1. J_Euphoria

    NGD: 2019 Les Paul Junior (Vintage Sunburst)

    After selling some gear and working over time, I went ahead and ordered a brand new 2019 Gibson Les Paul Junior from American Musical Supply. I have to say, this lovely instrument is simply killer. 2019 Les Paul Junior by J Euphoria, on Flickr 2019 Les Paul Junior by J Euphoria, on Flickr...
  2. socialhero

    NGD (unexpectedly x2) - Ibanez RG Shredder Content

    Recently I fell down an Ibanez rabbit hole. I had a beat to shit RG570 when I was much younger that I stupidly sold away. I didn’t like the middle pickup - back then I lusted after the RG520, the dual HB model. I haven’t really thought about Ibanez guitars in many years, but lately I've been...
  3. americanstandardtele

    NGD - Finally!

    After maybe, what, 30 years of playing, finally got the Les Paul I wanted - 2018 Standard in Cherry Burst. Sure plays nice. Pickups are very articulate, QC is pretty good, really can't find any flaws, could maybe use a better nut but that's almost every Gibson. Man, I looked a long time to find...
  4. Dr.Tj


    NEW GUITAR DAY! I've dreamed of getting my hands on this beauty for more years than I can remember and that dream finally came true, today. (2018 les paul traditional tobacco sunburst.) I also got my first tube amp, the Laney CUB12R. It is great for vintage led zep/pink floyd etc tones! <cries...
  5. RYAN1987M


  6. mrslash

    NGD - Gibson Les Paul R9 1959 Lemonburst VOS

    She's finally here, in all her glory!! 2016 GIBSON LES PAUL R9 1959 LEMONBURST VOS I've been dreaming about one of these reissues for years now, got to play a few in the last years, tried SHs, THs, etc, etc, but boy I finally found THE ONE that plays right for me. I'm absolutely in love...
  7. PeteNJ75

    NGD: 2018 Wildwood-Spec Murphy Painted & Aged R0 w/ Brazilian Board (one of only 6 made, ever)

    This was a case of incredibly lucky timing. I learned Wildwood had 15 Brazilian R0s made over the past 2 years, so I knew it was a real long shot to find one, but I just so happened to write Steve asking about them the same day (same hour?) this became available (someone had it on layaway but...
  8. GuitarTalk

    NGD 2017 R9 Les Paul TH Spec Dirty Lemon Limited Run

    Hey guys, Never owned a lemon burst but always wanted one, others’ NGD posts didn’t help the GAS either. I only ever usually buy used or trade for LP’s, but I thought it was time to buy an LP for good, brand new, the “one” (you know). I was very picky for this reason, I wanted weight below...
  9. J_Euphoria

    NGD: Made in Korea Cherry Sunburst Les Paul w/ Birdseye Maple Top!

    I was cruising offer and I stumbled upon this beauty! $200 US dollars got me this beauty along with an Epiphone hard case, 2 packs of Ernie Ball strings, and a cable. I got super lucky! The top is gorgeous and the mahogany back is simply stunning. I've own a few vintage Gibson Les Pauls i nay...
  10. Jewel the Sapphire

    Which Les Paul Custom? +more

    I need to pick up another guitar and I've narrowed it down to two les paul customs both priced at $350 and two wildcards. The first is a 1989 and ships with a gibson soft case. The second is a limited edition 1955 reissue with original case for $350 and is almost a 2 hour drive away...
  11. Gibson Les Paul Traditional Tobacco Sunburst Perimeter 2018

    Gibson Les Paul Traditional Tobacco Sunburst Perimeter 2018

  12. JaiminhoPagina

    NGD! 2013 Chicago Blue Les Paul Traditional

    Very happy! A little late (received the guitar last Thursday), and only now I realized I forgot to do the usual NGD routine! :applause: I fell in love with this color the moment I saw the pictures at the Gibson website. It was really love at first sight - "I AM going to own this guitar...
  13. Luboy

    [NGD] '13 R8 lemon/blonde

    After months of CITES kicking my behind I found an affordable plain top lemon drop (burst) nearby. At almost 9.4 lbs it is heavier than my previous '14 R8 ice tea, but somehow it is more resonant. Seems to have a more pleasant neck angle and neck carve too, thus it operates and feels better...
  14. J_Euphoria

    NGD: 1977 Gibson Les Paul Pro

    Hey y'all! I got a special one here. I've been itching for a Les Paul with P90's. I was leaning on either getting a Junior or a Special; funny how I ended up not choosing either of them. The moment I stumbled upon this beauty, I knew that I had to have it. I've always gravitated toward the...
  15. J_Euphoria

    NGD: 2006 Epiphone '57 Reissue Les Paul Junior

    When I was 12 years old (11 years ago), I wanted one of these so badly; but $300 was a lot of money to kid who couldn't work. Last night I saw this beauty for sale on Craigslist for a really sweet deal. I impulsively purchased it from the seller, and now I am a happy camper. The stock...
  16. M37a11

    NGD (Attempt 2) 2010 Gibson Les Paul Studio Silverburst

    Hi All, I now own my first real Gibson Les Paul! It took a couple attempts (see this thread) but this new one is immaculate. Sadly, I really fell in love with the fretboard of the first damaged guitar. It was rosewood but very dark and matched the silverburst finish better. I am researching...
  17. J_Euphoria

    NGD: 1980 Gibson Les Paul Standard

    Never in a million years would I ever think that I would own a Gibson Les Paul. After saving money, and pulling some strings, I was able to buy this beauty; and for a sweet price too! I replaced the stock strap buttons with period-correct diamond-shaped Posi-Lock pins. I was...
  18. lespaulfreak93

    NGD and a hello to my favorite forum!

    Hi there! Short version: My new 2017 traditional. Pics at the bottom. Never been happier in my life. It's a long story, sorry ;-). First of all, this is my first post, though I've been lurking since I was a kid (many years before I made an account.) I like this forum more than "the other one"...
  19. I Break Things


    Ibanez S670QM in Dragon Eye Burst! Got this about 7 hours ago. Took me awhile to setup. I've never had a guitar with a trem like this. Action was too high for my taste, and it was strung with D'Addarios - yuck! Yanked those off, put on some Ernie Ball Super Slinkies, and set the action at 1/16"...
  20. I Break Things

    NGD soon to come

    So I'm broke, but my folks are wildly irresponsible with cash and I'm the baby of the family. Upon learning about the CITES issues with rosewood, my folks decided they were going to get me a birthday present now - my birthday is in May. Anyways, this was put on backorder and has now shipped! It...