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  1. arraylist

    Will the ever make a 60s Original Collection Goldtop

    Will they ever make a 60s Original Collection Goldtop? They made two Goldtops in the 50s Edition and none in the 60s Edition.
  2. bigwhitecloud

    Would drilling holes into a Slash Les Paul devalue the guitar?

    I’m more of a pickguard on kind of guy. I just got a Slash November Burst Les Paul. Don’t care much that it’s a slash model. Got it because it’s on sale, and because I prefer the color scheme of it over the 50’s tobacco. I might resell it in the future, I don’t really grow attached to...
  3. S

    Poll: Should Gibson add the double cutaway Les Paul Junior and Special to the Original Collection?

    DC's. A vintage and very much loved Gibson guitar model but hard to obtain and not readily available. I would like them to be reissued. Would you?
  4. S

    Poll: Should Gibson add the Melody Maker to the Original Collection?

    Gibson Melody Maker. Reissue or not as part of the Original collection w/ proper gloss finish.
  5. S

    Poll: Which P-90 Gibson model do you prefer? SG Junior, SG Special, Les Paul Junior or Les Paul Special

    Which is your favorite P-90 slab model from the 2020 Original Collection?
  6. pondcaster

    In praise of The New Originals!

    Searched briefly but didn't see an "Owners Club" for these so kinda thought they deserved one. Beginning sometime mid '19, was a nice start to the post-HenryJ era it seems. If you're an owner of one from the series or just like them, please feel free to join, post pics, praise, blast, post...
  7. R

    2019 Original 60 LP Standard Pot Replacement

    I’m thinking about putting some push-pull pots in my original ‘60s. I tried to take the current ones out to take a look, and to see if I need long shafts, but the plate with the pots won’t come out. I can’t get it farther than the point where the ends of the pot shafts are even with the top of...
  8. SD456

    NGD: Gibson Les Paul Standard '50s - Heritage Cherry Sunburst

    Hello everyone! After saving up for 5+ years I have finally bought my first Gibson Les Paul. She is a beauty and plays like a dream. I was a little bit nervous, because non of the local shops had the new Original Collection models in stock, so I had to order it online. After a few days of...

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