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  1. K

    Help me date / identify a Tokai Love Rock LP

    Hi guys ! I need your help ! Is this real deal or fake one? Seller says that bigsby is aftermarket, relic job done and serial number is 10060065.
  2. E


  3. paruwi

    Epiphone serial-number-information

    YYMMFFRRRRR In 2008 models begin to appear without a factory i.d. letter prefix. YY = Year of manufacture MM = Month of manufature FF = Factory I.D. RRRRR = Ranking number Example: 08121520333 = 2008 / December / factory 15 / unit 20333 NOTE: Pre 1994 productions also frequently omitted...
  4. Carl Compton

    Les Paul Standard Limited Edition unknown serial #

    Good day Les Paul aficionados, I'm having difficulty finding information on my newly acquired Epiphone Les Paul Limited edition MIK. The guitar is a custom color I have not seen on any other forum or website. The serial number is unique and unidentifiable, using traditional nomenclature the...
  5. Alex Dovnar

    Gibson '50-'60 serial number stamps

    Hey. I sell the rubber strap strap for printing serial numbers on repair or refinish headstock. Font numbers corresponds exactly to the period of 1950-1960. Set includes two rubber strips digits (1234567890.1234567890) Cost $ 45 including shipping. I Agree Paypal.

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