1. DomHawthorn

    Les Paul Junior Double Cut Project - Nitro TV Yellow, BKP Nantucket 90

    Hi all, Thought I'd share my build video for my Les Paul Junior double cut, heavily modified from a Harley Benton DC-Junior. I was super happy with how it turned out, and have been gigging it regularly. Key points: Nitro refinish, Faber aluminium tailpiece, Bare Knuckle Pickups Nantucket 90...
  2. T

    WTB: Gibson Les Paul Special or Junior in White!

    Wanted: A Gibson LP Junior in White. Ideally I’m looking for the limited edition “Nashville” series that had a faded, non-glossy finish and the flowery pickguard, but I’m open to other models. Must have a slim or 60s neck profile and a bridge P90. Preference for faded finishes and doublecut...
  3. T

    FS: Seymour Duncan Hot P90 pair - $150 shipped!

    Selling a pair of SD’s Hot P90 pickups. This is a great set of higher-output P90s for anyone who wants to kick things up a notch! SP90-2N Neck: 11.96k SP90-2B Bridge: 15.29k Cream covers, about 16” of lead on each one and in good shape overall. Will include mounting screws, although one is a...
  4. T

    Kauer Starliner Deluxe - Killer P90 Tone! - Price Drop!

    Reluctantly selling my Kauer Starliner Deluxe. Incredible guitar that easily lives up to all the hype and takes the "Slab w/ P90s" to a whole new level. Playability is set with 10s and the neck profile and finish are extremely comfortable - Kind of a Goldilocks thickness, and the satin finish...
  5. G

    Vintage 50's P-90 For Trade

    I bought this 50's P-90 a while back for my 1956 Les Paul Junior. Paid around $700 for it. It measures around 8.3k works well but it's a little too hot and bright for my taste. I'd like to see if anyone has a similar vintage 50's P-90 they'd be willing to trade but closer to the 7.85k range...
  6. F

    2021 LP Special Tribute P90 Project

    Hi everyone, first time posting as I’d never owned a Gibson before. I recently got a 2021 LP Special Tribute P90 and I am replacing the PCB guts with handwired everything, CTS pots, Emerson Bumblebee caps and Lollar 50s wind pickups. I took the original guts of the LP Special Tribute out and...
  7. Central Scrutinizer

    ONGD Ordered New Guitar Day

    O rdered N ew G uitar D ay Have been looking at the Les Paul Special with P90s for a while now. Love the wrap bridge. My Sweetwater Sales Representative gave me a great deal on this. (Don’t tell Dole :rofl: ) ! Was told these are being discontinued. Only color available is Satin Ebony. The...
  8. G

    Muddy and Dark P90s

    I just got my hands on a 2018 Les Paul Classic with P90s and I'm having a lot of trouble getting along with the P90s. I've been led to believe that they are much more articulate and clear than humbuckers but what I have noticed so far is that my Tribute's 490t's are much, much more clear and...
  9. jeffy

    ThroBak Pro-90 vs Fralin P-90 Humbucker vs Lollar Novel 90...

    Been thinking about replacing my Scatterbrane BenWahbrane's for some humbucker size P-90's. Thoughts?
  10. S

    Jared James Nichols' 1952 P-90 Les Paul named Dorthy found in 2013 tornado

    https://www.guitarworld.com/news/jared-james-nichols-sets-out-to-restore-one-of-the-first-gibson-les-pauls-ever-made-after-it-was-destroyed-in-a-tornado Can't wait to see how it turns out :cool:
  11. L

    Eastman SB56/n-GD - Vintage Gold Nitro

    Beautiful goldtop with satin nitro finish, Lollar P-90's, and ebony fretboard. Only played in my home studio. 8 lbs 3 oz. Includes OHC. $1450 PayPal shipped in US.
  12. W

    NGD! Gibson Les Paul Special 2020 TV Yellow!

    My wife surprised me and gave me a 30th birthday present in advance! This is a Gibson Les Paul Special from 2020 and it is the best damn guitar I’ve ever played! Instead of posting pictures, I made this jam to show off the guitar! Truth be told, this is my first Gibson and my first Les Paul...
  13. Sandro70

    Help to recognize Gibson MelodyMaker P90

    Hi, my first post. I got a Melody-Maker 120th anniversary with P90 serials P90ST-86031759L 02/05/2014 (neck) & P90SR-86031758L (bridge). Pickups feature 5 pins terminal; I'm going to swap the PCB for a traditional wiring but I cannot understand the pups circuit and structure. Is a P90 basically...
  14. Alexp88

    WTB 50’s P90’s

    Looking to buy ideally a pair of soapbar 50’s p90s. Would consider whatever is out there but my preference would be soapbars, ideally no rewinds / repairs. Covers not essential. Thanks
  15. Knightrich

    Legit or no? 2006 Gold Top

    Found this puppy and it throws a couple of red flags (consulted my Les Paul guru) and notes that the frets are over the binding, the finish has some sparkle, but looks off, cream backplates, and on top of that, doesn’t have the original case. All signs point to fake... Asked for the SN and it...
  16. Alexp88

    WTB Gibson 50's soapbar p90's

    HI, I'm looking for a pair of 50's soap bar p90's. Ideally 55/56 but open to anything from the 50's that is a soap bar. Not after anything rewound or had any repairs. Covers are not necessarily needed. Thanks
  17. A

    [Updated] Used R8 with P90s from Guitar Center?

    First post here at MyLesPaul, so apologies for any etiquette breach. I stumbled across a used LP R8 on the guitar center website. They list it as a 2010 R8, but it clearly has soapbar P90 pickups, and the listing claims they are original 1956 pickups. I had been looking for a burst LP reissue...
  18. J

    Preserial Edwards E-LP SD/P Gold Top P90

    Hi Guys, Do you think it is worth to consider that guitar? To be honest it's the first time I have encountered Edwards, but seems that they are quite highly regarded in guitar society. Seems like preserial model, made around 2000, so no serial number on back of the headstock and also wondered...
  19. Knightrich

    2019 Les Paul Special vs ‘50s Goldtop Standard

    Hi all, I am in the process of saving up for a good, new American guitar and have centered on Gibson. I have been collecting Sweetwater gift cards and have never bought a “new” guitar before. I really want that experience, I know I’ll pay more for that but I’ve already got that gift card train...
  20. N

    Looking for a P90 Goldtop with a chunky neck (UK)

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for some recommendations for a Goldtop 'Les Paul' with P90's with a neck on the larger size (58/59ish) I'm planning to rip out the P90s and make a Pete Townsend esq reproduction and make it like an early 70s Deluxe with Mini Humbuckers. My budget is around £500-600 and...

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