1. S

    I need help to identify my PAF pickups

    Hi guys My name is Daniel and i am the owner of a beautiful 1989 Les Paul Standard. I bought the guitar about 6 years ago in a shop. Back to my home that day, with my great surprise, i found out that the pickups seems to be PAF pickups. Unfortunatly i was never able to know if they are original...
  2. PXL_20221214_220622612~2.jpg


    My 1st Gibson Les Paul Standard in Heritage Cherry Sunburst!!
  3. A440

    New to Gibson, is this normal

    Hi, I'm new here and new to Gibson guitars. Hello, everyone!! ...So, I've searched and searched and don't seem to see this topic, so hopefully I'm placing it in the right place. I recently purchased my first Gibson Les Paul Standard in Heritage Cherry Sunburst from Sweetwater. To me, the guitar...
  4. R

    Maxed out bridge on new standard

    I recently bought a new les Paul standard. Just received the guitar and noticed the bridge on the treble side is completely screwed down and the guitar already has high action. I heard this could be due an excessive neck angle, but for what it’s worth it looks like the guitar is gonna need to be...
  5. Noiseless Ed

    All Gibson Les Paul experts… Help identify this Les Paul

    Hello fellow Forum members! I’m happy to write again seeking knowledge from you all you guys who have way bigger experience and knowledge than me. So here’s the story… I recently bought Gibson Les Paul Standard 2002 Premium Plus (So said the Listing) around 2K. I don’t have guitar stores around...
  6. J

    Is a CS worth selling other guitars?

    Alright, so for years I was reluctant to spend money on a Gibson Les Paul Standard, buying several Epiphones over the years before I finally went ahead and bought an actual Gibson. I always thought it would be a too expensive guitar to gig with for me, but you get older and times change. I've...
  7. J

    New Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded coming?

    Are there new faded versions of the Gibson Les Paul Standard coming out? Thomann is advertising them on their website, without any pictures, but with these specs: Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded 60s, electric guitar, mahogany body (swietenia macrophylla), maple top, cream binding, mahogany neck...
  8. H

    LP Standard 96 identification question

    Hi all! I am looking to buy this Les Paul Standard 96 and would appreciate some help identifying if some features are original if possible. Link to imgur album as some photos are too large: . Is it possible to tell if these are the original 490R/498T pickups? I was given readings of 7.80K for...
  9. T

    FS: UPGRADED Epiphone Les Paul Standard 50’s - Sweetwater Limited Lemon Burst w/ Case - PRICE DROP!

    ** First time selling here but I'm a regular on The Gear Page, Offset Guitars, eBay and Reverb. Happy to provide references. ** Selling a Limited Edition Epiphone Les Paul Standard with some serious upgrades... This was a Limited Edition for Sweetwater in a beautiful Lemon Burst finish. Seems...
  10. J

    1991 Les Paul Standard Natural Finish

    Friends- I’m looking to purchase a 1991 Standard Natural finish. I had one in the 1990s and would like to find another one. Something about that neck, so great! Y’all have any inside scoop?
  11. L

    First Post! 84 Standard w/ Candy Apple Red Finish?

    Hi, all. Love the knowledge here. I hope someone knows the answer to my question! I have a Candy Apple Red Standard with chrome tuners/hardware, pickups w/ no covers, ebony (I think) fretboard w trapezoidal inlays. Looks like several of the others posted here, but it's not the 82/3 limited...
  12. cmsaw83

    Surprised at how great the EMGs sound!

    I finished my Les Paul Standard Re-Do with the black hardware and accessories, and it got me wondering what my Stratocaster would look like if I did something similar to it, so I went for it. In the process, I installed some EMGs in my Strat. It had been so long since I had played with active...
  13. D

    Checkings on my Brand New 50s Goldtop

    I’ve recently bought this 50s standard Les paul and I just opened up the guitar (which was shipped from Kansas to Georgia) and it seems like the paint is cracking. You can’t feel it on the surface but you can see it. Is this normal? Should I be worried about it? Box was sealed. Looks kinda cool...
  14. JohnnyWalker

    Early Standard Faded vs early 90's Classic (possible trade, help needed)

    Hey, how is it going? So i have my 2005 Standard Faded which i love, had her for more than 10 years. It was my first Gibson and honestly i got it cause i couldnt afford a regular Standard. Now im amazed with how much its price went up. I got offered a possible trade: a 1991 Les Paul Classic...
  15. S

    Trans Amber / Lemonburst Gibson Les Paul

    Hello All! First post here, So I’ve always wanted an Amber / Lemonburst type colour Les Paul and I’m finally at a point where I can afford a standard. I’ve always preferred to buy new, but the current 2020 line up doesn’t offer an Amber Les Paul. The closest is the Unburst but not exactly what I...
  16. surelyjamie

    1978 Greco Les paul; Looking for some Info

    Hi guys, I am looking for information on my greco les paul, I can work out from the serial number that it is from either march or july of 1978, ( cant tell if its a C or a G) I was also interested to know any information on the pickups, the gentleman I bought it from last year said they are...
  17. Lucascas

    New guy over here!

    Hi everyone! I just got a new guitar and wanted to join the forum! Ive been playing (or trying to play) the guitar for a year now, Im 27 and never played an instrument before, but Im enjoying it way more that I could imagine. Aaaaand here you have my guitar, a Gibson LP Standard 2005.. I saw...
  18. A

    What do you like about Gibson?

    Hi guys! I am doing a short video about Gibson and I want to know your preferences. What exactly do you like about these guitars? What colors do you prefer Gibson in? Tell me a little about yourself it will help me a lot. Thank.
  19. geekrobot

    SOLD: 1983 Gibson Les Paul Studio - First Year - Natural Finish - Shaw PAFs

    Hi MLP, Up for sale is a really cool first year 1983 Gibson Les Paul Studio. Made in the USA, this is the first edition of Gibson's Les Paul Studio line. Ebony board, Tim Shaw humbuckers, natural finish (looks almost like aged white or tv yellow!), all original with OHSC. 9.0 lbs. One minor...
  20. JesseXGibson

    NGD (a few days ago) Gibson Les Paul 60’s Standard - Iced tea

    Hey all! First post in a while, life and other matters as usual:dunno: I figured since I had all this free time recently and a new les paul I just picked up a few days ago, I’ll take the opportunity to practice and check in on the forum! As for the guitar, my local l&m posted a few pictures of...

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