1. M

    Tokai ls120 headstock veneer / inlay required for restoration.

    I have a 1981 ls120 with a solid flame top and somebody had previously changed the headstock logo to gibson (I know) It has spent some time in America where I assume this was done. Somebody on here spotted it in a small vintage guitar shop in Ohio years ago. Anyway, I'd like to have it...
  2. Neilybob

    More info required - Navigator N Limited Edition 335 copy

    Hi all Wondered if anyone has any information on my recently acquired N Limited Edition 335 copy, like age and factory of manufacture? Also what is the difference between a Navigator and a N Limited Edition 335 (other than the ltd ed bit)? To be honest I can't believe how cheaply I got this...
  3. Neilybob

    Longtime lurker now member from South East UK

    Hi there. I'm Neil from South East England, UK. Have been playing around with guitars for about 15years now. First guitar was a Burny Les Paul style guitar similar to the black Joe Perry Gibbo signature. That started me on my love of MIJ twangers. I've now amassed an assorted collection of MIJ...
  4. P

    Do Aria Pro II LPCs have ebony fingerboards?

    Hi there, I am relatively new to MIJ. A simple question: do Aria Pro II LPCs have ebony fingerboards? If yes, then which models? I keep browsing Aria Pro II catalogues, but there are many of them. So, decided to ask experts. Extra question: which MIJ LPCs of "that era" (70's-80's) have ebony...
  5. L

    Greco (EGC-550 (?)) without serial number. Worth the price?

    Hello, im currently looking at an apperantly 90s Greco. Im having a hard time identifying it, since it has no serial number and the greco font looks thick. Seller claims it to be japanese though, egc 550. Asking price is 950+Shipping (Europe). I was wondering: - Is it actually a japanese egc...
  6. C

    Help indentify - Epi LP KOREAN serial with OPEN BOOK headstock

    Hello, Here with another ask for help in ideitifying a weird guitar. Serial shows Samick Factory - but looks exactly like a Japan model. Can't find anything about this. Seller has 4.8 stars out of 5 on Reverb and tells me: "I am still not sure, but building wise, it mirrors the LPC-80 almost...
  7. M

    Reputable places to buy Tokai's online?

    like the title says, trying to look for reputable places where I can buy a Tokai. Specifically a LS136F Cherry burst. Thanks,
  8. 59fan

    NGD - '82 Greco ECG57-60

    Happened to snag one on Reverb after longing for one for months. And interestingly enough, this one has quite the story to tell - it started its Reverb journey in (a music store in) Hawaii, got sold to someone in NC and ended up in AL. People kept listing it on Reverb, someone eventually bought...
  9. 59fan

    Greco SA-90 or Tokai ES100R

    Both have recently popped up on my local Craigslist. The main difference is a headstock break on the Tokai so I’m not quite sure if it'd be worth it or if I should rather go for the Greco. This is the Tokai
  10. 59fan

    1981/82 Greco SS500

    EDIT: Been trying to insert a link to the actual listing. But apparently it was considered spam so this thread wouldn't post...figured I had to save the pics and paste 'em here. Considering to pull the trigger on this Super Real era SS500, the TRC and logo seem a bit confusing though. Lots of...
  11. 59fan

    Super Real era Greco SG Specials

    EDIT: Been trying to insert a link to the actual listing. But apparently it was considered spam so this thread wouldn't post...figured I had to save the pics and put 'em in here. Considering to pull the trigger on this Super Real era SS500, the TRC and logo seem a bit confusing though. Lots of...
  12. 59fan

    Greco Super Real era SG Special

    [Thread moved to https://www.mylespaul.com/threads/1981-82-greco-ss500.464859/page-2#post-10135878]
  13. 59fan

    Greco SG Juniors/Specials?

    https://reverb.com/item/41565749-greco-ss63-50-nice-sg-special-copy-japan-vintage-made-in-1982-very-rare-model?utm_source=rev-ios-app&utm_medium=ios-share&utm_campaign=listing&utm_content=41565749 Considering to pull the trigger on this one. Any experiences with Super Real/1982-83 era SG...
  14. geekrobot

    LP Deluxe, weak neck pickup - wiring help, please!

    Hi MLP folks, I know there have been many such threads on MLP in the past, and forgive me if this isn't the correct forum for this post, but I have a 1978 Greco Les Paul Deluxe style EG600GS that I could use some help with! I bought this guitar knowing the neck pickup was low output / weak...
  15. davidrf

    NGD - 1982 Aria Pro II Cardinal Series CS-400

    This is a 1982 Aria Pro II Cardinal CS-400, the top of the line of the Cardinal series. I found it on sale for 400€ (about 450$ I guess) with a hard case and with a bunch of improvements/mods. I couldn't resist and I bought it, also because another Aria Pro II (a Viper VP-65) was my first guitar...
  16. dcurran87

    My first MIJ LP - 1987 Greco EGC 68-60

    Hi all, After a long time browsing the MIJ market and chickening out of taking the plunge with a purchase, I finally pulled the trigger on a mint collection Greco LP. I always wanted a birth year guitar and since this one was also birth MONTH then I couldn't say no! All the way from Japan to...
  17. LTigh

    NGD 2010 Tokai Love Rock LS 105Q HDC

    So I haven't really been posting in these parts lately, as I'd gotten more or less all the MIJ LPs that I'd thought I'd wanted or needed (in addition to a couple of Gibbys, all but one of which wound up getting flipped) and been exploring the S-type side of things for a while. One of those...
  18. Bdavolley

    Pros and Cons of 1970s MIJ vs Epiphone Les Pauls

    Budget $300: I have the opportunity to purchase a "No Name," lawsuit era (open book headstock),1976 MIJ blonde Les Paul copy with a maple fretboard in very good condition that is within my budget. It is a "pancake" and, from what I can gather, was made to sell either as an Ibanez or Greco but...
  19. BDells1979

    Help identify this Eagle

    The brand name says Eagle, but the logo looks nothing like the other Eagle guitars that I’ve been able to find in my searches. I’ve read that the Eagle brand guitars were built in Japan and marketed and sold in France. Any more information would be greatly appreciated!
  20. Side Burns

    HELP Identify my first guitar (Vintage Hofner content)

    So here’s the story. This is the first guitar i ever bought. I found it at a flea market in 1993. The guitar was $5.00 & i had to borrow the $5. The guitar was a burst finish with cracked clear coat, no pickguard & no electronics besides the pickup. It was a RAT! The buddy that lent me the...

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