1. C

    Lefty 1970(?) 1969(?) Les Paul Custom

    Hello everyone - long time lurker, first time poster. Just wanted to thank everyone here for the invaluable wealth of information. I figured for my first post I’d share my most recent Norlin acquisition that I bought locally here in Canada. It’s a lefty, so might be a fun one for some of my...
  2. JRtele

    1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom (Wine Red) - TRADES

    Norlin Era Les Paul Custom in Players Condition: Year: 1979 Colour: Red Wine Pickups: Seymour Duncan Antiquities Bridge: Replaced with 70’s Schaller style violin bridge Weight: 10lbs 0oz *no breaks or cracks. Neck is strait and truss rod appears untouched. Additionally: -Had a refret -2x...

    NGD: 1974/1975 Les Paul Goldtop Deluxe

    Hey guys, just wanted to share what I found this week. It's been nothing short of crazy... So this all happened last Monday, I was sipping my morning coffee while browsing Facebook marketplace - and this post suddenly popped up and it was titled "1974 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe" - posted just a few...
  4. Nickhalen

    Thriller on Norlin Goldtop

    Having fun working out Thriller on my old Norlin Goldtop. Happy Halloween
  5. gw1980

    Wanted - Norlin era LP Custom in Black or Natural

    Hello guys, long time no see! Having recently moved out of front-line music retail, I have re-ignited my passion for guitars. I previously owned a 74 LP Custom, which I sold along the way, but I want another. So...... what have you got?
  6. TVBob

    1969-1970 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe, End of the "Vintage Era"? NEW VIDEO!

    As we know, early in 1961 the single cutaway Les Paul was discontinued due to lack of sales. In summer 1968 it was reintroduced by popular demand. The first Les Pauls produced in 1968 were almost similar to those of the Ted McCarty era. In fact the 1968 Les Pauls predate the less desirable...
  7. Jewel the Sapphire

    Super Custom Super Standard Super Something

    Video! 1979 Gibson Les Paul "Super Standard" Iced Tea Burst What The Fuck
  8. Bertrand

    Gibson Les Paul "T-Top's"

    Hello guys! ;) So i'm in need of your help please, i can't decide. I'm planning on getting my 80's Les Paul Standard back to stock. The previous owner apparently managed to put some Seymour Duncan's Pickup on it, so i'm actually looking for a pair of 80's T-tops. (Which it is quiet hard to...
  9. Bertrand

    Need informations Gibson EDS-1275

    Hello :) I have multiple problems and interrogations here that i'm about to explain. So i bought this Gibson EDS-1275 guitar like ten years ago and it was not really in a good shape. And now i decided to "repair" it. Already found the bridge, the tailpiece (same era) etc. I need to replace some...
  10. James Carney


  11. TateTheGreat

    Gibson Serial Number Ledgers and Red Bobbins on LP Deluxe?

    Hi, I was wondering if there are any ledgers with serial numbers from '73-'74? I know I saw some with totals of Les Pauls shipped in what colors, but is there any further record on a Les Paul in the norlin era pertaining to the serial number? Such as a custom order? I have a '73 Deluxe with a...
  12. mr70ss

    NGD - 1980 Custom Silverburst

    Well I finally joined the Norlin club. Been looking for a little while and found one that I'm happy to call mine. She weight's in right at 10 pounds and just sounds great. If you look closely at the last pic in the neck pickup cavity you can make out "Maralyn" (I'm guessing one of the QC...
  13. J

    NGD: 1980 Les Paul Pro (Ebony)

    I picked this up about a month ago, but since I'm new here, I'm sharing it as a NGD. This is a 1980 Les Paul Pro (Deluxe) with original case and warranty card. I love finding that kind of stuff in the case pocket. It is an original owner guitar in really clean condition. I'm digging the P90...
  14. J_Euphoria

    NGD: 1977 Gibson Les Paul Pro

    Hey y'all! I got a special one here. I've been itching for a Les Paul with P90's. I was leaning on either getting a Junior or a Special; funny how I ended up not choosing either of them. The moment I stumbled upon this beauty, I knew that I had to have it. I've always gravitated toward the...
  15. stonevibe

    Got me a new Black Custom

    Acquired this new one earlier in the week, as I understand it, it is a '77 and in relatively decent condition for its age. Feels like a good solid instrument and hopefully, it will stick around with me for a while.
  16. HardCore Troubadour

    Norlin Trifecta

    Not really a lot to say right here as the pics pretty much speak for themselves..... For those interested, 74 Deluxe-82 Custom-78 Standard- all 100% stock.
  17. ipodsandlps

    Sold Please Delete

    Hey all, I am posting a 1974 LP Custom that has been gigged, modified and really played. The guitar comes in at about 9.5 pounds, has a nice medium profile neck (not too slim, not too thick) and has had a vintage B7 Bigsby installed about 30 years ago. The guitar also has a pair of TV Jones...
  18. RLG167

    NGD! 1973 Les Paul Custom

    *I had this posted under vintage, moved it to here* Hey everyone, I'm really excited because I just bought my first Les Paul Custom, a 1973 black beauty stripped to natural. It plays like nothing else I've ever tried and it looks great, as the center piece of maple on the top has some quilt in...
  19. HardCore Troubadour


    Bought a Norlin today that is a little different from most that I find..... A big shout to @TheX for answering some questions for me prior to the sale...his knowledge of nylon stringed classical instruments proved invaluable to me. 1982 Chet Atkins CE....1.8” neck really feels good, I was...
  20. bblooz

    Old SG?

    Recently found this SG for sale locally, and the owner claims it is a '69! It doesn't look right to me. I thought I've seen these block inlays on a Norlin-era instument. I'm waiting to get details of the back of the headstock to verify. Any insights?

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