1. Z

    1 meg PUSH/PUSH pots?

    Hey all! Long time lurker, first time poster (be gentle....) I'm a big fan of 1meg pots, especially in my LPs. I think the combo of mid/bass heavy pickups with a 1meg pot seems to give a huge frequency spectrum – max highs, max lows. But anyway... I'm interested in finding 1meg push/push...
  2. TrippyStormtrooper

    Think we take this tone thing a little too far?

    Do you guys ever feel like you're chasing the tone a little too hard, and that it negatively effects your playing? I feel that a lot of the classic tones we're chasing after were created simply because an artist picked up a guitar, plugged into an amp, and went "That sounds good. Cool" and...
  3. TrippyStormtrooper

    Who likes em' Big?

    Pedals and effects that is. Idk why, but I find myself gravitating towards the bigger pedals lately. Not that there's anything wrong with MXR/Boss sized pedals or even the mini pedals. But I really enjoy the look of a full sized Tonebender, a hefty delay box or a big ol' wah. Anyone prefer the...
  4. GrayHawK1

    Opinions on my Tool “Adam Jones” tone

    I wanted to know your opinion on my tone for the Tool covers I’ve been doing. I think I have it down pretty good. Everyone’s ear is different though. Sorry for the quality on this one. It wasn’t uploaded the same as the other since it’s just a work in progress.
  5. M

    What do people think about this tone circuit

    Hi I've been thinking about an alternative tone circuit when I rewire my Epi LP It has a 50's vs modern toggle to try out both in the cavity, so the preferred one can be selected (and either made permanent by removing the switch, or left for occasional changes) It combines a hybrid style...
  6. Dr.Tj

    Can't find my sound. Frustrated. (Laney CUB12R)

    I recently bought my first Les paul, the traditional 2018 along with my first tube amp the Laney CUB12R (with HH driver thing). I feel really disappointed lately because I can't get the sound I imagined. I bought it because I wanted a low wattage amp strictly for home use and I will never gig...
  7. M

    Modification to Epi LP (brighten/HP only when volume or tone is turned up

    Hi I've been reading about tone mods, and would like to mod my guitar so it behaves normally, but when you turn the tone up to 8 or more, or when you turn the volume up to around 8-9 it rolls off some of the bass in the neck pickup. I don't really want it to change anything about the sound as...
  8. the drew

    Rectifier tubes vs. rectifier diodes

    Hello, I have been looking at Fender amps and was wondering which is better, tube or solid state rectifiers. My amp is a Fender Blues Deluxe and it has the solid state rectifier, also I see the Twin 65 RI also has solid state rectifiers. I notice the low and mid watt 65 Princeton and 65 deluxe...
  9. Oldhand

    Help an old guy with "new" tone terminology?

    Way back in the 60s there wasn't a lot of discussion about tone that I heard. Now, just returning to playing, I'm struggling to understand current tone talk. I need help with terms like warm, cold,quack, honk, bright, dark, etc. Anyone willing to help an old guy learn what you young Turks are...
  10. Dick Banks

    Assorted Pics?

    I've been trying to locate a source where I can buy a bag of *TRULY* assorted picks--from a variety of manufacturers. I'd like to try lots of different thicknesses, sizes, weights, material, etc, but all I can find are picks from a single manufacturer.
  11. Frogfur

    This cap thing..

    I've been down this road. Sprague Vitamin Qs bees, vintage, and repos, black beauties bla bla bla.. Here is a handful. Believe me, i have a collection. Instead of going thru all that, i decided to make up little test rigs of various types along time ago, with treble bleeds and mini alligator...
  12. S

    I've got a tone problem - HELP

    Hi all, I'm looking for some recommendations on a good 'headphone' amp or some way to play with headphones. I've got two half stack tube amps that are regrettably too loud for my apartment. I think I need solutions to two problems: 1) First, my amps are too loud and I can't play them so I've...
  13. StillLearning

    Crickets -800%

    Songs of whales? songs of Buckethead........ pfffft......listen to this.... Astro? A pedal?
  14. Nitrobattery

    Friedman Fuzz Fiend w/ my Les Paul

    I was sent this Fuzz Fiend by the company that I used to work for in NY to do a video for their YouTube channel....and I don't think I'm sending this one back. I absolutely love this thing. It somehow does all of the fat, exploding fuzz stuff...while still staying tight. I'm using my Les Paul...
  15. GuitarTalk

    NGD, Gibson Standard T vs Traditional T (2017)

    So a couple weeks back I picked up a new 2017 Gibson Standard T in Bourbon Burst. Yesterday, I exchanged the guitar for a brand new Traditional T 2017 Honeyburst model instead. Here is why (for anyone who is on the fence between the two models): Standard Features: - Push Pull coil-taps +...

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