1. T

    Gibson Slash 2021 Left handed - QC blunder?

    Evening all, Big slash fan, but unfortunately left handed. Have always wanted a signature guitar of his specifically an AFD. Got the chance to order one last year in July and after a long wait received it earlier this week. Let me start by saying, I’ve owned 10 Gibson Les Paul standards over...
  2. PeteNJ75

    NGD: Joe Perry/Slash Dark Burst R9 w/ Deluxe Historic Makeovers Package

    New (old) guitar day: As I did with my CC#1 VOS, I sent Kim and the team at Historic Makeovers my Joe Perry Signature VOS R9 to do a custom aging job to match the real guitar famous for being the burst Slash used in the November Rain video. I was never going to be able to afford the Gibson...
  3. Nemisis608

    Les Paul Custom

    I recently bought an EPIPHONE Custom Prophecy Plus. I’ve seen only one picture in the wine red, but it does Not match the head stock. Anyone have a clue about this style inlay?
  4. E

    Can’t confirm serial number on Les Paul 2020 slash

    Hey friends, just bought a stripped 2020 Les Paul Goldtop slash from stratosphere and can’t seem to confirm the serial number anywhere. Stratosphere haven’t replied either. I called Gibson and they said it looks legit but can’t verify the serial number either. Any ideas? thanks in advance!
  5. Lucascas

    Nickel vs Raw Nickel Seymour Duncan pups

    Hi everyone! Im having a hard time trying to decide which finish to chose for the Alnico II Slash pickups that I am about to get, but I couldn't find good pictures on google with the raw nickel finish. (Slash haters, pls dont be too mean hehe) My Lester is 15 years old but all the hardware...
  6. pangpang

    Finally my daughter plays with the 100th Anniv. Les Paul Custom Pro!

    Hi all, I am new here. I have always been a big fan of Les Pauls and it was like a dream to me when i was a very young kid in the 80s. It was simply not available in my city. A few years ago, I finally pulled the trigger and got my first Les Paul, not a Gibson one, but an Epiphone. The Gibson...
  7. Just(A)Theory

    Advice and Slash 2020 Sig

    So! I, am a 22 yr old who has had the fortune of having a nice job where i can save cash and now have the money to get a high end guitar. So! Im considering getting the new Gibson Slash Sig, though i have questions, i havmt seen much coverage thats not just people fangasming over another slash...
  8. Sinmastah

    The Fake Epiphone Thread II

    *Mod edit* See the first Fake-Epi-thread here Edit: New pics added to compare real - fake real - fake real - fake real - fake real - fake real - fake Alright guys, I remade this...
  9. 519tbarr

    Did anyone notice this on Slash's Instagram Page? 50's style Standard - NEW

    Claiming to be a new Les Paul Standard 50's style stock? On Slash's twitter feed/instagram. Looks like a modern day traditional with maybe a change in pickups? Maybe a sign of things to come in the USA lineup or a misquote?
  10. C

    Help, what is my Snake pit epiphone worth?

    I was given a 1997 Slash signature edition snake pit, by epiphone. It is in mint condition. I have no idea what it’s worth, so I was hoping someone here could help me. I hope this is ok that I post this here, I don’t know where else to find this information. Thanks for any help.
  11. G

    FS: Gibson Les Paul Rosso Corsa USA - Slash Signature

    Up for sale is my gorgeous USA Gibson Les Paul Rosso Corsa. It's a limited edition Slash signature and only 1200 of these were ever made I believe. The top looks amazing, pictures don't really do it justice. Comes with Slash signature pickups, and a great slim neck. Pics here...
  12. Jinmary

    Old Growth Guitar SALE - Vaschenko, Bartlett, MAX

    Making room ($ and actual room!!) for a vintage purchase so cleaning house!!! All are very fair prices but bring your best offers......always open to a reasonable deal (no trades please). Gibson Custom Shop Slash "First Burst" VOS- $5150 1958 Bartlett Explorer w/Sigil NOS Vintage Wire Hybrid...
  13. DaveK99

    Slash AFD Les Paul Real/Fake?

    Hi, I’m new to this forum so I hope I’ve posted this thread in the correct section, if not my apologies. I just wanted to ask you guys some advice on the authenticity of this Slash AFD that went up for sale a few days ago...
  14. vladmaximus

    1978 Tokai Reborn LS60 tone Demo Knocking On Heavens Door Solo part

    Hello guys... :wave: Here are my 1978 Tokai Reborn LS60 tone Demo Knocking On Heavens Door Solo part.. im using Paf Vintage MK2 pickups... Watch and Enjoy it guys...Hows the tone guys ??? :shock: Solo part 1 --> Solo part 2 -->
  15. GuitarTalk

    New 2019 Slash “Brazillian Dream” R8 At a first glance, I thought it looked like this haha (but now I kinda like it the more I look at it): Thoughts?
  16. MAX COA Letter

    MAX COA Letter

    Letter where Max discusses the guitars inspiration being up close to 5 Derrigs and having wood from the same billet supplier as Slash's AFD Derrig.
  17. Original State of the Max Derrig Tribute

    Original State of the Max Derrig Tribute

    With pick guard and Rob Timmons Arcane pickups
  18. Back fo the Headstock with Signature

    Back fo the Headstock with Signature

    Behind the Whiskey on 9/13/2018 with Slash's Escalade about to go to dinner after SoundCheck.
  19. socialhero

    NCD - Marshall 1960AV

    A bit belated, but it’s been a long time since I had a 4x12 at my rehearsal space and when I picked up my Marshall Slash Jubilee off the classifieds here several months back I started jonesing for a proper half stack. I’m not a fan of the GT75 speakers in the standard Marshall cabs and love...
  20. OBLP

    NGD: Slash 1958 Les Paul "First Standard" #8 3096 Aged

    Just received this beauty today. My dream guitar. Looks and sounds great! 003 of 100. "" Love the tone too! Don't mind the muted notes =P

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