1. Neilybob

    Longtime lurker now member from South East UK

    Hi there. I'm Neil from South East England, UK. Have been playing around with guitars for about 15years now. First guitar was a Burny Les Paul style guitar similar to the black Joe Perry Gibbo signature. That started me on my love of MIJ twangers. I've now amassed an assorted collection of MIJ...
  2. R

    Really gotta appreciate the Japanese Craftsmanship

    After nearly a year with my Tokai LS136F, I am really appreciating the Japanese craftsmanship. The neck profile is so comfortable, the pots are already some nice 500k linear tapers, tidy wiring, nice shielded cavity, and has literally no cosmetic flaws. The only gripe I have would be the pickups...
  3. G

    Tokai LC195s-EXBB?

    Hi guys, Looking for buying a Tokai Lc195s. Serial number says 2015 production year. Seller says there’s poly finish there and it’s a special run, but I can’t find a catalogue o 2015 with lc195s and especially a lc195s in poly finish anywhere. Here’s the same item but from 2014 on reverb, and...
  4. L

    Greco (EGC-550 (?)) without serial number. Worth the price?

    Hello, im currently looking at an apperantly 90s Greco. Im having a hard time identifying it, since it has no serial number and the greco font looks thick. Seller claims it to be japanese though, egc 550. Asking price is 950+Shipping (Europe). I was wondering: - Is it actually a japanese egc...
  5. G

    Tokai les paul custom serial number

    Hi all , newbie here , so not sure if I’m doing this right . Looking to buy a second hand Tokai les paul custom . Looks beautiful , but I have some concerns regarding the serial number stamp on the headstock . It’s a 6 digit all number serial code . Wondering what year it’s from , where it’s...
  6. M

    Reputable places to buy Tokai's online?

    like the title says, trying to look for reputable places where I can buy a Tokai. Specifically a LS136F Cherry burst. Thanks,
  7. 59fan

    Greco SA-90 or Tokai ES100R

    Both have recently popped up on my local Craigslist. The main difference is a headstock break on the Tokai so I’m not quite sure if it'd be worth it or if I should rather go for the Greco. This is the Tokai
  8. 59fan

    1981/82 Greco SS500

    EDIT: Been trying to insert a link to the actual listing. But apparently it was considered spam so this thread wouldn't post...figured I had to save the pics and paste 'em here. Considering to pull the trigger on this Super Real era SS500, the TRC and logo seem a bit confusing though. Lots of...
  9. 59fan

    Greco SG Juniors/Specials? Considering to pull the trigger on this one. Any experiences with Super Real/1982-83 era SG...
  10. K

    Help me identify this Tokai ALS model

    There is this quilted top chinese Tokai which i’m thinking to buy used. I can tell from SN that it is 2018 model but cant find the specific model from catalogs or Google. Seller says its ALS-62, but there are no quilted models for that afaik. Can you help me identify this model?
  11. S

    MIC Tokai Tuner Size

    Dear all, I own a Chinese Tokai Les Paul Special (yellow with two P90 pickups), that I bough in 2020, with "Limited Edition" written on the headstock. I love the sound but I have had tuning issues since the beginning. I took it to a tech for a set up, which improved things a bit, but I still...
  12. 59fan

    MIJ 3-Pup Black Beauty LPs

    What I'm essentially looking for is a (MIJ) 57-ish Black Beauty LP, and I've seen a few of these (especially early 80s Greco EGC57-60s) pop up on reverb every now and then...has anyone ever owned one (or maybe a Tokai/Burny equivalent of these)? There seem to be a couple of 3 pup Grecos and...
  13. LTigh

    NGD 2010 Tokai Love Rock LS 105Q HDC

    So I haven't really been posting in these parts lately, as I'd gotten more or less all the MIJ LPs that I'd thought I'd wanted or needed (in addition to a couple of Gibbys, all but one of which wound up getting flipped) and been exploring the S-type side of things for a while. One of those...
  14. vladmaximus

    Tokai Reborn Les Paul “sustain” check ??

    Hello guys.. “Sustain” my guitar part Parisienne Walkways by Gary Moore test with my 1978 Tokai Reborn to Marshall jcm2000 —>
  15. vladmaximus

    1978 Tokai Reborn with Marshall JCM 900 combo & Ceriatone Plexi

    Hello guys.. Hope you guys doin great... Here my Friend test with 2 amps Tokai Reborn with Marshall jcm900 Tokai Reborn with Ceriatone Plexi Enjoy it guys.. Video and sound from my iphone...
  16. K

    Help me date / identify a Tokai Love Rock LP

    Hi guys ! I need your help ! Is this real deal or fake one? Seller says that bigsby is aftermarket, relic job done and serial number is 10060065.
  17. Homeras

    FS: Tokai LS-60 1983

    Beautiful Tokai LS-60 from 1983 with many features of higher models (it was listed around 10 years ago on this forum :). It's in really good condition for 37 years, though many dings here and there. The previous owner slightly matted the back of the neck (very pleasant). Frets are quite high and...
  18. K

    What model of Tokai guitar is this?

    I just bought a guitar but I don't know what model it is. What model of Tokai guitar is this? and Is it genuine? The seller told me it was the ALS-48, but I thought it was not ALS-48.Because the color is not the same as Als-48 on the tokai web. Thank for help (Sorry for my english i used...
  19. K

    Help me find replacement parts for my Tokai

    Hi guys, I've just registered to ask your help with this, I hope this is the right place to ask my question. I have a Japanese Tokai LS90Q from 2006, and I'm thinking of installing a les trem on it. And since I'm adding that tremolo, I guess it would be nice to get a roller dridge too. It is...
  20. Greco

    The MIJ Compatability Thread: Helping you find the MIJ LP you've been searching for.

    Hey guys! So I had an idea pop up when another member of our little MIJ community said he wanted suggestions on MIJ guitars. I then had the idea where instead of people making individual threads, why not make one consolidated thread where the new guys would like help on what model they are...

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