1. goldengordon

    In Search of a 90's (Preferably 96) Red Wine Studio - Chrome Hardware

    I know it's specific but I have recently found this guitar and have fallen in love with it like no other.
  2. geekrobot

    SOLD: 1983 Gibson Les Paul Studio - First Year - Natural Finish - Shaw PAFs

    Hi MLP, Up for sale is a really cool first year 1983 Gibson Les Paul Studio. Made in the USA, this is the first edition of Gibson's Les Paul Studio line. Ebony board, Tim Shaw humbuckers, natural finish (looks almost like aged white or tv yellow!), all original with OHSC. 9.0 lbs. One minor...
  3. N

    Gibson les Paul studio 2017 vs 2019

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a studio and wondered what the differences are between the 2017 and 2019? I've seen this white one I like that is a 2017. But maybe I'm better getting a 2019 if there have been improvements...
  4. C

    1990 Gibson Les Paul Studio Bridge Identification

    I would like to see if anyone could tell me the Gibson manufacturer of a 1990 Gibson Les Paul Studio Bridge. Is there any identification cast mark's on the bridge that I could identify it? I'm looking to purchase a original bridge from a 1990 model and I want to be able to identify it by...
  5. GibPhone

    Epiphones, I am looking at buying a guitar.

    I am looking at a couple of guitars online at guitar center and eBay and such... I have about 150 now, but I can earn an extra 50, what Epiphone should I get.
  6. Gtarzan81

    Gibson 1986 Studio - Edwards Jimmy Page - Edwards John Sykes

    Any of youse in the market for any of the following? 1. 1986 Gibson LP Studio $ 950 shipped. Only changes are a pro setup and new strings. It plays better than when I got it.
  7. LP Studio Swirl

    LP Studio Swirl

    2011 Gibson LP Studio Swirl (Black Silver) -Babicz FCH Locking Bridge/Tailpiece -Seymour Duncan Custom bridge (SH-5) -Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates neck (PG-1n) -Martin Six String Custom 50s Wiring Harness -Gotoh Locking Tuners -Schaller Strap Locks -Engraved Pickup cover -Engraved TRC
  8. TrippyStormtrooper

    Four Input Amps

    Just received my Marshall Studio vintage Combo, and so far, it is unbelievable. I have a question about jumping cables on a four input amp. Is there a preferred way to do it? Like, a specific input to a specific input? Or does jumping any of the inputs from channel 1 to channel 2 have the same...
  9. T

    Help ID this Gibby

    Hi, Pls help me identify this Gibson model and any other details. It is for sale and i want to be certain of its specs
  10. Tornholme

    1992 Gibson Les Paul Studio - Restoration/brush up project (My first post here)

    Hey all! I joined this forum almost a year ago, and have been lurking in the shadows - drawing from your collective deep well of knowledge, and to gather inspiration for several of my projects over the last year. But now I finally thought it was time to actually take a step out into the light...
  11. S

    Les Paul HP Aluminum Case 2016

    Hi, im selling a brand new one on Reverb: Schimmi
  12. Jewel the Sapphire

    Les Paul Studio Gem Series

    Here is my first Gibson Les Paul
  13. pulse.

    FS EU Gibson Les Paul Studio '06

    Hello there, I'm selling a '06 Gibson Les Paul Studio, fireburst, equipped with a pair of Seymour Duncan Seth lovers, rewired with CTS pots, evidence cable & 50's style wiring. 650€ PPG plus shipping
  14. Herr Dalbergia

    Gibson Les Paul Studio 1991 Makeover

    Hello, Just stumbled across this OHE (original henry era....) Gibson Les Paul Studio Husk from 1991 in awful condition. The top lacquer is quite f.....d up, not to rescue anymore. It came without any hardware, only the bridge post, stop bar bolts and the pick ups where included, but one pickup...
  15. Mike_LA

    LP Studio 2009 what model do I have?

    Greetings gang, Well I took an LP in trade yesterday with plans to sell it (I have a studio and a custom already) and was hoping a couple of members of this wonderful forum would be able to give me a few specifics about which actual model this is. Gibson tag lists it as "LPSFHSCHI" The...
  16. mrdannyboy

    Pickup trade

    I have a set out of a 2011 studio. They are gold covers and are Just Starting to fade a bit. I’m Looking for some other plug and play pups to trade. preferably burstbuckers. I think mine are 490r and 498t if someone can comfirm that that would be cool. But I’m pretty confident they are.No...
  17. H

    90's Studios

    Hi So I'm looking at buying a studio from 1992 as we've all heard and read millions of times the early nineties was a good era. (Regarding workmanship, materials and not to mention ebony fret-boards on studios). So I was just wondering what neck profile should I expect? 60's slim taper...
  18. M

    Looking for a Gibson Firebird Studio (2005-2008)

  19. Chartle

    WTB - White Gibson LP Studio or PRS se 245

    Hey, all. I'm currently looking for a used Gibson LP Studio in Alpine White. I prefer gold hardware but I can work chrome for the right price. Scratches, dents are no problem but please no previous break fixes, bad/very worn frets, or too much yellowing (yes, I know I'm in the minority for...
  20. C

    SOLD: Gibson Les Paul Studio

    Hey everyone. I picked this guitar up in a trade not too long ago and it just doesn't get the play time that it deserves. It's a 2014 120th Anniversary model in ebony. The original pickups had been swapped out for EMG 81/85s, which I recently had swapped out for Seymour Duncan Invaders (*all...

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