tony iommi

  1. 59fan

    Klipp era Laney amps

    Calling all Laney Klipp/Supergroup aficionados...a couple Klipp era heads seem to have popped up on Reverb, but what really caught my eye was a 60W PA do these differ from the Klipp's normal channel (which I've been told is simply a Supergroup circuit)? Is it similar to what Marshall...
  2. terriblebmx

    Fit Jaydee Pickups In a P-90 Cavity Guitar?

    Hey guys I've had these Iommi pickups for the longest just sitting around not being used. I really want to put them into use again along with the bridge and I was wondering if they can be fitted into a P90 cavity without issue or will I need the pickup ring with them? I have my eye on this...

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