1. Dakota

    What guitars and features (other than paint finishes) are you missing from Gibson?

    I think they should definitely play more with different pickup formats: a V with p90s, a Explorer with mini humbuckers... you get the idea. Plus more trim levels, this year they introduced Custom for the Explorer, V, Firebird and SG so that's a start. Really go "modern" which I think it's...
  2. bossaddict

    Sold again: 2018 Fender American Original '60s Custom Telecaster - $1250

    Here's the latest victim of my recent spending spree. 2018 Fender American Original '60s Telecaster. These were designed to be a combination of features from a vintage 1960s Custom Telecaster. In particular, they feature the double bound body, Fiesta Red finish, rosewood fretboard, and...
  3. GuitarTalk

    PRICE DROP - FS: 1965 Gibson ES-330 (Vintage and all Original)

    Price: $6100 USD, now $5750 USD. I’m pretty easy to deal with and consider trades (including high end automatic watches). Payment: cash in person preferred (located in Ottawa, Canada, can meet in person in Toronto and Montreal areas as well), but will accept wire, Friends and Family Paypal...
  4. Bertrand

    Norlin era's gear

    Hello there! :) I'm asking you guys because i know there are specialists about that. :hmm: Here is the thing : Actually i'm trying to "reunit" original gears that used to come with the guitar when it was new : the case, the hand tag, official documents, care kit (sometimes?) etc. But i'm...
  5. 519tbarr


    Just a couple tracks I found on my desktop while cleaning up and uploaded to soundcloud. One electric guitar and one piano/keyboard track. Enjoy. https://soundcloud.com/user-247260801/2017-upbeat-commercial-tbarr https://soundcloud.com/user-247260801/2017-commercial-serious-upbeat-tbarr...
  6. 519tbarr

    Riverside Crusing 2018 - track

    Just a track I created over the last week. (will be for a TV-spot.) I call it Riverside Cruising. I recorded bass, programmed EZ Drummer, mixed this & recorded guitars using my Helix LT, 58 LP reissue & 2018 LP Traditional. Hope you all enjoy...
  7. R

    Gibson LP Custom 70s?

    Hello i have this but i don't know if this is original thanks guys! Serial number 73358577
  8. Londonbus

    Original 1957 Gibson Price List

    This is pretty cool. Fun to look through and daydream of a time you could pick up a 57 Les Paul Custom for $375. Toss in a L5 archtop and you still haven't cracked $1000! :bonk Several pics up on Reverb here: http://rvrb.io/1957-1957-dealer-p-e7l6pg $199 shipped. Would trade for a set...
  9. Side Burns

    PSA - Easy Cure for scratchy potentiometers

    i had an amp with scratchy pots. Every time I would touch the knobs I'd get static. So I sprayed some Deoxit fader F5 in the small opening on the metal body of the pot and turned the knob max - min a few times. After I let it dry it's perfect. I figure I'd post this here as there may be more...
  10. J

    Maestro M-2RVT all Original w/ 3 prong cord

    I got very lucky and this came to me because it kept shocking people. So I checked it out and changed to 3 prong and disconnected the polarity switch (still in place but inactive). I can't post pics atm and will try to by tomorrow. It is all original with original tubes, Jensen ceramic 15...

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