1. jonesy

    Jonesyblues Premium Upgrades for Les Paul, 335, SG, P90s, PAFs and more Built In USA

    Hope everyone is doing well. I invite you to check out my new Jonesyblues.com website The webstore has lots of new products Jonesyblues.com webstore As many of you may already know I offer a wide variety of premium guitar electronics for Gibson, Epiphone, Fender, PRS and many other guitars...
  2. F

    toggle switch and pots lenght for Tribute

    Hi All, I’m changing the electronics in my LP 2018 Goldtop Tribute. It came with Gibson’s PCB. I guess I need long shaft pots but I’m not 100% sure. I would like to be certain before I place an order for a prewired harness. As for the toggle switch, I thought every USA Lp used Switchcraft...

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