1. Side Burns

    HELP Identify my first guitar (Vintage Hofner content)

    So here’s the story. This is the first guitar i ever bought. I found it at a flea market in 1993. The guitar was $5.00 & i had to borrow the $5. The guitar was a burst finish with cracked clear coat, no pickguard & no electronics besides the pickup. It was a RAT! The buddy that lent me the...
  2. F

    MIJ Flying V - Mystery

    Hi all, Newbie to the forum at least officially, so glad to have finally registered. This is a bit of an odd one. Years ago, after discovering the Japanese copies of Gibsons, like Burny, Greco, Ibanez, Aria et cetera,I set my sights on buying a Flying V. Gibsons were a bit pricey at the time...
  3. T

    Help, looking for wine red MIJ LP custom. FGN? Suggestions??

    Hey guys, I’m jonesing for a wine red custom with an ebony board. Will most likely be buying used. I’m leaning towards a newer model like FGN, of which I really like the look of. Only thing is I’m not positive if FGN ever made a wine red custom? I’ve seen one past listing online that was listed...
  4. S

    Burny Super Grade - Identification required

    Hi everyone. I've just bought a Burny Super Grade from Japan. I like and trust the brand and I have a Burny RLC 65 that is my main guitar, a really beautiful instrument. I've followed this auction and in the end, my final offer was the good one. I convinced myself about it because I lot of...
  5. Death Incarnate

    NGD: Fender Telecaster Traditional 60s

    Just got my Fender Telecaster MIJ Traditional 60s today! I had been eyeing these when they were sold new in 2018 for $800 to $900. Then BAM! They disappeared. Now people have been selling them for over $1K, and that's a bit much to me. I found one used for less than they sold new, and was...
  6. MCT

    FS: 2017 History RH-LS Orangeburst, Like New Condition, $1,200 + shipping

    Hi all, I’m putting this mint condition History RH-LS up for sale. It’s basically new, as I bought it from Shimamura less than a month ago. I listed it for $1,400 on Reverb, but would be happy to sell it to the good people of MLP Forum for $1200 + shipping. Hope it finds a good forever home...
  7. Greco

    The MIJ Compatability Thread: Helping you find the MIJ LP you've been searching for.

    Hey guys! So I had an idea pop up when another member of our little MIJ community said he wanted suggestions on MIJ guitars. I then had the idea where instead of people making individual threads, why not make one consolidated thread where the new guys would like help on what model they are...
  8. M.M.

    NGD - 2009 Tokai LS160

    After asking around about the finish being nitro or not (probably as a dumb excuse not to buy it), I went and tried the guitar... I shouldn’t have tried the guitar :laugh2: Here it is! (I’ll try to take some more pictures once the rain goes away, especially of the beautiful one piece back)
  9. Gtarzan81

    Two Gibson Les Pauls for Sale (or trade)

    I have 2 Gibsons up for sale. (Or trade if you have a MIJ LP with P90s or a MIJ ES-335 type.) 1. 2011 Blue Studio Faded. All stock. 59 C shape neck. Thicker neck, but not a baseball bat. Dark blue back. No real dings or anything. BB Pro pickups. Market value for these are around $650ish. I have...
  10. M.M.

    MIJ 2009 Tokai LS160 - nitro finish?

    Hello! I'm hoping the experts can help me. I've got the opportunity to buy a 2009 Tokai LS160 Goldtop for a really good price, and wanted to check what kind of finish those have, as the owner can't say for sure. It is kind of a priority for a guitar like this to have a nitro finish for me, but...
  11. LPStation

    [GRECO] Need help identifying

    Hey guys, I'm pretty new to Greco's and the whole made in Japan deal, but I've picked this guitar up recently and I'm not sure what model it is or year? (I bought it as a "Early to mid 70's Greco") There is no serial number on the headstock or in the cavities but I've taken some pictures of...
  12. Luxferre

    Help with some Greco's on Reverb

    Hi I got curious about vintage Greco LP, loving MIJ instruments. I'm definitely buying one but I'm on a budget (like U$500 for the guitar and shipping) so I'm ok with an Epiphone std quality like guitar. I need some help to see if some of the guitars below are worth the money or should I get...
  13. S

    WTB Crews Maniac KTR STD/K&T NFS Weeps

    As the title says, I’m looking for the above described Crews in CB, but would consider other colors.
  14. mange006

    Japan specialists? Can this be a ESP/Navigator without logo?

    Hi! Hope u can help me out here.. this is by far the most wellbuilt les paul I have ever own, compared to ex. Gibson Les Paul Standard, Orville by Gibson etc. which I own right now.. It has one piece mahogny body, looks like one piece maple cap to, fret end bindings of top quality, aluminium...
  15. UmpaHimself

    Elitist LP Tuner Hole Sizing

    Today I was admiring how nice the nickel pickup covers, bridge and tailpiece have aged on my Elitist LP. Then I realized the tuners are still bright, shiny chrome! Had the guitar for years but got it second hand and I know the previous owner swapped out the pickups, must have done the bridge and...
  16. aroomstudios

    Greco Les Paul Custom what is it and what year?

    Anyone know what year and model this is? SN: F 05006 I looked up SN and they seen to be different for different models. I can find every model except for the customs. I own a bunch of new and vintage MIJ guitars but not any Grecos. So, I am not really up on specs and models for Grecos. This...
  17. aroomstudios

    FGN NLC 10 or 20?

    I have 2 FGN guitars right now. I love them. Well actually 1 is still in transit. I have a 2013 NLC 20E in black and love it. Plus the 20 standard in the mail right now. I was thinking about picking a 3rd one up. The guy had it advertised as a 20E in White. After looking at it more in...
  18. Juacko

    F/S: 1994 Fender Stratocaster MIJ “FotoFlame“

    I‘m putting for sale one of my loyal partners for the last few years now, this is easily one of the best strats I‘ve played in a while. As we all know Japanese strats are really well made instruments, I have tried a few MIJ and American made fenders and this one just made it for me for a long...
  19. Epiphone LP Custom

    Epiphone LP Custom

    Made in Japan, Ebony with gold hardware
  20. Epiphone Les Paul LPS-80

    Epiphone Les Paul LPS-80

    Made in Japan, Goldtop, Alnico Pro I pick up, Gold reflector knob,

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