1. M

    Pickup Swap for Edwards E-LP-135ALS/RE

    Hello All, I recently purchased a secondhand Edwards Les Paul with aftermarket Dimarzio Super Distortions and coil splits. It's a great guitar and I love the feel and unplugged sounds. However, the SDs just aren't doing it for me. I play through a Zinky Blue Velvet 50 (2x12) which I'd compare...
  2. J

    Combine Amber pickup and Gibson pickup

    Hello, I would like to install an Amber Spirit of 59 (neck) and a Gibson 490T on my Les Paul. What do you think about this combination? Anyone in this case? Phase/tone problems? Thanks in advance! J.
  3. N

    Guitar Repair/New Bridge Help

    Hi, I got a PRS Kit Guitar to repair/intonate and fit a new bridge. I just can't figure out how this problem came to be: First of all there is a problem with intonation. It has 24 frets at 24.75" (628mm) scale length and a tune-o-matic style bridge. They bridge sits basically right at the...
  4. devnulljp

    Anyone recognise this P90?

    Bought a P90 SG, and it looks like the pickups have been swapped out. They should have the bracket underneath and be screwed in through the pickguard; these are just plain soapbars screweed into the wood like in a Les Paul. Neck pickup looks like it might be a Gibson, but no idea on the bridge...
  5. D

    Anyone played the Les Paul Studio Dark? w/57 pickups...

    It's a Musician's Friend/Guitar Center exclusive. I used to have the Gibson Les Paul Studio Gothic with moon & star inlay. That was the perfect guitar to me. I sold it when I was homeless, biggest regret of my life. I'm back indoors and tired of this Chinese-made Epi with severe fret buzz that...
  6. A

    Ways to make it to the 24th fret without compromising on space for the frets?

    I've been thinking up and designing a guitar for a while now, my first prototype (being constructed with a cherry neck) is only going to make the 21st fret at a 25.5 scale length. Scale length is due to change but I don't want an absurd scale length or a baritone guitar. Is there any way that I...
  7. Bubba TheBassMan

    New wire harness, pickups...

    I just got done installing a push/pull wiring harness. Bought the quick connect pigtails, and the pickups to go with the quick connects to hookup up to volume pots. Plugged it in, and only get sound on the treble side of the 3 way toggle switch. Would anyone have an idea of what I am overlooking?
  8. S

    More than a 57 Classic, Less than a JB

    Hi, New to the forum so please be kind. I've just picked up and new Sweetwater AAA 50's LP and I'm really liking it. Great guitar under 9lbs and good acoustic tone etc. However the 57 Classic pickups, in it are a bit of odd spot for me. I do like them and they really nail Jimmy Page type tones...
  9. Central Scrutinizer

    SOLD Please delete

    Super nice 2010 LP Studio. Faded Cherry, almost Mint condition if not for a few very minor dings. The blemishes are highlighted in the pictures. Crappy, ill-fitting cavity cover, there when I bought it. This LP is solid Mahogany. The fretboard is nice and dark. Frets are shiny, with no...
  10. K

    Recommendations on a bridge pick up for a Les Paul Standard

    Hi ya all, I'm looking for a alternative on a bridge pick up for my 1960 reissue, I have the original custombuckers and love the sound on the neck pick up, but the bridge has always come up with less volume and not a sound I really love (I already tried different heights and adjustments) I would...
  11. filski323

    Burstbucker 1&2 with low resistance output values

    Hi all, i'm new to the forum and am looking forward to reading through the different threads! Hoping to understand if the output of my BB's is too low as I've read they should be in the 7.5 KO for BB1 and 8.0 - 8.4 KO for BB2. What i've found is that my BB1 is 5.61 KO and 5.9 KO for BB2. They...
  12. G

    Muddy and Dark P90s

    I just got my hands on a 2018 Les Paul Classic with P90s and I'm having a lot of trouble getting along with the P90s. I've been led to believe that they are much more articulate and clear than humbuckers but what I have noticed so far is that my Tribute's 490t's are much, much more clear and...
  13. T

    Gibson PIckup Identification? Covers not soldered will this cause problems?

    I just picked up an edwards and put new strings on it. I looked at the pickups- to my surprise it has Gibson pickups- and am curious if anyone could give me an idea what they were just by looking at them, I didnt want to take them out and measure the ohms at this point in time. THe other...
  14. J

    FS: Wizz PAF clone A4 set

    These pickups are as close as I’ve found to authentic PAFs. These are a standard set with A4 magnets and the neck pickup magnet flipped for out of phase Peter Green type tones. They were gently used for a brief time and function perfectly. Original lead lengths. Covers are nickel and were...
  15. Lucascas

    Nickel vs Raw Nickel Seymour Duncan pups

    Hi everyone! Im having a hard time trying to decide which finish to chose for the Alnico II Slash pickups that I am about to get, but I couldn't find good pictures on google with the raw nickel finish. (Slash haters, pls dont be too mean hehe) My Lester is 15 years old but all the hardware...
  16. D


    Shoot me a PM with what you have.
  17. GrayHawK1

    What’s a good T-Top clone?

    I have an original set in my 79. I’m looking for a good equivalent for my 2014 Classic Custom.
  18. bigwhitecloud

    Burstbuckers 1 & 2. Unpotting potted pickups.

    I have a 2019 Gibson Les Paul Standard 50s. I love how the neck pickup sounds. Very open and articulate. The bridge pickup sounds articulate, but choked, if that makes any sense. Not as open. I have a few questions: Like the title entails, how can I safely remove wax from a potted burstbucker...
  19. tonfoi

    FS: A set of double white Timbuckers with covers

    Hi guys , I'm selling another fantastic set of barely used double white bobbins Tim White Timbuckers with Tim's covers . Neck 7.78k Bridge 8.28k you know what I'm talking about , one of the most rare and beautiful paf clone . 800 USD plus shipping
  20. M

    2005 Gibson Les Paul Faded 60’s profile

    I have a 2005 Gibson Les Paul Faded with a 60’s neck profile. The bottom of the neck pickup has a sticker that reads #1 AL V Wound by PS. The bottom of the bridge pickup has a sticker that reads #3 wound by SW. They both have the PATENT APPLIED FOR sticker. Is the bridge pickup original?

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