1. P

    1960 or 59 les Paul old growth kit

    Hello all, I apologize in advance if this is the wrong place but I was told to post this here. I am looking for vintage accurate les Paul kit to finish myself. Set the neck l, Finish, Add hardware setup etc… I am looking for a slimmer neck but open to ideas. Please pm me here with any...
  2. P

    Looking for a les Paul kit 1960

    Hello My first post here. I apologize in advance lol. I am looking for a builder to build a 1960 les Paul replica kit, so just a thinner neck version of a replica les Paul. I am open to 59 shape specs as well if Someone has one they no longer want. I am looking to finish over time with my son...
  3. Olaf Ragnarson

    PAF replica question

    Hello friends. Now there are a lot of different PAF replicas on the market. Which one does he prefer? What do you advise? Maybe the manufacturers of such replicas were compared. There are a lot of videos on YouTube, but I want to know the opinion of users. Or maybe any of you have compared...
  4. jwinger

    Italian Job- 1959 Les Paul Replica

    Lucky enough to pick this up recently. Originally built for my friend stowburst of OX4 pickups but luckily it's made it my way in the end. Absoutley spectacular sounding guitar...Well, to my ears anyway. These things are a work of art. Pics and vid below :)
  5. Mike J.

    SoloDallas Storm + Dirty Shirley = great rock tones!

    Some of you guys might have seen my demo with the Friedman Dirty Shirley Mini a friend of mine lent me....well in the bag with cables he handed me over was also a pedal...the SoloDalls Schaffer Replica Storm. I've put the Friedman to mild crunch and kicked in the pedal....oh yeah that sounds...
  6. A

    Suhr Single Cut, anybody knows anything about it?

    So here it is, the Suhr single cut LP style model they're going to reveal at NAMM this year, share your knowledge and thoughts!
  7. Jinmary

    FS: Yaron '59 Singlecut Dark Cherryburst ($10,250)!!!

    HOLIDAY SALE!!!!! Price: $10,250 Check out pictures on my gbase store "Mr. Hyde's Guitars" This guitar was originally created for Gil's own personal use and is the nicest Yaron LP I have played to date (and they are ALL amazing) All available options including: Figured Eastern Maple Top Old...
  8. Hiltz390GT

    BYO KIT?

    Hey guys, same as a lot of people on here, i want to do a les paul build, BUT it has to be the right build. So, I'm pretty handy, but doing a scratch build is out of my league. I'm looking to get a pretty specific guitar out of my efforts, and the big thing for me is I want to be able to have a...
  9. M

    Gibson 1959 Explorer Replica build

    This is my first post here! A little bit about me, I am a 17 year old luthier named Ben and I have a fascination with building replica guitars to every detail possible. Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Dave's Guitar Shop in La Crosse, WI, where I went to see the 1959 Gibson Explorer they...
  10. serch777

    Slash's 58 is finally coming out

    Slash just posted this on his FB page. It seems that his battered 58 is coming out after all.
  11. nuance97

    My 1st Guitar Build: A Les Paul... (duh)!

    Well I have been hanging around here for least one before I joined. I feel like I've have learned more here than I could have anywhere else, and I say THANK YOU to all of the ridiculously talented luthiers that post here. It is my turn to add something to the forum of some...

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