1. A

    WTB: Left-Handed/Lefty Les Paul Doublecut Special

    I know, I know, could I ask for a rarer unicorn? It's a sad thing to have a type and then find that your type is next to impossible to find these days. I imagine everybody who has one is keeping it for the long haul...I know I will when I find mine! - Gibson, Hamer or anything decent that fits...
  2. T

    WTB: Gibson Les Paul Special or Junior in White!

    Wanted: A Gibson LP Junior in White. Ideally I’m looking for the limited edition “Nashville” series that had a faded, non-glossy finish and the flowery pickguard, but I’m open to other models. Must have a slim or 60s neck profile and a bridge P90. Preference for faded finishes and doublecut...
  3. T

    Kauer Starliner Deluxe - Killer P90 Tone! - Price Drop!

    Reluctantly selling my Kauer Starliner Deluxe. Incredible guitar that easily lives up to all the hype and takes the "Slab w/ P90s" to a whole new level. Playability is set with 10s and the neck profile and finish are extremely comfortable - Kind of a Goldilocks thickness, and the satin finish...
  4. LesPaulBluesFan

    Epiphone Les Paul Special VE

    Pretty neat finish, what do you guys think?
  5. S

    MIC Tokai Tuner Size

    Dear all, I own a Chinese Tokai Les Paul Special (yellow with two P90 pickups), that I bough in 2020, with "Limited Edition" written on the headstock. I love the sound but I have had tuning issues since the beginning. I took it to a tech for a set up, which improved things a bit, but I still...
  6. LP-Lover

    Les Paul Special P90 weight.

    Just interested to hear peoples thoughts on guitar weight. I’m having to send a Gibson Les Paul Special in TV yellow back, it weighs 8.2lbs and the one I’m receiving is 7.3lbs. I’m interested to hear how they compare. I’m used to the heavier Standards and this is my first Special. Is the general...
  7. LP-Lover

    How do I delete?

    Sorry! How do you delete? Can see how!
  8. V

    Trying to identify the legitimacy of this Epiphone Les Paul Special

    This Les Paul special is available for a great price in my area but I've been unable to find it based on the serial number and so I have no idea whether it is real, what year it's from or what the pickups in it could be. It seems to have a little wear - and possibly a tiny bit of rust - so I'm...
  9. Atavan Halen

    [For Sale] 2018 Gibson Custom Les Paul Special Doublecut 1960 Reissue TV Yellow

    https://reverb.com/item/34715555-gibson-custom-1960-les-paul-special-doublecut-2018-s-n-08889 Listed is a 2018 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Special Double Cutaway '60 Reissue. Cosmetic Condition: Excellent, with only very minor surface level scratches on the pickguard and body. No cracks...
  10. My Les Pauls

    My Les Pauls

    Here is a gathering of the Les Pauls in my collection.
  11. PauloQS

    What’s your favorite P-90s Les Paul?

    Among the current Gibson USA lineup, what is your favorite Les Paul with P-90? Personally I’m torn between the Standard 50s and one of the Specials. I like the slab body P-90s combo, I don’t know if prefere it over the maple on mahogany body. However, I prefer the two piece bridge over the one...
  12. bossaddict

    NVGD: 1955 Les Paul Special

    I wanted to share a recent arrival to my home - a 1955 Les Paul Special. This one has a handful of non-original parts, but is easily the best one that I've ever had. This is the third one that I've owned and I think it's going to stick this time. I previously had a refinished '58 that I sold and...
  13. Jewel the Sapphire

    Epiphone SG 1961 Special

    Cherry red poly finish.. Wraparound bridge with 2 P90s.. Reflectors with pointers on 2 vol 2 tone.. Bound neck with dot inlays.. 3 and 3 white button tuners.. Half guard with accurate bevel horns.. Paid $275, shipped from a bordering state. It is on the way as of today! I'll check it all out--...
  14. TVBob

    1965 SG Special, the Beat Explosion, NEW VIDEO!

    This video is dedicated to a beautiful Original Vintage 1965 Gibson SG Special, stock version without Maestro Vibrola tailpiece. This guitar offers us the opportunity to understand what happened in the music history in 1964 and why it affected so dramatically the guitar world. Hope you enjoy...
  15. Jewel the Sapphire

    2019 Double Cut Special Tribute 2 P90s

    Gibson is now making two P90 DC tributes for the second half of 2019, HYPE!!!
  16. timbraun

    Gotoh 510UB Wraparound bridge install on '18 Special DC

    I ran into a road block on my upgrade to my '18 Special DC. I wanted a bridge I could adjust intonation on, and settled on the Gotoh 510 UB. That arrived this week and I started to install it BUT the studs are M8 thread (instead of SAE 5/16 24 UNF) and the inserts provided require 11 mm drilled...
  17. timbraun

    NGD: 2015 LP Special DC

    I found a fun guitar at L&M's Attic sale : Somebody swapped the robo-tuners for gold Grovers. Nice and light, sings well, though I might put a tunable wrap-around bridge on it - the intonation gets a little iffy up above the 12th fret. Feels like a nice base for some mods and very playable...
  18. S

    2012 Les Paul Special w/ neck inlays, neck and body binding?

    I have a chance to trade for this guitar on Craigslist. The person in the email they sent said it is a "2012 Gibson Les Paul Special Faded". The Special pickguard combined with the neck inlays and neck binding seems weird. Then there is some sort of binding on the body as well. Even the top of...
  19. bblooz

    NVGD: A Perfect Pair - '59 LP Special & GA-5 amp

    Well, I finally bought a cool vintage guitar, 1959 Gibson LP Special from MLP brother deadlyweasel last week. Here's a pic of my new axequsition with it's likely stablemate, a 1956 Gibson GA-5. I will likely get her refinished in correct TV yellow, but just enjoying it as is for now!
  20. Greg's Guitars

    1960 Les Paul Special

    1960 Cherry Double cut Cherry Les Paul Special ,Still retaining the 1959 and early 1960 Les Paul Special designation on headstock which is removed in the later part of 1960. After being neglected and nursed back to health this little rock n roll machine is stage ready and will elicit that big...

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