satin finish

  1. S

    How well do satin finishes age?

    I’ve always loved satin finishes on my guitars and was thinking of doing a M2M LP Custom in satin black. Anyone have some pictures of how Gibson’s satin ages over time, especially after significant play? Any concerns?
  2. T

    Satin Les Paul Traditional Scratching Really Easily

    Hey guys, Check this out - I recently picked up this beautiful used Les Paul Traditional 1960 Zebra (limited run for Long and McQuade in Canada). It’s the first LP I’ve had with a satin finish which I was super psyched about. The guitar was mint when I got it but after just two jams it’s got...
  3. CarpenterS

    Faux Binding gone wrong!

    Hi guys, I did faux binding on some places on my Gibson lp 50s tribute and it didn't come out good in some places as you can see below. I took of more paint in an uneven manner. How can I repair this and get the satin finish back. Nail polish and steel wool I also scratched a few places on...

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