1. jonesy

    Inductance LCR DCR TPL wire gauge, scatter wind in guitar pickups how they factor into your Tone

    Inductance LCR DCR TPL wire gauge, scatter wind in guitar pickups how they factor into your Tone
  2. jonesy

    NEW Jonesyblues website Premium Guitar Electronics Upgrades Built In USA

    Hope everyone is doing well. I invite you to check out my new website The webstore has lots of new products webstore As many of you may already know I offer a wide variety of premium guitar electronics for Gibson, Epiphone, Fender, PRS and many other guitars...
  3. GuitarTalk

    NGD (kind of) - Pearly Gates HM RDS with ORIGINAL 1957 Les Paul PAFs (pre-sticker, steel covers!)

    TL;DR - rare original, pre-sticker Les Paul PAF’s (steel covers) combined with one of the first Real Deal Series (Historic Makeovers) Pauls (1959 Reissue, 2009). Unreal tone and looks! It’s been about a year with this beauty. All my other LP’s have been sold since getting this one and I haven’t...
  4. Dr. Nitro

    2018 Vaschenko '58 LP Goldtop. No need to wait 2 years in queue!

    2018 Vaschenko/8BombCustom '58 LesPaul Goldtop replica. This guitar was specifically for sale. Since the turn to order Valery Vashchenko is now about two years, this is a great option to shorten this period. One piece Honduran mahogany body. East American maple top, historically correct form...
  5. Dr. Nitro

    Vaschenko LV (Tele/LesPaul)

    Vaschenko LV model Video: Tremendously responsive guitar of professional and collector level, with a ringing attack and long sustain. Condition Mint. there are small scratches and cracks in the varnish, not in the wood. (see photo below) It is natural from time and use. One owner. In...
  6. michelebis

    WTB: PAFs, early Pat numbers

    Hi guys , i’m looking for PAFs or early Pat.numbers. A set or even a single pickup could be fine. Please contact me if you have got any.. Thanks Michele
  7. J

    WTB: 1 Vintage PAF pickup without cover

    Looking for 1 vintage PAF with black bobbins, long or short magnet, no cover, low winds ok however never rewound. [email protected]
  8. Family Man

    FS: Klone and Dimarzio PAFs - aged nickel

    SOLD SOLD SOLD $SOLD shipped: PedalMonsters Klone with one chip in the paint. No Velcro. This has the Klon vibe in sound and appearance. $SOLD shipped: aged nickel Dimarzio PAFs (F-spaced). Will post lead length later today, but they're 9"+. I prefer to sell the set, but will sell...

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