out of phase

  1. R

    Out of phase pickups. What have you done?

    I discovered out of phase when I put 2 quarter pounders on my walnut Strat. I wired it like a Mustang, not using 3 pickups, only 2. Well I got one out of phase accidentally and it really had an attitude in the middle position. I heard a rumour that Jimmy Page uses out of phase pickups with a...
  2. S

    2019 Model Question: Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro

    Hey all, I’m currently looking to buy an Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro. Found one used from a music shop in Minnesota, but they said the 2019 model only has coil splitting and not phase reversal. Is this true at all? I thought the guitars had both features since early 2010s.
  3. cooljuk

    Greeny Burst Pickups - My Thoughts....

    Undoubtedly, there is much interest and much speculation about the Peter Green “Greeny” Burst pickups. Just like most people who claim to actually know some truth about that guitar, I've never once had it in my hands, much less been inside it or the pickups to know any facts about it. One...
  4. christophervolume

    My 2006 R6 Out Of Phase!

    had a couple people ask my about my out of phase r6. here's a quick one take-taste. it's engaged by a push/pull tone knob. it's 50's wired as well, running through a fender princeton. enjoy and crank yer reverb!
  5. DarrellV

    The 2017 Shaw Revival (my 82 CAR Standard, 2 Shaws and 1 Notta Shawatol)

    I have been waiting to start this topic till I knew when my Shaws were going to arrive back to me. They have been gone out for a rewind for many weeks now, since before Thanksgiving. If any of you have considered using the services of one of our MLP winders or wondered what it would be like to...
  6. E

    2 volumes plus separate master volume

    Hi all, I'm considering a wiring that I'd like to put on my Epi Les Paul and wondering if anyone can shed some light on how it can be done. The LP has 2 Gibson Burstbuckers, and I've reversed the magnet on the neck pickup (also known as the Peter Green mod). I love the out of phase sounds that I...

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