model as a bucket-list dream guitar and have other unused guitars sitting around - so lets make your dream come true! I am open to trades for other Gibsons only - or Gibson Parts, +/- cash. The trade value...

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