1. I Break Things


    Ibanez S670QM in Dragon Eye Burst! Got this about 7 hours ago. Took me awhile to setup. I've never had a guitar with a trem like this. Action was too high for my taste, and it was strung with D'Addarios - yuck! Yanked those off, put on some Ernie Ball Super Slinkies, and set the action at 1/16"...
  2. I Break Things

    NGD soon to come

    So I'm broke, but my folks are wildly irresponsible with cash and I'm the baby of the family. Upon learning about the CITES issues with rosewood, my folks decided they were going to get me a birthday present now - my birthday is in May. Anyways, this was put on backorder and has now shipped! It...
  3. Kitsune

    NGD Gibson Les Paul Faded 2017 T Worn Cherry (Many PICS!)

    Hello everybody! I have posted about this guitar and how I added a Poker chip to it but then I realised I did not do a NGD post so, here is my new baby: I have attached many pics with and without flash so you can check the color depending on different lighting configuration. I am more of a...
  4. Bemis

    NGD 2018 Standard - Cherry on top

    Been itching for some cherry goodness since I was a teenager, but it had to speak to me and be a player. Went over it with a fine tooth comb before pulling the trigger. She's so wonderful. Okay, I'll skip all the text and give you what you clicked on this post for... enjoy:
  5. GuitarTalk

    The Most Beautiful Les Paul I Ever Did See

    Ill let these photos do the talking :photos::run: NGD: Gibson USA Les Paul Standard 2017 Bourbon Burst, AAA Tiger Flame Maple Top (it sounds even better than it looks) :):):)IMG_2984 by The Russian posted Aug 22, 2017 at 10:24 PMIMG_2991 by The Russian posted Aug 22, 2017 at 10:38 PMIMG_2990 by...
  6. I Break Things

    NGD! MIM Plus Top Strat, aged cherry burst with maple neck

    Sorry for the crappy picture. Taken with a cellphone in a basement. Brand new MIM Strat! Very impressed with the fit and finish. Only blemish I could find was a very small indentation above the seventh fret. Looks like maybe a file tapped into it somehow. Either way, sounds and plays great...
  7. AerenS

    NGD FGN Neo Classic LC10-R

    Hello After really long search for a LP Guitar today i have take the leap of faith :D and put an order FGN Neo Classic LC10-R from local distributor. The guitar is a NOS. Seller says that they got the stock in 2015. There were 4 left and the all of them are on the sale. I got my for 800 USD...

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