1. L

    PRS McCarty 594 P90 10-Top

    Stunning 594 with PRS/Seymour Duncan Antiquity P90's and a 10-Top. These soapbars give the guitar a vintage growl and gritty sparkle. Chords sound full and round, while single notes sing sweetly. Pattern vintage neck carve. 8.6 lbs. $2800 Paypal shipped in US.
  2. Jewel the Sapphire

    Epiphone Spotlight Nouveau

    Picked this up about 9 weeks ago, I had been lusting after one of these for a long time... I had a feeling to check out facebook marketplace because I had some extra cash and saw it first. This one popped up for sale like 15 minutes before I found the listing and had attracted multiple buyers...
  3. sectado

    Prs Mccarty 594 with Fender Princeron plus Mesa Boggie Flux Drive. what do you think?

    a friend Juan Malagrino from Argentina came to my homestudio with his new prs Mccarty, so we did this little test !! - Prs Mccarty 594 - Mesa Boogie Flux Drive - Fender Princeton Non Reverb from 1973 - Marshall 1936 With Celestion Creamback Audioengineer: Mariano Alvarez Cedro
  4. Just(A)Theory

    Amp Head Price Inquiry

    Can someone tell me why this listing Is less than the guitar center listing From what i see these are the exact...
  5. L

    PRS Santana Retro - Blood Orange SOLD!

    This 2019 fireball plays and sounds as good as it looks, with amazing sustain. Near new and only played in my non-smoking home studio. 7 lbs 9 oz. $3400 PP shipped in US. Specs here:
  6. Favorite 3

    Favorite 3

    L to R: Tele Rosewood Neck (Surf Green/Mint Green), LP Axcess Custom (Bengal Burst), PRS Cu24 (Blue Charcoal Burst)
  7. bossaddict

    NGD: 1988 PRS Custom 24

    I have a weird relationship with PRS guitars. I got my first one ever just a couple of years ago, which was quite late to the party considering that I started playing in 1989 and always saw them as a really great guitar to strive for. This is now maybe the 4th or 5th one that I've had and is...
  8. L

    FS: PRS McCarty Korina Limited - Brazilian Fretboard

    Not too many guitars make me say "Wow!" when I open the case. This one did. It's a stunning limited production McCarty with a korina body, dark Brazilian rosewood fretboard, and colorful pearl inlays. Near mint condition and has only been played in my nonsmoking studio. Feels and plays great...
  9. '59Fatburst

    WTB; PRS KL-33 Korina Santana

    Does anyone have a PRS KL-33 that they're looking to sell? Ready to buy if you have one. Thanks!
  10. myoldfriend

    SOLD: PRS Pickup Set 57/08 & 59/09

    This is a PRS "takeoff" set that I put together years ago and has been sitting in the pup box waiting for a project for long enough now... Time for someone to enjoy them. Covers have not been off. Makes for a well balanced pair with the slightly hotter output (not ohms) of the 59/09. xxx...
  11. bossaddict

    Sold: 2000 Paul Reed Smith PRS Custom 22 10 top, Vintage Yellow - $1750

    Up for sale is a really nice example of a PRS Custom 22 from 2000. This one was designated as a 10 top and it's easy to see why. The finish is Vintage Yellow. At some point, I should just admit that I'm not a PRS guy, but every time I sell one, I get the itch again. We'll see if I go after...
  12. Dick Banks

    NGD: 2015 PRS S2 Custom 24, Whale Blue

    Bought this 2015 PRS S2 Custom 24, Whale Blue yesterday at my local GC. After taxes (Overland Park, KS, 9.1%, Ouch!) came to $927 and change. It came strung with what I would guess is 10-48s, bottom 3 round wound. Original Strings? Maybe. Came with a PRS gig bag, guitar strap, and all the case...
  13. bossaddict

    Sold: 1996 Paul Reed Smith PRS Custom 22, 10 top - $1650

    Up for sale is my 1996 PRS Custom 22 hardtail with 10 top. I got this guitar from the original owner and it is quite nice, but I just bought the '67 Telecaster that was here in the classifieds and have to move some really nice things to cover it. It's got a fair amount of wear and tear, I would...
  14. sgtsteiner

    WTB -- PRS Dragon I (One) Bridge Pickup - Killer Cond. - 4 Conductor

    Hey All -- title pretty much says it all. Need a Dragon I bridge for a project guitar. Low mileage, killer condition preferred. With box even better. Email always fastest -- Thanks! WTB -- PRS Dragon I (One) Bridge Pickup - Killer Cond. - 4 Conductor
  15. John Ucol

    A couple playthroughs feat. reamping with a Kemper amp

    Hey, I recently released an album where I heavily used the Kemper for reamping (based on PRS Archon amps with MESA/Boogie cabs, fwiw). I made a couple quick clips featuring some of the stuff that I have on said album.
  16. To Mega Apeiron

    FS: PRS McCarty 594 Sunburst BRW fretboard IRW neck

    Artist Package, with Brazilian fretboard and IRW neck. Artist grade top (above 10-top on the PRS grading scale). It was special ordered as an add-on to the dealer's Wood Library run, but it's technically an Artist Package model. Exceptional wood choices on this one. For instance, the neck is...
  17. B

    FS: 2017 PRS McCarty 594 Artist Copperhead 58/15LT Gaboon Ebony FB with OHSC

    MONSTER artist grade top in Copperhead finish. Beautiful figured Mahogany back and neck with Gaboon Ebony fretboard. Abalone bird inlays and headstock signature. -24.594” scale length -“Pattern Vintage” neck carve -58/15LT pickups with push/pull for coil taps -Phase III locking tuners...
  18. bossaddict

    NGD: 1996 Paul Reed Smith Custom 22

    Just wanted to share a guitar that I got about a week ago. I've been playing almost 30 years, but am a late-comer to the PRS game, having gotten my first one (two, actually) just a year or two ago. One was an '80s Custom 24. It played great, but I didn't like the PRS floating bridge. I also had...
  19. L

    PRS Signature Limited – Artist Top – Fire Red

    From a run of 400, this features an Artist top, pattern neck, and 408 pickups that provide stunning articulation and clarity. And the switching gives you eight combinations of humbucking and (no volume loss) singlecoil tones. Black pickup rings have been added, original white ones are included...
  20. B

    FS: Paul Reed Smith Willcutt Wood Library DGT 1-piece top, Beeswing Sipo back, Solana Burst

    This David Grissom Signature was part of a special 2009 Wood Library run commissioned by Willcutt Guitars. They hand-selected all of the woods and components for this build. It's the nicest Paul Reed Smith guitar I've ever seen that isn't technically a Private Stock. Features include: ·...

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