1. L

    Are these genuine 57 Classic?

    Hi, Does anyone know if these are genuine 57 Classics? Only two images - They say they were pulled from an Epiphone. Thanks
  2. A

    What are the colors on the Fender Shawbucker?

    Trying to put a zebra Shawbucker in the bridge of my Ibanez GIO, which has a 3SWLGSC switch in it. I'm getting mixed results on the internet and upon asking Discord servers I am met with passive-aggressive comments instead of the decency that I have been hoping for- what could I possibly have...
  3. cdwillis

    FS: Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates zebra neck $88, Gibson 490r $80

    Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates uncovered/zebra neck humbucker, full length leads uncut: $88 shipped within continental US Gibson 490r neck pickup, aftermarket cover installed: $80 shipped within continental US
  4. renabreu

    Pickup magnet replacement for UOA5

    Hi guys! I have an old set of humbuckers that is giving me some trouble: -lots of microphonic -lots of ground noise -very sensitive to radio waves and strong ligth situations. I will take them to a local pickup tech to a rewound, magnet replacement and wax pot. Mine pickups have UOA5...
  5. G

    Raw Nickel Covers for my Epiphone - Help!

    Hi! I want to buy raw nickel covers for my Epiphone Tribute 1960+ with Gibson 57 and 57+ pickups. I am between these two PLT options: https://www.philadelphialuthiertools.com/pickup-making-parts/pickup-covers/humbucker-pickup-cover-49-2mm/...
  6. H

    LP Standard 96 identification question

    Hi all! I am looking to buy this Les Paul Standard 96 and would appreciate some help identifying if some features are original if possible. Link to imgur album as some photos are too large: . Is it possible to tell if these are the original 490R/498T pickups? I was given readings of 7.80K for...
  7. Curley

    Magnet Swap, Gibson 498T

    Has anyone done a magnet swap in a 498T? If so what type of magnet & how did it affect the sound and response? Cheers
  8. K

    Recommendations on a bridge pick up for a Les Paul Standard

    Hi ya all, I'm looking for a alternative on a bridge pick up for my 1960 reissue, I have the original custombuckers and love the sound on the neck pick up, but the bridge has always come up with less volume and not a sound I really love (I already tried different heights and adjustments) I would...
  9. G

    Epiphone - Pickup Ring 90mm will fit?

    Hello everybody! I have an Epiphone and I tried to change the pickups rings, I tried to put the Creamtone ones (which have 89mm). They didn't work, they leave a butt crack (gap), especially in the neck. Epiphone rings are 91-92mm. There are some rings for sale at Philadelphia Luthier Tools...
  10. C

    Pickup options for Les Paul, Alnico 2 vs Pearly Gates vs Gibson Burstbucker

    I am considering changing my epiphone custom stock pickups with new pickup. I think about seymour duncan pickups and have few models in my mind. I play as a lead guitar, and style of AC/DC, GnR, Green Day, Stepphenwolf, RHCP etc. So king of classic rock songs from soft to hard. I like warm...
  11. R

    Pickup parts - coil mounting screws

    Hi, I have some humbuckers I need to strip down to work on, as part of this I need to remove the coils from the base plate. Unfortunately the four screws which hold the coils onto the base plate have had the + in the screw head striped (from the state of the covers and now these screws, I'm...
  12. R

    EB-1 pickup question

    I was looking around lately for info on the original Gibson electric violin shaped bass, the EB-1. I seem to remember seeing a picture of one with the pickup cover removed which showed a single coil, but.the coil was rotated 90 degrees around the axis running through the width of the body. Was...
  13. Alexp88

    WTB 50’s P90’s

    Looking to buy ideally a pair of soapbar 50’s p90s. Would consider whatever is out there but my preference would be soapbars, ideally no rewinds / repairs. Covers not essential. Thanks
  14. T

    Brand new Throbak Sle-101 nickel humbucker set.

    Posting to see if there is any interest in a practically brand new set of Throbak SLE-101s. Bought brand new directly from Throbak and have all original paperwork, packaging, and materials to prove it. 4 conductor wiring and short leg baseplates. Great pickups but just not what I was looking...
  15. L

    Pickups for Orville by Gibson LP Custom 3

    Hello everyone, this is my first post on the Forum. I am currently owning a Orville By Gibson Les Paul Custom 3 from 1990. I bought this guitar nearly half a year ago and am very happy with it. At the moment, according to the previous owner and some OBG brochures, it has all the 3 original...
  16. J

    FS: Gibson Custom Shop Custombucker S pickups

    https://reverb.com/item/28287617-gibson-custombucker-s-pickups-2018-nickel?utm_source=ios-app&utm_medium=share These pickups came out of a recent CME Gibson R9. They are a slightly lower wind than stock Custombuckers. Extremely hard to find as Gibson has never sold them separately. They are...
  17. R

    Used PAF style pickups

    Just wondering if anyone has any old PAF style pickups they are willing to part with Like Seymour’s or any clones
  18. PauloQS

    What's your favorite pickups?

    What the title asked. What pickups do you like for your LP reissues? I'll start. Personally, I like the stock CustomBucker, BurstBucker 1 & 2, BK Mule/Riff Raff and BK Mule/Black dog. I've also tried other combinations of those pickups, which also sounded great to me. Specifically...
  19. 71 Silvertop

    Pickup Question re. 1981 Greco EGC 500

    Hi folks - longtime reader, brand-new poster. Just picked up a 1981 Greco EGC 500. I was expecting it to have Maxon UD pickups inside it, as that's what usually came stock with EGC 500s of this era. But the number code on the pickup looks more like what you'd expect on Maxon Dry Z pickups of...
  20. T

    Two Filtertrons and a Humbucker?

    Hey guys I just have two questions. Would it be possible to half 2 Gretsch Filtertron pickups for the bridge and neck position while having a (Gibson Style) Humbucker for the middle? If so what wiring you recommend I should have? Thanks.

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