1. I Break Things

    I want to be able to play like this. What are the steps?

    I want to learn to play like the man in this video. Fast, aggressive, lots of emotion, painting a picture with the notes, etc. I saw this cover and just *knew* I want to make music like this, and I'm confident I can get there. With my illness, all I really have is free time. I know that there...
  2. I Break Things

    NGD soon to come

    So I'm broke, but my folks are wildly irresponsible with cash and I'm the baby of the family. Upon learning about the CITES issues with rosewood, my folks decided they were going to get me a birthday present now - my birthday is in May. Anyways, this was put on backorder and has now shipped! It...
  3. asclepius14

    EDM with a drop of Metallica

    Not a huge of EDM fan but I liked this one and decided to improvise over it. Ended with a iconic lick from master of puppets. Hope you guys like it! Epiphone LP Standard (i bought it used about ~10 years ago). Amp: Roland Microcube

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