rosewood fretboard

  1. Roagger

    My first Les Paul 2019 Honeybust Tribute

    I've had my Tribute for a few months now, it definitely has a vibe and feel my wannabe doesn't have. The rosewood fretboard seems light and dry. Should I treat the board, or just wait untill I give it a good cleaning after 5 or 6 months
  2. F

    fretboard tiny crack

    hi i forgot to oil my lpm 2015 fretboard and it was in case. so i find the fretboard has lots of tiny cracks. can i fix it? does it make serious problems ?
  3. I Break Things

    NGD soon to come

    So I'm broke, but my folks are wildly irresponsible with cash and I'm the baby of the family. Upon learning about the CITES issues with rosewood, my folks decided they were going to get me a birthday present now - my birthday is in May. Anyways, this was put on backorder and has now shipped! It...

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