1. GBLEV

    April 2019 BTOM!

    Welcome to April 2019! If you picked up on my hint in March's BTOM, we have a slightly different track this month as we go south of the boarder for some Spanish Rumba. This track is about 5 minutes long at 260 bpm! It will be a workout but your gonna love it! Oh and one more thing, April Fools...
  2. socialhero

    Zr. King Album - Releasing A New Record & Independent Promotion Planning

    My band is releasing a new record in May, and as we work towards that we're promoting single launches and doing as much press as we can to build excitement. It's a difficult (and kind of weird) thing, trying to figure out how to do all this stuff yourself. I thought I'd make a thread about it...
  3. GBLEV

    MLP Rocktober 2018 BTOM

    Welcome to Rocktober everyone! It's time to get out your Top Hats, Porkpie Hats, Flat caps, ball caps, wigs, leather, spandex, whips, chains, or whatever you think you need to dress up like a rock star this Halloween, because Rocktober is upon us and it's time to let 'er rip with this up beat...
  4. socialhero

    My Band’s New Album - A Listening Experiment

    I just got the masters back for my band’s next release. Since we’re guitar players here and some of you dudes are also in killer original rock’n’roll bands fighting the good fight (@rxbandit - I’m lookin’ at you brother, CITRA deserves to explode), I thought it’d be cool to do a listening...
  5. MasterEvan07

    SOLD: Mesa TC-50 Head & Cab - Custom Hot White Bronco & Tan Jute Grill

    Mesa Boogie Triple Crown TC-50 Matching vertical 212 with Vintage 30s I don't know if I've ever described an item I've sold as "mint" before, but this is actually mint. Not a mark or scruff on any of the tolex or the leather corners. Selling because the owner only wants to play combos at home...
  6. T

    Single Cut Showdown (mid range) *HELP*

    What's up guys! I am an intermediate guitar player looking to make a semi large purchase of my next single cut. Background: I have previously owned a number of guitars such an Ibanez rg series, epiphone special II, etc. Currently I am looking at these 3(4) guitars: ~epiphone les paul custom...
  7. John


  8. Yofresh

    Legato Exercise - Intermediate Guitar Lesson - 4 exercises (with tabs)

    Here's another technique lesson for ya! Hope you enjoy :)
  9. Yofresh

    Wolves - Electric Guitar Cover - Selena Gomez & Marshmello

    What do you think?!
  10. Yofresh

    3 Notes per string exercise (/w tabs) - alternate picking rocks!

    Hope you have some use of this exercise! Have fun and good luck :)
  11. Yofresh

    A way to write like Dream Theater!

  12. Yofresh

    Daddy Rock Solo Contest - Guitar Solo

    Do you think I have a chance of getting in the top 10? This is my entry:
  13. Bubba Z

    Orange OR15 Cranked (Videos)

    Hello! I jammed with my drummer friend this morning and used the beast: the Orange OR15. I know questions pop up around the internet quite often about how loud this amp can be and whether or not it works for jams with a drummer. Here are some videos for anyone curious about how the amp sounds...
  14. lakeburst

    Saga Heads Or Tales

    One of the most influentual Albums for me. What are your thoughts?
  15. asclepius14

    EDM with a drop of Metallica

    Not a huge of EDM fan but I liked this one and decided to improvise over it. Ended with a iconic lick from master of puppets. Hope you guys like it! Epiphone LP Standard (i bought it used about ~10 years ago). Amp: Roland Microcube

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