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    Bartlett plans - new "exact" or "standard"

    Hey all, I'm just getting prepared to start my first venture into the world of spending all my free time and money on trying to make some sort of moderately accurate tribute to a burst...I'm at the "ordering some Bartlett plans" stage, but was wondering about the differences between the "1959...
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    Les Paul Special Plans

    Hey! I am looking to start my first build and was wondering if anyone has ever come across Les Paul Special plans. If not, what plans would be comparable? So far I've been looking at Any suggestions? I would prefer an electronic...
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    Looking for 1958 Rickenbacker 325 plans

    So as many of you know, my 1959 Gibson Explorer build has kinda slowed down to a bit of a crawl. The cost of exact replica parts and vintage correct plastics, coupled with the rarity of 1 piece limba blanks have greatly extended the timetable for this build. Instead, I thought of something that...

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