tom holmes

  1. tonfoi

    FS: A set of double white Timbuckers with covers

    Hi guys , I'm selling another fantastic set of barely used double white bobbins Tim White Timbuckers with Tim's covers . Neck 7.78k Bridge 8.28k you know what I'm talking about , one of the most rare and beautiful paf clone . 800 USD plus shipping
  2. mdubya

    Tune ups for a couple of favorites

    Somehow, I ended up with two sets of Tom Holmes pickups, H450/455, over the years and I never used either set. :eek2: My 2014 ES 335 Dot Reissue always sounded fine until I got my '59 RI. And then my non-reverse Firebird. The more I moved towards dialing in amps and pedals and models to favor...
  3. Jinmary

    Old Growth Guitar SALE - Vaschenko, Bartlett, MAX

    Making room ($ and actual room!!) for a vintage purchase so cleaning house!!! All are very fair prices but bring your best offers......always open to a reasonable deal (no trades please). Gibson Custom Shop Slash "First Burst" VOS- $5150 1958 Bartlett Explorer w/Sigil NOS Vintage Wire Hybrid...
  4. sgtsteiner

    WTB -- Tom Holmes H450/H455 Set Humbucker Pickups

    Hey All -- looking for a clean set of Holmes 450/455 Humbuckers. Bobbin color not important, but I need full length lead wires. Email is fastest -- [email protected] Cheers and thanks!

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