1. myoldfriend

    ThroBak KZ-115 set - Double Cream (A2 Brute?)

    Aged bobbins and nickel covers. Neck has 13" lead, bridge 9.5". Long A2 mags. Springs/screws included. Loose covers (small amt of solder on base plate applied by ThroBak). BRIDGE: 7.51 Ω with 9.5" of lead NECK: 7.65 Ω with 13" of lead $425 to you. PayPal conus. With orig box, spec...
  2. myoldfriend

    SOLD: ThroBak KZ-115s Dbl Cream

    This extra set is not doing anyone any good in my parts drawer - surely someone can put them to good use. Excellent condition and even better tone. Double cream, no covers. BRIDGE: 7.47 Ω with 9.5" of lead NECK: 7.64 Ω with 19" of lead $xxx to your CONUS door via PayPal.
  3. myoldfriend

    SOLD: ThroBak Custom MXV Pickups

    The Lester these were in is but a memory, been hanging on to these for long enough.. Aged covers over double cream bobbins. BRIDGE: Long A5 mags, measured @ 9.10 Ω with 7.5" of lead NECK: Long A5 mags, measured @ 9.07 Ω with 12.5" of lead xxx PayPal to your door as long as it can be found...
  4. kingsxman

    (SOLD) Tom Holmes H450/H455 PAF pickups. Double creme bobbins with nickel covers

    For sale is a brand new set of Tom Holmes PAF pickups. They have nickel covers but underneath are double creme bobbins. Unpotted 2 conductor. Avoid the over 9 month wait and get a brand new set now. The pictures are actually me unboxing them for the first time... I bought 2 sets. I have the...
  5. Visual Guy

    SOLD: Throbak SLE-101 Plus w/ aged nickel covers and COA

    I purchased these for a demo and shootout video I made. I bought them from a member here for $425. @1all's Pub can confirm. Happy to sell them to someone else for the same price. They are basically brand new...
  6. GuitarTalk

    NPUD: The PAF beasts are here

    Not sure if New Pickup Day (NPUD) is a thing, but into my Murphy Aged TH Darkburst, they go... It was between PG’s, Wizz’s, and these. I’ll do a tone demo, but these tick all the boxes of the tone I was going for and more.
  7. SLE-101 MXV Throbak

    SLE-101 MXV Throbak

  8. GuitarTalk

    ThroBak SLE-101 MXV vs. SD Pearly Gates

    Both have an A2, tell me the difference please, got SLE’s on the way (the standard ones)
  9. blix

    NGD 2016 '57 goldtop

    Just got this one in yesterday. 2016 57 lp. I had an 2003 Brazilian fretboard which was nice, sold it a few years back when I had my first child. And what I remember the most about that old 2003 was the unbelievably thick neck that was very hard to play on. But the newer 2016 neck is sooooo...
  10. blix

    Throbak pg-102 bridge pickup

    Throbak pg 102 long leg 2 conductor wire, alnico 5, nickel cover 170 shipped conus
  11. blix

    Throbak MT 102b neck pickup

    Throbak mt102b neck with 4 conductor wiring and short legs. It started out a 2 conductor but was sent back to Throbak to change to 4 conductor. 8.3k ohms Comes with original box, sorry no screws or springs included. SOLD
  12. J

    Wizz for sale?

    anybody have some Wizz A4 magnet pickups they aren’t using and want to sell me? Looking for a typical 7.6-7.7 ohm neck and 8.2-8.4 ohm bridge set. Don’t care about bobbin color, prefer the covers with me if you have some...thanks guys!
  13. majicmerlin


    Need for a project : vintage Gibson size PAF gold neck/bridge cover set. lightly aged or gloss. on my list: Throbak, Wizz, Rewind Vintage ect you know what I'm looking for.....PM me
  14. J

    Throbak PG-102 MXV double white bobbin pickup set

    This is a set of throbak PG-102 humbucker pickups. They are in excellent condition with original wire lengths. Not using the guitar I bought these for so I’m selling them. Both are double white bobbins. Magnets are A5 with the magnet flip for the out of phase middle position Peter Green tone. I...
  15. deadringer

    FS: Throbak MC-102B Shiny Nickel Double Black Pickup Set Wax Potted

    Selling a used set of Throbak MC-102B pickups with shiny nickel covers with double black bobbins. These are waxed potted and have A4 magnets. They have some very slight play wear, but are in great condition. Includes original box, stickers, picks, springs and screws as pictured. Long leg...
  16. deadringer

    FS: Throbak SLE-101 Plus Pickup Set Double Cream Aged

    Selling a used set of Throbak SLE-101 Plus pickups in aged double cream. I do not have covers for these, so they are not included. Long leg baseplates and vintage style 2 conductor wiring. Neck - 7.83k ohm, 11" lead wire. Bridge - 8.45k ohm, 7" lead wire. SOLD!
  17. B

    WTS: Throbak P90 Soapbar pickup covers (You choose!)

    Hi guys, I'm looking to purchase a set of Throbak P90 soapbars but I don't need the cover (my stock guitar covers will fit better). Does anyone want the covers that come with? You can select whichever: colour, material and agedness - it just has to be soapbars. Link here...
  18. B

    WTB: Sell me a set of killer soapbar p90s!

    Hi guys, looking to purchase a set of killer soapbar p90s. Not particular about the cover as long as they come with 50mm spacing. Looking at: - Throbak (55/56' set preferred) - Sanford Electronics - Tyson Tone - Lindy Fralin - Wolfetone - Haussel (1956 set only) - Vintage Gibson p90s Let me...
  19. bossaddict

    Sold: Retrospec top hat knobs, ThroBak aged gold covers, nickel wraparound bridge

    Clearing out a couple of parts that I've had lying around. First up is a set (4) of Retrospec top hat knobs. These and the Montreux Time Machines are my favorite reproduction of '50s knobs. They have the dimpling on top just like the vintage ones. SOLD I also have a pair of aged gold ThroBak...