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  1. M

    Gibson SG (Gary Clark Jr.)

    Hi guys, Up for trade is my 2018 Gary Clark Jr. SG. This guitar is in excellent shape and plays great, some slight pick marks but that’s about it. This guitar has an awesome array of tones, the middle pickup can be blended into the neck or bridge to give quite a variety of sounds. This is...
  2. M


    Hey guys, Up for trade is my 2001 Les Paul Jr. This guitar plays well and sounds great. It is used and has some dings as well as wear on the upper bout, but overall is a great guitar. Neck feels like a smaller 50’s to me, I’m really fiending for a Gibson SG. Wear is fine as well as it sounds...
  3. R

    Loving My 2019 R8

    I am very impressed with my new R8. The only downside is that I never play my '52 gold top or SGs anymore. You can hear it, straight through an 80s Marshall JCM 800 here:
  4. TVBob

    Original Vintage 1962 Gibson SG/Les Paul Standard, NEW VIDEO!

    This short video recalls the story of the birth of the SG while showing a breathtaking vintage original 1962 or early 1963 Gibson SG/Les Paul Standard. To revive its sales, in 1961 Gibson decided that it was time to drop the well-known Les Paul design with single cutaway body style and...
  5. P

    WTB Vintage Melody Maker D (1950/1960?), Epiphone Olympic, pre-1965 SG. Beaters/issues welcome.

    WTB - Vintage Melody Maker D (1950/1960?), Epiphone Olympic, pre-1965 SG. Beaters/issues welcome. Looking to get into some old wood. Wide nut, BRW is key. Open to beaters, issues, parts replacements, possibly headstock repairs, etc depending on condition and price. Would prefer to find...
  6. A

    Pickup and electrics ID

    Hey Guys I recently picked up a 1990 SG and are looking for an ID of the Pickups and electrics that were fitted at the time, the seller told me the pickups where from a Orville by Gibson 335 and the electrics came with the pickups he bought to put in the 335. I’m looking for an ID, age , part...
  7. P

    Q: Tokai SG compared to Gibson SG Standard.

    Hello to all. This is my first time in these forums. I used to own a SG Standard from 2012 that I had to sell because of some financial problems. I freaking loved that guitar and I'm ready to own another one again. I live in Europe and I've been looking at these Tokais (SG92 and SG118) and...
  8. bblooz

    Old SG?

    Recently found this SG for sale locally, and the owner claims it is a '69! It doesn't look right to me. I thought I've seen these block inlays on a Norlin-era instument. I'm waiting to get details of the back of the headstock to verify. Any insights?
  9. Seattley

    62 sg - Are those real PAFs?

    hi, Hopefully someone could help me here: I have an offer on this nice 62 sg, but I cant tell if the PAFs are original. Thanks!
  10. TinyRick

    For Sale: Gibson P90 Pickups

    For sale is a set of Gibson p90s. Heres the reverb link:
  11. Diocletian

    Cherry SG Standard with WHITE pickguard? Anyone done it?

    Googling brings up pretty much nothing for this. I have two cherry Standards now and it seems like modding one (the darker coloured) with a white pickguard would work really well. I bought a white pickguard from Allparts but it didn't fit ANY of my SGs (1999, 2005, 2016) so I'd need to get one...

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