1. TrippyStormtrooper

    Who likes em' Big?

    Pedals and effects that is. Idk why, but I find myself gravitating towards the bigger pedals lately. Not that there's anything wrong with MXR/Boss sized pedals or even the mini pedals. But I really enjoy the look of a full sized Tonebender, a hefty delay box or a big ol' wah. Anyone prefer the...
  2. Bluesytone

    FS: DigiTech SDRUM Strummable Drums Pedal plus Digitech FS3X foot switch

    DigiTech SDRUM Strummable Drums plus Digitech FS3X foot switch. I used this just a couple times in my home office. $95 paypal and shipped priority usps in the USA. No trades. Check my feedback for confidence in a square deal and prompt shipping.
  3. Bluesytone

    SOLD: Timmy Overdrive, Carbon Copy Delay

    Paul C. Timmy Overdrive. Black with orange led. V2. Mint condition only used once in home office. With box. $SOLD MXR Carbon Copy Delay. Mint condition only used once in home office. With box. $SOLD All prices are PayPal and shipped via priority usps. No trades. Check my feedback for...
  4. MisterLutherMan

    Olly Murs - Dance With Me Tonight Acoustic, with Danish Pete

    I've been doing some looking on Instagram guitar teachers and I came across 'Danish Pete', a cool guitarist and teacher. I followed his links to a song he did with Olly Murs, and for an acoustic song with minimal instruments/ voices, it sounds fabulous! Pete really drives the rhythm with his...
  5. H

    Build me a pedal board!

    Have just stripped all pedals from board and want to start from scratch with some changes. Who can suggest me a pedal chain? I presently have 9 power outputs available (might get a splitter for more power leads, depending on board space). You can choose from the following: Boss Blues Driver 2...
  6. Frogfur

    My Pedal Tool Kit

    These are the ones i use today in varying configurations at various times. The Fast Track Duo is not a pedal but rather an interface with Pro-Tools Lite. It's included because its used away from home in conjunction with some peddles at times. A few of my favorite and useful pedals that i always...
  7. S

    Did my MXR EQ break?

    Hope im posting this in the right place, if not please let me know> But . i have an MXR 10 band EQ pedal and as of recently its starting hissing/buzzing uncontrollably. Even through a noise suppressor its unusable. I've noticed that it calms down a little if i completely take the 125Hz out of...
  8. Page/lespaulfreak

    How do you set your delay in a live setting?

    I bought a BOSS ME 80 Multi FX pedal last year and have been learning how to set up the delay for home use and recording with it. Since the pedal has a small screen that displays the milliseconds of the delay, I take out my phone, tap the beat of the song on my metronome app to get the bpm...
  9. Page/lespaulfreak

    I need some help building my dream pedalboard.

    Hey there, folks! Wow, it's been about two years since I've posted anything on this forum. I bought a Boss ME-80 multi-effects unit last year and after picking out which effects I use the most, I have started saving up for analogue pedals to build my dream pedalboard. I am aware that the...
  10. I Break Things

    Suggestions for my pedal board?

    I won't be home for a couple weeks, but I'll have a new pedal and figured posting this thread now gives time for more ideas to be shared! I'm going to mainly be using a MIM Strat into an Orange 35RT. It has dirty and clean channels, plus an effects loop. I would love to get some suggestions on...
  11. Frogfur

    Hey Bling!

    Remember when you made this Fuzz box for me ? Well, i had it hooked up to the Casino this morning get'n some Keef with Satisfaction. Still works and sounds killer!
  12. TinyRick

    FOR SALE: Various Pedals(H.B.E, Free The Tone, Dunlop, EQD)

    Im selling off a few pedals. Here are the reverb links!
  13. bsm9981

    FS/FT Walrus Audio Pedals

    I have 3 Walrus Audio Pedals, Julia Chorus/Vibrato, a Deep Six Compressor, and a War Horn Overdrive. All brand new in the box, looking for $179 ea, shipped and pp'd, or trade all 3 for a nice Telecaster. I'll get some pics of the Pedals up in a few days. Trade value around $575-600.
  14. sdgiffin

    FS: Seymour Duncan - Vapor Trail Analog Delay

    Hey guys, Up for sale is a mint Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail Analog Delay. I love this pedal but fortunately SD sent me 2 and have no use for the second. Looking for $150US + Shipping. Here is a video of the actual pedal. Me and my bandmate made this video (and many others) for Seymour Duncan. I...

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