1. V

    WTB: Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Jr in Sunburst

    Hi all, I signed up because I need to cast a wide net in search of this guitar. I'm looking for a Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Jr in Sunburst, new or used. The most important thing here is I would like all original parts, including the leopard print case. Please let me know! Thanks!
  2. J

    FS: 2015 Les Paul True Historic 1959 Reissue

    This is a 2015 True Historic 1959 Reissue. It is in excellent condition. It has an absolutely killer wide ribbon top on it. Weight is 8 lbs 5 ounces. The neck is a perfect 59 profile (my calipers need a battery, but it is a very authentic neck carve true to an original). There is some minor neck...
  3. bossaddict

    NVGD: 1956 Les Paul Junior

    I drove about an hour each way yesterday afternoon and this followed me home. It's a 1956 Junior that's been around the block a few times. Lots of play wear as well as a repaired headstock break. The frets are tiny and have some wear on them as well, but are working for me (for now). The P-90...
  4. J

    FS: 2016 Fender Stratocaster 3-Tone Sunburst

    This is a 2016 Fender Stratocaster bought new a couple years ago from Dave’s Guitar Shop. It features a beautiful 3-tone sunburst, authentic nitrocellulose finish, very nice rosewood fretboard and is in excellent overall condition. Made in Mexico. It includes all the case candy as shown as well...
  5. nicolasrivera

    New Mike Burn 1959 Les Paul Video

  6. J

    WTB this particular Brazilian board R9

    anyone have or know where this one might be? It sold new from HOG last year but they don’t have a record of where it went. Thanks guys!
  7. TVBob

    1957 Gibson Les Paul Junior Video

    I'm pleased to introduce you "Coffee", an original vintage 1957 Gibson Les Paul Junior with terrific tone.
  8. RG3120

    FS: 1982 Gibson Les Paul Custom Sunburst in excellent condition

    1982 Gibson Les Paul Custom Sunburst with original “chainsaw” hard shell case, one-owner, all original, very few minor dings or scratches, very little fret wear. 3piece maple neck. Weighs around 10.5 lbs. I’ve recently had hand surgery so my playing days are pretty much over. Hoping someone will...
  9. LesPeterGuitarJam

    NGD - Gibson Les Paul Traditional 2018 Tobacco Sunburst Perimeter

    I just picked up a new guitar, a les paul traditional 2018 tobacco sunburst perimeter. and wow.. she is AWESOME.. i have a few epi lp's, and they aint half bad, but this girl.. damn.. DING, welcome to the next level.. I did a very firmly inspection of the guitar in the store (the years with...
  10. keeponpicking

    1955 les paul jr

    what do you guys think about the re-fret? Guitarforum1 by keeponpicking posted Jan 13, 2018 at 2:48 PM20180113_141406 by keeponpicking posted Jan 13, 2018 at 2:48 PM20180113_141355 by keeponpicking posted Jan 13, 2018 at 2:48 PM20180113_141337 by keeponpicking posted Jan 13, 2018 at 2:48...
  11. treyrab

    A HistoricMakeovers NGD - Skinnerburst^2!

    Hi All - This was a fun project that Kim and I conjured up recently. This Les Paul started its life as a 2017 Gibson Historic. Given the maple reminded us both of the Skinnerburst, we decided to go all-out and try to recreate it. Here's the final product and some fun pictures for you all...
  12. S

    1953/1955 Gibson 'Les Paul Model' Conversion from 'All Gold Goldtop' to 'Plain Burst'

    Available in Brussels, BELGIUM Here comes for your consideration a 1953/1955 Gibson Les Paul that got converted from 'All Gold Goldtop' to 'Plain Burst'. As close as it gets to a real Burst, but for a fraction of the price!! NOTA BENE: Nine videos of the guitar are available via my YouTube...
  13. shickma0

    1955 Les Paul Junior Single Cut Build

    Hi guys, it’s me again. I’m still pretty new to this so pardon the mistakes. A while back I posted about wanting to make a replica of a 1954-1956 era junior SC in a 2 tone sunburst. So I’ve gone ahead a purchased my supplies and am waiting for them in the mail. This will be the build thread for...
  14. Stone76

    FS [EU] Gibson SJ-200 Sunburst acoustic

    Hi y'all... need to sell my SJ-200. It's a 2015 model in sunburst with the Custom Shop decal, although it was listed as a Standard in tghe shop (Fellowship of Acoustics, in the Netehrlands). Another Gibson "go figure" moment. I took out the atrocious Fishman Aura it came with and profesionally...
  15. krugerj

    Shall I buy another Les Paul? A question about colour/finish

    Hey guys, been a while. I hope everyone is doing well. I have a colour question; I'm looking into buying another Les Paul (it was inevitable!!) and have found this guitar for a pretty solid deal. It's a bit of a sketchy situation and the guitar looks legit to my eyes (it has been re-fretted)...
  16. shickma0

    54-55 Les Paul Jr Single Cut Build Questions

    Hi all! This is my first post on this forum so pardon any issues it may have. So here is a little background. Id like to build a Les Paul Jr, specifically a 1954-55 spec model. I'm a big fan of punk rock (yea I know so is like every other stereotypical high school student) and really like the...
  17. Jimolin95

    Avondale les paul sunburst no serial?

    Got guitar will load pics shortly

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