1. K

    Help me date / identify a Tokai Love Rock LP

    Hi guys ! I need your help ! Is this real deal or fake one? Seller says that bigsby is aftermarket, relic job done and serial number is 10060065.
  2. Homeras

    FS: Tokai LS-60 1983

    Beautiful Tokai LS-60 from 1983 with many features of higher models (it was listed around 10 years ago on this forum :). It's in really good condition for 37 years, though many dings here and there. The previous owner slightly matted the back of the neck (very pleasant). Frets are quite high and...
  3. K

    What model of Tokai guitar is this?

    I just bought a guitar but I don't know what model it is. What model of Tokai guitar is this? and Is it genuine? The seller told me it was the ALS-48, but I thought it was not ALS-48.Because the color is not the same as Als-48 on the tokai web. Thank for help (Sorry for my english i used...
  4. K

    Help me find replacement parts for my Tokai

    Hi guys, I've just registered to ask your help with this, I hope this is the right place to ask my question. I have a Japanese Tokai LS90Q from 2006, and I'm thinking of installing a les trem on it. And since I'm adding that tremolo, I guess it would be nice to get a roller dridge too. It is...
  5. Greco

    The MIJ Compatability Thread: Helping you find the MIJ LP you've been searching for.

    Hey guys! So I had an idea pop up when another member of our little MIJ community said he wanted suggestions on MIJ guitars. I then had the idea where instead of people making individual threads, why not make one consolidated thread where the new guys would like help on what model they are...
  6. F

    Scratched frets new guitar

    Hi everyone! I recently bought a Tokai premium Ls186 70th anniversary. It plays like butter and I’ve been playing it all day long for less than week now. Today I was inspecting the frets closely and I noticed that the frets under the A and D strings are very scratched. You can see the grooves...
  7. M.M.

    NGD - 2009 Tokai LS160

    After asking around about the finish being nitro or not (probably as a dumb excuse not to buy it), I went and tried the guitar... I shouldn’t have tried the guitar :laugh2: Here it is! (I’ll try to take some more pictures once the rain goes away, especially of the beautiful one piece back)
  8. M.M.

    MIJ 2009 Tokai LS160 - nitro finish?

    Hello! I'm hoping the experts can help me. I've got the opportunity to buy a 2009 Tokai LS160 Goldtop for a really good price, and wanted to check what kind of finish those have, as the owner can't say for sure. It is kind of a priority for a guitar like this to have a nitro finish for me, but...
  9. A

    Pelham blue Tokai?

    Hey, First time posting here. Curious if anyone has any information on newer MIJ Tokais with the color Pelham blue. I’ve seen one for sale recently and tried to find as much info as I could. The one for sale was a uls-122. It had a certificate of authenticity that had phb after the model...
  10. Rick Benegbi

    Gibson Les Paul Special '57 Style Single Cut- 2001 Transparent Ferrari Red-WOW and Rare!

    Hi Guys, I'm new to the MLP Forum but have been on TGP for years as "Juicyproducer" and on Reverb as ricksvintage. Check my stellar feedback. Don't know why it took me so long to join but here I am. MLP members, you can have this one for $1199 instead of $1399 :)...
  11. nandakorewa

    Tokai LS150F / help needed What can you tell me about that guitar. The high price tag leaves me to believe it's high quality but I have never expirienced with Toaki guitars. And also, Is it worth getting second handed for 690$, Perfect condition, Attaching photos (5...
  12. vladmaximus

    1978 Tokai Reborn in action...Me & My Band performance today...

    Stock 1978 Tokai Reborn straight to Marshall JCM2000,no effect pedals used... Me & My Band performance today... hope you guys enjoy it...
  13. vladmaximus

    Tokai Reborn stock “X” stamp pickup,Your Opinion/comment is all i need

    Hello guys... Back to the basic stock pickups...its Double Cream... And for me the tone are great too its a PAF unwaxed type... Ceramic magnet i guess...kinda bright tone (can roll off tone knob if too bright,right) but i like it,i can get Tele single coil kinda tone when the guitar volume at 4...
  14. Gustavo Pimenta

    Tokai 2012/2013 catalogs (WANTED)

    Kind of urgent. Does anyone have the Tokai catalogs from 2012 and 2013 (v. 27 and 28)? I just bought a 2012/2013 Korean ALS 62 and I now I'm not sure what wood the body is made of. In some places I see Basswood and other, like the 2018 catalog, I see Mahogany - maybe the basswood ones are Chinese?
  15. vladmaximus

    Just Refretted my abused 1978 Tokai Reborn LS60 + Brass Nut,what do you think ?

    Hello guys... :welcome: its been long long time i didnt login and posting here...Now... i just Refretted my old abused 1978 Tokai Reborn Les Paul LS60 with Jumbo SS fret and i change the nut to Brass Nut too...For me...i really really love the Tone of my les paul now with Jumbo SS fret coz its...
  16. vladmaximus

    1978 Tokai Reborn LS60 tone Demo Knocking On Heavens Door Solo part

    Hello guys... :wave: Here are my 1978 Tokai Reborn LS60 tone Demo Knocking On Heavens Door Solo part.. im using Paf Vintage MK2 pickups... Watch and Enjoy it guys...Hows the tone guys ??? :shock: Solo part 1 --> Solo part 2 -->
  17. E

    Tokai LS1 R8 vs Gibson CS 58' Reissue V.O.S. Les Pauls

    Hi guys. I'm gonna buy a new Les Paul. I will choose one of these: Tokai LS1 R8 and Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul 1958 Reissue V.O.S. Tokai has 1 piece hand-selected African Mahogany back, 2 piece hand-selected and bookmatched Canadian maple top, one piece hand-selected African mahogany neck with...
  18. aroomstudios

    Momose vs Navigator Les Paul Custom

    I own 5 Les Pauls 4 MIJ in Japan. I love the MIJ stuff. Right now I have one 1978 Burny LP Custom Mahogany body Mahogany top ebony fretboard. Plus a bunch of Tokai's (no customs though, just standard LPs, some basses, strats and teles). I was thinking about picking up another custom from...
  19. J

    Tokai Love Rock - Model identification

    Just wandering if anyone can give me a hand to identify exactly what this model is? I’m guessing somewhere between 2000-2005 LS-320 maybe? When I brought it off eBay from Japenese Guitar auctions the guy said Tokai asked him to take it down as it was a prototype or something for the model LS-300...
  20. P

    Q: Tokai SG compared to Gibson SG Standard.

    Hello to all. This is my first time in these forums. I used to own a SG Standard from 2012 that I had to sell because of some financial problems. I freaking loved that guitar and I'm ready to own another one again. I live in Europe and I've been looking at these Tokais (SG92 and SG118) and...

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