1. Lucascas

    Nickel vs Raw Nickel Seymour Duncan pups

    Hi everyone! Im having a hard time trying to decide which finish to chose for the Alnico II Slash pickups that I am about to get, but I couldn't find good pictures on google with the raw nickel finish. (Slash haters, pls dont be too mean hehe) My Lester is 15 years old but all the hardware...
  2. D

    WTB: Skatterbrane pickups

    Shoot me a PM with what you have.
  3. GrayHawK1

    What’s a good T-Top clone?

    I have an original set in my 79. I’m looking for a good equivalent for my 2014 Classic Custom.
  4. amgomez

    Burstbuckers 1 & 2. Unpotting potted pickups.

    I have a 2019 Gibson Les Paul Standard 50s. I love how the neck pickup sounds. Very open and articulate. The bridge pickup sounds articulate, but choked, if that makes any sense. Not as open. I have a few questions: Like the title entails, how can I safely remove wax from a potted burstbucker...
  5. tonfoi

    FS: A set of double white Timbuckers with covers

    Hi guys , I'm selling another fantastic set of barely used double white bobbins Tim White Timbuckers with Tim's covers . Neck 7.78k Bridge 8.28k you know what I'm talking about , one of the most rare and beautiful paf clone . 800 USD plus shipping
  6. M

    2005 Gibson Les Paul Faded 60’s profile

    I have a 2005 Gibson Les Paul Faded with a 60’s neck profile. The bottom of the neck pickup has a sticker that reads #1 AL V Wound by PS. The bottom of the bridge pickup has a sticker that reads #3 wound by SW. They both have the PATENT APPLIED FOR sticker. Is the bridge pickup original?
  7. R

    Used PAF style pickups

    Just wondering if anyone has any old PAF style pickups they are willing to part with Like Seymour’s or any clones
  8. R

    epi les Paul new pickups

    So I just picked up a new epi les Paul special ll And was wondering what pickups would give me more of a classic les Paul sound Have changed the tuners to Gibson les Paul units and added 11 48 Ernie ball power slinky strings
  9. deadringer


  10. V

    Various guitar parts New / Used "one lot"

    Selling this as a grab bag box lot. Buy it all, one money. Electric and Acoustic stuff. Pics are in the Google Photos link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/s1gVmtNyzi1Go5RR6 $100.00 shipped in the lower 48 USED - Guitar Fetish Zebra Humbuckers, I don't know what model. There is no PN Looks like 7.6...
  11. T

    Two Filtertrons and a Humbucker?

    Hey guys I just have two questions. Would it be possible to half 2 Gretsch Filtertron pickups for the bridge and neck position while having a (Gibson Style) Humbucker for the middle? If so what wiring you recommend I should have? Thanks.
  12. ArtisanLuthiers

    Seymour-Duncan Antiquity Texas Pickups

    I'm doing a total rebuild and leaning hard towards buying a set of Seymour-Duncan Antiquity Texas Hot pickups (and using CTS 250k pots). I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has used these pickups, or can offer comments on similar quality pickups for a smooth vintage sound. Thanks!
  13. Jewel the Sapphire

    Making a "dead" guitar sound like it just left the custom shop

    It's possible and many people dont understand the main ingredients to a solid body electric recipe. What have you noticed are bigger factors in "reviving" the unserviced guitars? Bridge assembly? Nut? Neck? Frets? Electronics? I find that when those are checked over and any issues are found...
  14. myoldfriend

    SOLD: Lollar P90 set - Cream covers

    Already have a pair of these in a Lester and they are phenomenal - my new acquisition is earmarked for a set of Smitty minis, so this pair of Lollars is for someone else... Covers have a modicum of playwear, unable to capture in images. BRIDGE: 8.5" of lead at 9.31 Ω NECK: 10.5" of lead at 8.34...
  15. myoldfriend

    SOLD: PRS Pickup Set 57/08 & 59/09

    This is a PRS "takeoff" set that I put together years ago and has been sitting in the pup box waiting for a project for long enough now... Time for someone to enjoy them. Covers have not been off. Makes for a well balanced pair with the slightly hotter output (not ohms) of the 59/09. xxx...
  16. kboman

    FS: ReWind Electric True Kalamazoo 1960-spec

    This one hurts a bit, but ya gotta do etc etc - right? These were bought in summer of 2014 to go into a custom order luthier built guitar. That project unfortunately went south and now I have these great pickups and no guitar for them. Better they find a good home with someone else! They're...
  17. Bertrand

    Gibson Les Paul "T-Top's"

    Hello guys! ;) So i'm in need of your help please, i can't decide. I'm planning on getting my 80's Les Paul Standard back to stock. The previous owner apparently managed to put some Seymour Duncan's Pickup on it, so i'm actually looking for a pair of 80's T-tops. (Which it is quiet hard to...
  18. GuitarTalk

    Quick & Easy: DIY Nickel Aging (takes 15minutes)

    Hey guys, Introduction (skip if in a hurry): So as you may know I finally got my hands on my favourite Les Paul a couple months ago, a Murphy aged 59 True Historic. It’s a perfect guitar but the one thing that stood out to me was how shiny the pickup covers were compared to the rest of the...
  19. Z

    Planning to buy a 2004 Les Paul in Japan.

    Hi. English is not my first language so apologize me if I am not able to explain properly. I live in Japan. Im new to this forum. Im really confused right now. I saw this beautiful 2004 Les paul in Sweet cherry kind of a burst and its super gorgeous but Im not sure if all the parts are original...

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