1. aroomstudios

    Les Paul Long Tenon Router for Staple P90s

    I have a LP with long tenons. It has humbuckers. I am having them filled and routed for p90s. I know normal p90s will be find. I am interested in trying a neck staple p90. I will have a normal p90 in the bridge. Like this one for the neck...
  2. TVBob

    1965 SG Special, the Beat Explosion, NEW VIDEO!

    This video is dedicated to a beautiful Original Vintage 1965 Gibson SG Special, stock version without Maestro Vibrola tailpiece. This guitar offers us the opportunity to understand what happened in the music history in 1964 and why it affected so dramatically the guitar world. Hope you enjoy...
  3. LP'59

    Sanford magnetics P90s

    Hi! Does anyone have recent info about Sanford magnetics? I read time ago (on Canadian Guitar Forum) that someone had problems related to delivery, or eventually refund, delays. Sanford builds awesome sounding 9022 P90s and I'interested in buying a set of them. Thanks in advance.
  4. L

    Corsa Big Dog Special

    Another incredible guitar from Larry Corsa. With a one piece chambered mahogany body and Manalishi P90 and splitbucker pickups, this highly resonant instrument provides a wide range tones. It has three 500K push-pulls: bridge volume (coil split), bridge tone (“cocked wah”), neck tone (change...
  5. Gibsonguy57

    WTB 1950’s P90 Anico Staple Pickups

    Looking to buy a set of 50’s P90 and staple pickups...Let me know if you have one or both! THANKS!
  6. myoldfriend

    SOLD: Lollar P90 set - Cream covers

    Already have a pair of these in a Lester and they are phenomenal - my new acquisition is earmarked for a set of Smitty minis, so this pair of Lollars is for someone else... Covers have a modicum of playwear, unable to capture in images. BRIDGE: 8.5" of lead at 9.31 Ω NECK: 10.5" of lead at 8.34...
  7. Jewel the Sapphire

    The rarest junior epi made?

    I have never seen one of these hot tomales
  8. Jewel the Sapphire

    2019 Double Cut Special Tribute 2 P90s

    Gibson is now making two P90 DC tributes for the second half of 2019, HYPE!!!
  9. Z

    New Les Paul Traditional With P90s!!!

    I was just roaming around in Tokyo today. I usually go there to meet my buddy who works in G-Club Tokyo (The biggest dealer of Gibson in Japan) And I found this Beauty! Its a Les paul trad solid body with P90s and there was another limited model with 3 P90s in it! Where are P90 lovers at? :D
  10. sangandongo

    ID Help: Unknown P90

    I've had this for a while. I don't tend to buy crap, and can't recall ever buying a shitty P90, but that doesn't mean this isn't crap. I'm selling all my gear I no longer touch or haven't used in years, but have no idea what this might be. Any help would be great. It's a braided wire, but the...
  11. Jewel the Sapphire

    2019 Junior!!

    I'm blown away by the quality of mine let's all share a review here, First off the neck finish is satin nitro which is cool and dry to the touch. The carve is like my 2002 SG Special slim taper maybe thinner down at the 12th fret on this junior. The frets may be a bit taller than my other...
  12. S

    Fattest sounding P90 pickup? Maybe a P100?

    Hi y'all, I have bought a used Epiphone '59 Les Paul Junior equipped with a dog-ear P90-style bridge pickup. Even considering the limitations of this pickup configuration I'd like to get the fattest sound possible from it. This pickup (which has been rewound - to unknown specs - by the previous...
  13. L

    P90 rod magnets vs bar magnet

    I have a Les Paul special loaded with two P90s that has rod magnets instead of the usual bar magnet you find in most modern P90s. After few hours trying to dial my rhythm tone, I found that the pickup is too bright for my taste. I hear the rod magnets is not "true P90", although the first P90...
  14. J

    NGD: 1980 Les Paul Pro (Ebony)

    I picked this up about a month ago, but since I'm new here, I'm sharing it as a NGD. This is a 1980 Les Paul Pro (Deluxe) with original case and warranty card. I love finding that kind of stuff in the case pocket. It is an original owner guitar in really clean condition. I'm digging the P90...
  15. A

    SOLD Gibson P90 pickups set, cream soapbar

    For sale is a set of stock Gibson P90 pickups with cream covers, soapbar, taken out of a Gibson USA 2010 Studio 50s Tribute Goldtop. neck: 7.90 DCR 17" of wire bridge: 7.97 DCR 16" of wire $100 PayPal for the pair, shipped to continental US
  16. dcurran87

    NGTD (take 2) 2018 Classic

    About three weeks ago my new wife handed me this brown Gibson case on the day of our wedding, having known that a 2018 Classic GT was the first thing I was planning on buying as soon as the wedding dust settled (lucky guy I know!). I've been craving one of these since they were released, a...
  17. L

    Sold: Gibson Les Paul Custom 1954 Reissue R4 – Flame & Upgrades

    Here's a rare and nicely flamed R4 from a limited run by Dave’s Guitar. The wood was handpicked at the Gibson Custom Shop and the guitar has wonderful sustain. It's in pristine condition has only been used in my nonsmoking studio. The neck is full but comfortable, measuring .92” 1st fret...
  18. Jewel the Sapphire

    Les Paul Studio Gem Series

    Here is my first Gibson Les Paul
  19. JonCanfield

    FS: 2018 Les Paul Classic Pelham Blue

    New price drop! I've decided to sell my 2018 LP Classic in Pelham Blue. Beautiful guitar, in mint condition. I just find myself not grabbing it when I play - it's always the Standard. Honestly, I bought it because it's so damn pretty. Includes all the case candy, film is still on the pick guard...
  20. myoldfriend

    SOLD Bare Knuckle P90 Soapbar Set (cream covers)

    Bare Knuckle Pickups Nantucket "Soapbar" P90s Purchased to A/B with my Smits mini-hums. The minis won; P90s may just not be for me. Had only the neck pup in for about 15 minutes. New in box otherwise, with swag. Vintage output, 42AWG wire. Go here for product literature. Resistance...

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