1. Les Paul Pro Deluxe 1980

    Les Paul Pro Deluxe 1980

    1980 Les Paul Pro Deluxe in ebony
  2. cmsaw83

    2016 Epi Les Paul Custom Pro Upgrade Inquiry....

    Hey MLP Forum. I'm new to this forum, and finding it on a humbug was surprising as I love forums and am a member of many others (Marshall Forum & Ultimate Guitar being the others I frequent the most) but I LOVE a Les Paul, and seeing as how I just got a new one I am glad to have found you guys...
  3. J_Euphoria

    NGD: 1977 Gibson Les Paul Pro

    Hey y'all! I got a special one here. I've been itching for a Les Paul with P90's. I was leaning on either getting a Junior or a Special; funny how I ended up not choosing either of them. The moment I stumbled upon this beauty, I knew that I had to have it. I've always gravitated toward the...

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