1. 519tbarr

    Pickguard replacement for current USA LP Standards - Original Collection

    Hello MLP forum members Does anyone know a good replacement pickguard option for the current 2019-2020 Original Collection LP Standards? That would be a direct replacement? I really dislike the pickguard's these guitars came with with the beveled edge - probably one of my only major complaints...
  2. jamisonmp

    2008 50th Anniversary R8 Pickguard

    Ive recently acquired a Murphy aged 2008 50th anniversary R8 and am in need of a Pickguard. The original was included but it has the 50th anniversary seal on it gold flaked and I don’t want to use it. I tried a new Gibson les Paul Pickguard and it doesn’t even begin to line up or fit correctly...
  3. V

    Pickguard Bracket Screw Scratched My Les Paul's Body

    Hello guys! I have a Gibson Les Paul Studio 2010, and yesterday I installed her a pickguard, as it came without. I just noticed when I took it from the luthier, that the screw of the pickguard bracket had made a small scratch in guitar's body. It is not so deep, but I think the outside nitro has...
  4. Mark1406

    Pickguard for 2007 R0.

    I was after a pickguard for my 2007 R0, the guitar has a guard on it and it looks too yellow. Which makes it look out of place with the CAB M69 rings on the guitar. I'm asking for advice as the problem it seems is good pickguards are hard to find as there isn't a lot of demand for them. I had...
  5. bossaddict

    FS: Parts sale - harness, tuners, knobs, pickguard, TRC, etc.

    It's been a while since I unloaded some excess parts, so let's have at it once again. I'll try and add pics in as I take them. All prices included PP and shipping within the ConUS. I'm open to international shipping as well, so PM me about costs. Items grayed out are sold or pending sale. 2010...
  6. Turgut Kartal

    Pickguard Installation’s effect on Price

    Hello, Recently I have bought a Gibson Les Paul Standard 2016 T. The pickguard and screws are included in the case and is not installed at the factory (so no holes in the body). I would like to install a pickguard but I have also been wondering if I try to sell the guitar now (or wait for 50...

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