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  1. HeadRush Pedalboard

    HeadRush Pedalboard

    The Headrush Pedalboard, not as sophisticated as a Kemper, not as flexible as a Helix, but still damn good and has a incredible 20 min loop time. Can be used to directly feed the output AND a DAW via USB (live mode), a DAW ONLY (DAW Mode) and to have a DAW in the loop via USB(Reamp mode)...
  2. The Fractal Audio Systems AX8

    The Fractal Audio Systems AX8

    I went through my first bout of interest with modeling amps when the earliest modeling amps were produced in the late 90s. I was an early adopter. Being a tech guy, I was fascinated by the technology and impressed by how much better these amps seemed when compared to the solid state amps I grew...

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