1. cdwillis

    Looking for opinions on Orange TH30 and Marshall JCM2000 DSL100 trade?

    Been thinking about trading my Orange TH30 for another head or a cool combo and got an offer for a Marshall JCM2000 DSL100 head. Looking for some opinions on this trade. The guy with the Marshall said it's from 1998 and has already had the original board replaced with the revised one to fix the...
  2. 59fan

    Klipp era Laney amps

    Calling all Laney Klipp/Supergroup aficionados...a couple Klipp era heads seem to have popped up on Reverb, but what really caught my eye was a 60W PA do these differ from the Klipp's normal channel (which I've been told is simply a Supergroup circuit)? Is it similar to what Marshall...
  3. Central Scrutinizer


    For your perusal, a 2021 Gibson SG Standare. Gorgeous Cherry Red. Wolfetone Dr. Vintage in the neck position, Marshallhead in the bridge position. Professionally made ( Jonesy ? ) 50’s style wiring harness CTS Pots., Bumblebees, Ratio by Graphtec locking tuners. Gator brand HSC. Long neck...
  4. guitfiddle

    Orange OR50 DOOMY

    A while back, I got a 40th anniversary Orange OR50. I never got around to posting a video until now. DOOMY goodness.
  5. bossaddict

    Sold: 1969 Fender Mustang, Competition Orange w/ OHSC - $2795 Last Call

    I've decided to put up for sale my 1969 Fender Mustang in original Competition Orange finish with matching headstock. I actually haven't had this very long, but am a little over-bought at the moment and need to move several things, all of which I wish I could keep. This guitar is in really...
  6. LSAR

    HNAD! Orange/Traynor Content (OR15) - Potential Problems/Questions

    To be fair this happened yesterday. By the time I stopped playing the sun was down though, so no decent pics to be had. I like to move gear around. Buy it, sell it, trade it, etc. and yesterday was a busy day. I don't much care if I win or lose on the value by a whole lot, I just like to try...
  7. bossaddict

    NGD: Finally joined the Gretsch club - 1965 Chet Atkins 6120 Nashville

    After 29 years of playing guitar, I got bit by the Gretsch bug. I never really had much of an inkling for them until I just happened upon a '64 6122 Country Gentleman in a local shop here in Birmingham. I really liked the sound of the pickups and the overall vibe and came really close to going...
  8. I Break Things

    New Amp and Pedal Day!

    My folks recently made some money, so they keep sending me and my wife random presents. I got the Orange Crush 35RT and the Big Muff Pi a couple days ago, but I've been having too much fun tinkering with them to post until now. I know you guys like :photos:, especially @DarrellV, so enjoy! :rock:
  9. Bubba Z

    Orange OR15 Cranked (Videos)

    Hello! I jammed with my drummer friend this morning and used the beast: the Orange OR15. I know questions pop up around the internet quite often about how loud this amp can be and whether or not it works for jams with a drummer. Here are some videos for anyone curious about how the amp sounds...
  10. Andrew J Betry

    Mids / Treble heavy

    I've got a Tiny Terror combo with a celestion 12 and JJ tubes (new) throughout. No matter what I do (with my epiphone LP black beauty, the mids /treble /high end is bordering on ear piercing on all three pick up positions at any volume (on the amp). A MOJO MOJO pedal thickens it up a bit, but I...
  11. Steinmetzify

    Played an Orange Dual Dark 100 today...

    and man that thing is a monster. Both channels are supremely tweakable, took a boost well, the loop is dope and that attenuator is pure f*ckin AWESOME....we had this thing cranked with the Master until sh*t was shaking in the room and then just rolled everything down to conversation volume...

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