1. Death Incarnate

    NGD: Fender Telecaster Traditional 60s

    Just got my Fender Telecaster MIJ Traditional 60s today! I had been eyeing these when they were sold new in 2018 for $800 to $900. Then BAM! They disappeared. Now people have been selling them for over $1K, and that's a bit much to me. I found one used for less than they sold new, and was...
  2. bossaddict

    Sold again: 2018 Fender American Original '60s Custom Telecaster - $1250

    Here's the latest victim of my recent spending spree. 2018 Fender American Original '60s Telecaster. These were designed to be a combination of features from a vintage 1960s Custom Telecaster. In particular, they feature the double bound body, Fiesta Red finish, rosewood fretboard, and...
  3. Mark V Guitars

    Oddball guitar you've built and really liked...

    Here's mine. The body is made from several pieces of really old douglass fir. Had some old holes in it that I dripped some cyanoacrylate in to strengthen for piece of mind. Didn't realize til later that I had practiced drilling string through holes on one of the pieces. Ended up plugging them...
  4. bossaddict

    SOLD: 2012 Fender Custom Shop 1951 Nocaster Relic, Blackguard Telecaster - $2075

    Up for sale is my 2012 Fender Custom Shop '51 Nocaster. This received the relic treatment from the Fender Custom Shop, but is otherwise in great condition. There are some minor fret divots in the cowboy chord area, but nothing that affects playing. The frets overall are in good shape and have...
  5. bossaddict

    SOLD: 1974 Fender Telecaster Custom, Natural

    Up for sale is my 1974 Fender Telecaster Custom in original Natural finish. It is in good working order, but does have a bit of natural play wear on the body and the back of the neck, including some circular wear marks from possibly a capo. On the body, there is a bit of arm wear, such that the...
  6. deadringer

    FS: 2015 Fender Custom Shop Telecaster Double TV Jones Magna’Trons Bigsby Charcoal Frost Metallic

    Selling a custom ordered Fender Custom Shop Telecaster Double TV Jones with a Bigsby in Charcoal Frost Metallic nitro finish. Tortoise shell pickguard. Double bound body with a 9.5” neck radius and a rosewood fretboard that has binding and mother of pearl block inlays. Lightly tinted quarter...
  7. Favorite 3

    Favorite 3

    L to R: Tele Rosewood Neck (Surf Green/Mint Green), LP Axcess Custom (Bengal Burst), PRS Cu24 (Blue Charcoal Burst)
  8. bblooz

    SOLD! - Fender Telecaster Deluxe Thinline w/Kent Armstrong PU & control upgrades

    This is a 2014 Fender Telecaster Thinline Modern Player Soapbar w/Kent Armstrong PU & control upgrades in excellent + condition. Transparent black finish shows the wood grain well. I has vintage-style tuners, and straight maple neck with no noticeable wear at all. Bridge PU was upgraded to Kent...
  9. aerochris

    FS: Eleven Guitars Carbon Fiber Telecaster

    I have something interesting to offer my MLP friends that has been in my collection for awhile. It is an Eleven Guitars Carboncaster carbon fiber telecaster. Very unique and very light. This one is a prototype that I acquired when the company was first starting up. It is super clean...
  10. bossaddict

    Refin of 2018 American Original Tele

    I got this 2018 American Original Custom Telecaster several months ago and it's a great guitar, but I want a different finish on it. It's currently (and stock) Fiesta Red. I always kind of planned on having it refinished anyway, but I also just got a Super Faded Fiesta Red Custom Shop '64 Strat...
  11. L

    USACG / Warmoth Nashville Telecaster - Ash & Nitro

    Here's a great sounding and playing Tele for a good price. With an ash body and three Duncan 5/2 pickups, it provides a wide tonal spectrum for the Tele lover who also wants Strat and even jazz tones. All setup work was done by Conklin Guitars. $750 PayPal shipped. - USACG contoured body with...
  12. paruwi

    New (used) Telecaster Days #1 #2 #3 #4

    Oh Lord, I've sinned again.... Black - check:thumb: Set-neck - check:thumb: double P-90 - check:thumb: Semi-Solid - check:thumb: price - check :thumb: should be here next week
  13. lakeburst

    Fender introduces the new American Performer Series
  14. christophervolume

    really proud of this picture. plank & strings

    i have a hard time getting good shots of my guitars. thought this one was cool. i will be playing this all weekend. 2000 62 tele custom in metallic ice blue. it's starting to green with age.
  15. TrippyStormtrooper

    Looking for Tele Baritone Neck

    Hey all, I’m looking for a New, After Market, or NOS baritone (24 fret) neck for my MIM Fender Tele. Anybody know if Fender makes one? Prefer Maple to rosewood.
  16. Death Incarnate

    NGD: Telecaster Deluxe American Professional Silverburst

    So I got this a few weeks back, but have been pretty busy. A brand new 2018 American Professional Telecaster Deluxe Silverburst. What a mouthful. Ebony fretboard! Fender needs to do this more often. Shawbuckers pickups - they sound so phenomenal. Crunchy, but roll it down, and wirey. Fender...
  17. akuster777

    FS: Fender Custom Shop Texas Special Tele Pickpus

    For sale is a set of Fender Custom Shop Texas Special Telecaster Pickups Overwound enamel wire, fiber bobbins, staggered Alnico 5 pole pieces, cloth-covered leads Neck has a separate ground wire for the cover for 4-position switch (series), if desired; otherwise solder to ground Neck 9.2k...
  18. S

    WTB Nachocaster Blackguard Tele

    I already have one, but I kinda want another one. Has to be light and big necked. If you want to sell your Nachocaster, PM me with a link to some pics. If I like it, I might buy it.
  19. bossaddict

    Double NGD: 1964 Jaguar and 1967 Telecaster

    It's pretty rare for me to have a Fender NGD, let alone two within a couple of weeks of each other, but here we are. The first is a 1964 Jaguar that the original owner stripped (mostly) of its 3-tone Sunburst finish and varnished a long time ago. :eek: I'll likely be giving Andy at @BadMojo...

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