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    1961 Punchy P.A.F. Set. Our Best Humbuckers for Rock, Funk & Ska. Review & Demo of Tone Specific Pickups.

    The Tone Specific 1961 Punchy P.A.F. Set. Is our best humbucker for Hard Rock, Classic Rock and Modern Rock Tones. They also work great for Funk and Ska. Like any good P.A.F. style pickup you can also cover other styles too. Even Country & Blues music sounds good through these. The neck is nice...
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    1959 Blues P.A.F. Humbucker Pickups. Our Best Humbucker Pickups for Blues Tone. Review of Tone Specific Pickups.

    This Tone Specific forum post features a review of the 1959 Blues Humbucker Set. This set has a nice Blues type of tone you might expect from a classic P.A.F. style set but you can play anything with them. Check out the demo of our Best Blues Humbuckers The early P.A.F. pickups from the 50's...

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