1. Central Scrutinizer

    Traded. Gibson ‘57 pickup set

    Matched set taken out of my 2015 Gibson Studio Plus. The Studio Plus guitars from 2015 had the normal Les Paul signature on the headstock, not the 100 Anniversary signature. They also had 1957 , ‘57 pickups and push pull potentiometers. These are 4 wire pickups. In great shape. The neck...
  2. renabreu

    Are those Tim Shaw PAF s?

    Hello guys I just got those pickups from a quite high value because they are almost impossible to find here in Brazil. The seller told me those are real Tim Shaw PAFs and he is from a very famous and respected guitar store here in Brazil. I just wanna know if it's possible to determinate if...
  3. Spurg

    ReWind P.A.F. Pickups

    Hey all, this is my first post, so first and foremost, greetings! Long time reader, first time posting. I had originally heard of James Finnerty when I bought his book, "The Gibson "P.A.F." Humbucking Pickup: From Myth to Reality". It's pretty much everything you could ever want to know about...
  4. Cj_Havoc

    Epiphone Alnico Classic Pro.. The next Grail pickups???

    The Epiphone Alnico Classic Pro So I own a set of these and was digging around for information on them,as these pickups are killer and do the 73-75 Jimmy Page tone flawlessly.. After week's of research I've come to the conclusion that these are basically late 60's T-top reproductions.. even...
  5. T

    Gibson PIckup Identification? Covers not soldered will this cause problems?

    I just picked up an edwards and put new strings on it. I looked at the pickups- to my surprise it has Gibson pickups- and am curious if anyone could give me an idea what they were just by looking at them, I didnt want to take them out and measure the ohms at this point in time. THe other...
  6. J

    FS: Wizz PAF clone A4 set

    These pickups are as close as I’ve found to authentic PAFs. These are a standard set with A4 magnets and the neck pickup magnet flipped for out of phase Peter Green type tones. They were gently used for a brief time and function perfectly. Original lead lengths. Covers are nickel and were...
  7. V

    Is this a real PAF?

    I picked up a player grade SG, produced most likely in 1973 (although the serial number indicates 1970-72, the block inlays were introduced in 1973). I assume it’s a Special, because it has a mini humbuckers in the neck, and a full sized humbucker in the bridge. The bridge pickup cavity was...
  8. geese_com

    WTB: Stephens Design or Doyle Coils pickups

    I have a 59 replica that I would like to put some nice PAFs style pickups in. Looking for preferably the HD59/HDPG set or Doyle Coils Tru-Clones PAF pickups. If you have other Stephens Design pickups or even other PAFs that you think might work well please let me know. Thank you!
  9. Olaf Ragnarson

    PAF replica question

    Hello friends. Now there are a lot of different PAF replicas on the market. Which one does he prefer? What do you advise? Maybe the manufacturers of such replicas were compared. There are a lot of videos on YouTube, but I want to know the opinion of users. Or maybe any of you have compared...
  10. vladmaximus

    Tokai Reborn Les Paul “sustain” check ??

    Hello guys.. “Sustain” my guitar part Parisienne Walkways by Gary Moore test with my 1978 Tokai Reborn to Marshall jcm2000 —>
  11. J

    FS: Wizz Hot Lanta PUPs

    I’m selling a rare set of Wizz PUPs wound hot to simulate Duane’s Hot Lanta burst. The neck reads 8.36 ohms, the bridge reads 8.77 ohms. A4 magnets, covers never removed, zebra bobbins underneath. Need to clear $350 after shipping and fees. Pm me for pics. Shipping to lower 48 CONUS only. Will...
  12. F

    Another ‘paf’ - In need of identification

    Hi all. This is the humbucker that was previously in my V copy pre installing the Seymour D JB. I’ve read quite a bt about these but can’t quite pin point the year. Any help would be appreciated as I’m quite curious about this little fella.
  13. D

    PAF Humbuckers out of 1958 Gibson, are they real?

    So i took it to an 'expert' today who took the pickups out, i knew they had the sticker from a small dental mirror i used, but wanted to know if they were the real deal. He told me he thought they were just good fakes, his main complain being the "A's" from the sticker, too much black in the...
  14. TVBob

    Understanding UV Lamp or Black Light, NEW VIDEO!

    In the last years the risk of fraud has dramatically risen... and forgeries are not the only threat when buying a vintage or used guitar. Some seller, whether in good conscience or not, might fail to disclose that the instrument suffered breaks, had repairs, modifications and restorations, has...
  15. GuitarTalk

    SOLD: ThroBak DT-102 MXV PAF Clone Pickup Set (2018, Full Set)

    Price: $499USD, shipping to Canada/US. Highest reasonable offer takes it! Here’s my Reverb listing if that’s the route you prefer: Description: Selling a pair of phenomenal pickups from ThroBak, the DT-102 MXV’s. PAF tone!! Full lead wires, with full set...
  16. J

    FS: Gibson Custom Shop Custombucker S pickups These pickups came out of a recent CME Gibson R9. They are a slightly lower wind than stock Custombuckers. Extremely hard to find as Gibson has never sold them separately. They are...
  17. R

    WTB Used PAF style pickups

    Just wondering if anyone has any old PAF style pickups like Seymour Duncans or any clone they would want to get rid of.
  18. deadringer


  19. myoldfriend

    SOLD: Onamac Windery “Top Shelf” Pickups

    "Low output vintage PAF tone at it's purest" according to Onamac, located on camanO island. $xxx to your door in the conus. A2 magnets Butyrate bobbins Maple spacers Custom spec cast AlNiCo magnets Aged nickel/silver covers & baseplates Neck: 7.49Ω at 89° ~16" lead Bridge: 7.64Ω at 89°...
  20. myoldfriend

    SOLD: DiMarzio Square Tab - Dbl cream

    Early production "square tab" DiMarzio neck pickup from my '76 Deluxe that some barbarian routed for humbuckers. From what I've read these are the predecessor of DP103 PAF and were being made from 1976 to the early 1980's. Sounds killer, but I've got a set of T-tops lined up for the Lester...

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