1. Friday

    Hi from Melbourne AUS

    Hi there! I'm new and I'm Friday. Joining from Melbourne Australia. I play a bit and I fix them too. Joining here because it appears people actually reply to questions and know a thing or two.
  2. J

    New Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded coming?

    Are there new faded versions of the Gibson Les Paul Standard coming out? Thomann is advertising them on their website, without any pictures, but with these specs: Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded 60s, electric guitar, mahogany body (swietenia macrophylla), maple top, cream binding, mahogany neck...
  3. S

    Trans Amber / Lemonburst Gibson Les Paul

    Hello All! First post here, So I’ve always wanted an Amber / Lemonburst type colour Les Paul and I’m finally at a point where I can afford a standard. I’ve always preferred to buy new, but the current 2020 line up doesn’t offer an Amber Les Paul. The closest is the Unburst but not exactly what I...
  4. Dakoya

    Hello world,

    Hi reader, Thank you for existing on this platform. It was a great guiding tool for my start some weeks ago when I became the proud owner of my Pearl Les Paul. My guitar journey started December 19th when I discovered it. Found in a particular room filled with some guitars and many other...
  5. V

    WTB: Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Jr in Sunburst

    Hi all, I signed up because I need to cast a wide net in search of this guitar. I'm looking for a Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Jr in Sunburst, new or used. The most important thing here is I would like all original parts, including the leopard print case. Please let me know! Thanks!
  6. 519tbarr

    It's Official - a new 2019 Les Paul Standard! Pic included!

    Seems that Slash gave us the first hint. But here's a picture from the Facebook page of Gibson. Seem's we are getting a new revised Les Paul Standard from the USA shop. Look forward to seeing what the specs are on these! Or if they have just done away with the Standard vs Traditional moniker...
  7. S

    Les Paul HP Aluminum Case 2016

    Hi, im selling a brand new one on Reverb: Schimmi
  8. James10101

    New Amp for Gibson Les Paul

    Hi guys, I currently own a line 6 amplifi 150 modelling amp and want an upgrade in sound for my Les Paul standard as I don’t think it does the guitar justice. There a few reasons I want to get rid of this amp: 1. The fiddling around to connect my phone on Bluetooth to change the tone 2. I only...
  9. thecasterkid

    Another Joe B sig... Korina "Amos" Flying V

    Just posted to IG. Wondering how these will differ from the 58 reissues spec-wise. Looks great so far.
  10. Zarg

    4 New White Epiphone Models about to be announced!!

    So there's been a couple of discussions about them on this forum already and now Matt Heafy from Trivium posted a teaser that next week Epiphone will announce 4 new Models. Left to right: - Thommy Thayer Explorer (most likely same specs as the LP)(first saw pictures when the first Björn...
  11. GuitarTalk


    Here it is: Damn, look at that gold top / blue classic :cheers::bowdown
  12. Zarg

    New release: Cyhra! Album coming October / Jesper Strömblad (ex-In Flames)

    Hi Guys, I really miss the times when Jesper was still with In Flames. I'm a big fan of In Flames but have very mixed feelings about how they became almost a different band over the years. Ever since "Siren Charms", I couldn't consider myself as a fan anymore. I still love the older records and...
  13. Johnny Guitar

    Help out the new guy...

    So I'm getting tired of paying so much just for a frikin setup so I've started doing them myself. I've been doing pretty good but I just put new strings on my Lester (2017 Gibson Traditional T) but when adjusting the saddles, the low E, and the b saddles are moved all the way back (away from...