1. L

    PRS McCarty 594 P90 10-Top

    Stunning 594 with PRS/Seymour Duncan Antiquity P90's and a 10-Top. These soapbars give the guitar a vintage growl and gritty sparkle. Chords sound full and round, while single notes sing sweetly. Pattern vintage neck carve. 8.6 lbs. $2800 Paypal shipped in US.
  2. PauloQS

    What’s your favorite P-90s Les Paul?

    Among the current Gibson USA lineup, what is your favorite Les Paul with P-90? Personally I’m torn between the Standard 50s and one of the Specials. I like the slab body P-90s combo, I don’t know if prefere it over the maple on mahogany body. However, I prefer the two piece bridge over the one...
  3. S

    SOLD Grosh humbucker size P-90 set

    Lightly used Grosh humbucker size P-90 pickups. These are amazing sounding P-90 style pickups I just have too mahy P-90 guitars.. Set of 2 pickups - 1 bridge & 1 neck. Asking $160 "The G-90H is our G-90-style pickup made to fit in a humbucker size rout. We voiced the G-90H to sound incredibly...
  4. '18 Special DC Front Body

    '18 Special DC Front Body

  5. Metlking

    NGD: 59 Junior!

    So I finally picked up a "bucket-list" guitar after a few years of casual searching for the right one at the right price! Its a 59' Junior! Appears to be all original, possibly the jack plate is not, its too clean! I took a peek at the pickup and it looks as if I'm the first one to see it since...
  6. '59Fatburst


    Please delete. Thank you!
  7. timbraun

    NGD: 2015 LP Special DC

    I found a fun guitar at L&M's Attic sale : Somebody swapped the robo-tuners for gold Grovers. Nice and light, sings well, though I might put a tunable wrap-around bridge on it - the intonation gets a little iffy up above the 12th fret. Feels like a nice base for some mods and very playable...
  8. akuster777

    SOLD Gibson P90 pickups set, cream soapbar

    For sale is a set of stock Gibson P90 pickups with cream covers, soapbar, taken out of a Gibson USA 2010 Studio 50s Tribute Goldtop. neck: 7.90 DCR 17" of wire bridge: 7.97 DCR 16" of wire $100 PayPal for the pair, shipped to continental US
  9. fpatton

    NGD: LP Pro Goldtop

    Howdy, It's been a while since I've posted (I think since I acquired my Budokan LP), but I paid Guitar Showcase in San Jose a visit yesterday to purchase a strap for a bass I just finished (tiny bit of it visible in the lower left of the pic below) when I saw this beauty hanging on the wall...
  10. wowowowman


    Late '60s (68/69) early '70s Gibson (clear flatwork) P-90. This was clearly a bridge pickup. Metered out at 8.75k. What you see is what you get. It is exactly as when I got it. I've never put in anything. SOLD SOLD
  11. L

    FS: Hamer Special - Lollar P-90s

    Slim and fast neck, one piece Honduran mahogany body, Lollar P-90s (neck 8.08K, bridge 9.04K) and Schaller tuners. Straight neck, recent set up and in clean condition with a few minor nicks. Includes SKG hard case. Made in the USA in 1993, serial number 333485. $850 PP shipped. No trades...
  12. Idle South

    DAM, Nocturne, Dr. No, Fralin, VL Effects, Guitarsystems

    All prices are Paypalled and shipped in the CONUS. Please contact me for pics or questions. Not looking for trades at the moment. Missing Link Audio Peacock: $420 new with box. Roughed up knob. Have asked manufacturer for replacement. Advertised as Duane Allman in a box. D*A*M Ezekiel...

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