1. T

    FS: Seymour Duncan Hot P90 pair - $150 shipped!

    Selling a pair of SD’s Hot P90 pickups. This is a great set of higher-output P90s for anyone who wants to kick things up a notch! SP90-2N Neck: 11.96k SP90-2B Bridge: 15.29k Cream covers, about 16” of lead on each one and in good shape overall. Will include mounting screws, although one is a...
  2. G

    Vintage 50's P-90 For Trade

    I bought this 50's P-90 a while back for my 1956 Les Paul Junior. Paid around $700 for it. It measures around 8.3k works well but it's a little too hot and bright for my taste. I'd like to see if anyone has a similar vintage 50's P-90 they'd be willing to trade but closer to the 7.85k range...
  3. S

    Jared James Nichols' 1952 P-90 Les Paul named Dorthy found in 2013 tornado

    https://www.guitarworld.com/news/jared-james-nichols-sets-out-to-restore-one-of-the-first-gibson-les-pauls-ever-made-after-it-was-destroyed-in-a-tornado Can't wait to see how it turns out :cool:
  4. My Les Pauls

    My Les Pauls

    Here is a gathering of the Les Pauls in my collection.
  5. TVBob

    1965 SG Special, the Beat Explosion, NEW VIDEO!

    This video is dedicated to a beautiful Original Vintage 1965 Gibson SG Special, stock version without Maestro Vibrola tailpiece. This guitar offers us the opportunity to understand what happened in the music history in 1964 and why it affected so dramatically the guitar world. Hope you enjoy...
  6. LP'59

    Sanford magnetics P90s

    Hi! Does anyone have recent info about Sanford magnetics? I read time ago (on Canadian Guitar Forum) that someone had problems related to delivery, or eventually refund, delays. Sanford builds awesome sounding 9022 P90s and I'interested in buying a set of them. Thanks in advance.
  7. TVBob

    The 1959-1961 Les Paul Special or "SG" - New Video!

    In late 1959 the Les Paul signature was removed from the headstock of the Double Cut Special and the model was officially named "SG". We have here one of the last original SG's which left the Gibson factory in 1961, right before the model designation was assigned to its more famous pointy sister.
  8. Jewel the Sapphire

    2019 Double Cut Special Tribute 2 P90s

    Gibson is now making two P90 DC tributes for the second half of 2019, HYPE!!!
  9. Z

    New Les Paul Traditional With P90s!!!

    I was just roaming around in Tokyo today. I usually go there to meet my buddy who works in G-Club Tokyo (The biggest dealer of Gibson in Japan) And I found this Beauty! Its a Les paul trad solid body with P90s and there was another limited model with 3 P90s in it! Where are P90 lovers at? :D
  10. akuster777

    SOLD Gibson P90 pickups set, cream soapbar

    For sale is a set of stock Gibson P90 pickups with cream covers, soapbar, taken out of a Gibson USA 2010 Studio 50s Tribute Goldtop. neck: 7.90 DCR 17" of wire bridge: 7.97 DCR 16" of wire $100 PayPal for the pair, shipped to continental US
  11. Jewel the Sapphire

    Which guitar should I buy? Poll!

    Hey y'all there are three Les Pauls I am looking at and I should only pick one up at a time, here are photos and a poll to cast a vote. Thank You! First off over an hour drive but the only local sale out of these... a Special SC with hardcase $250 Second I have found a transparent amber...
  12. Jewel the Sapphire

    Les Paul Studio Gem Series

    Here is my first Gibson Les Paul
  13. christophervolume

    My 2006 R6 Out Of Phase!

    had a couple people ask my about my out of phase r6. here's a quick one take-taste. it's engaged by a push/pull tone knob. it's 50's wired as well, running through a fender princeton. enjoy and crank yer reverb!
  14. GibsonKramer

    NGD 2018 Pelham Blue

    Finally got my Pelham Blue Les Paul, and she's certainly a beauty. Today has been a very long day already. Played her in the store for a while, while it was checked in, then checked out. Took her home, snapped some beauty shots. I still have to hang a new hanger (NEWSFLASH: GC blowing out...
  15. TinyRick

    FS: Gibson "slug" P90 Set

    For Sale is a set of Gibson P90s with slug magnets. Here is the reverb link: https://reverb.com/item/6337768-gibson-slug-p90s
  16. TinyRick

    For Sale: Gibson P90 Pickups

    For sale is a set of Gibson p90s. Heres the reverb link: https://reverb.com/item/6121420-gibson-p90-pickup-set
  17. christophervolume

    NGD - R6 Gold goodness

    i've been slowly watching out for an R6 for a couple years. One popped up locally for a SMOKING deal so i had to pull the trigger. I give you my 2006 R6! looks like its never been played. the owner said he was forever a tele player... sustains like crazy, plays like butter. still smells new. i...
  18. OldShuck

    Burns like pickups in Mike Campbell Les Paul

    Hi, I saw some old footage of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and his Les Paul had what looked a bit like fat versions of Burns Trisonic Brian May style pickups with rounded top and bottom and flat circles where pole pieces would be. I can't find any images of them online. I'm curious and would...

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