1. Lolly

    My tribute to Ennio Morricone: Kemper guitars!

    Hi Amp modeling friends! Here's a little tribute to the master Ennio Morricone: all guitars are Kemper. I hope You like it!
  2. verde

    SOLD Lollar dB Humbucker Pickup Set

    Original owner and ordered direct from Lollar last year. Zero issues and sound AMAZING. Asking $300 shipped.
  3. sci

    One minute Christmas song

    I wrote a punk metal song for Christmas - one minute, to fit the media limits of Instagram :) For video took the stop-motion approach. It took me about 5 hours to make the video only - as it is my first stop-motion I think it went quite OK. The guitar used is Epiphone Les Paul Special II (more...
  4. G

    2016 HP Gibson Aluminum Case - $200

    Les Paul case. This thing is heavy duty. Has some scratches and dings but nothing crazy. I used this to protect my R8 and it did it well. I'm in lansing michigan if local works for you, if not I can ship. $250 shipped
  5. I Break Things

    I want to be able to play like this. What are the steps?

    I want to learn to play like the man in this video. Fast, aggressive, lots of emotion, painting a picture with the notes, etc. I saw this cover and just *knew* I want to make music like this, and I'm confident I can get there. With my illness, all I really have is free time. I know that there...
  6. T

    Single Cut Showdown (mid range) *HELP*

    What's up guys! I am an intermediate guitar player looking to make a semi large purchase of my next single cut. Background: I have previously owned a number of guitars such an Ibanez rg series, epiphone special II, etc. Currently I am looking at these 3(4) guitars: ~epiphone les paul custom...
  7. John Ucol

    A couple playthroughs feat. reamping with a Kemper amp

    Hey, I recently released an album where I heavily used the Kemper for reamping (based on PRS Archon amps with MESA/Boogie cabs, fwiw). I made a couple quick clips featuring some of the stuff that I have on said album.
  8. John Ucol

    LP one-off build

    I had an LP built to my specs by a luthier who lived a few miles away from where I went to university a few years ago. It's an oddball in a way compared to either my own guitars or among others, but it's good for my needs, and I wanted to briefly take the time to show it off for a bit...
  9. Yofresh

    Wolves - Electric Guitar Cover - Selena Gomez & Marshmello

    What do you think?!
  10. Yofresh

    3 Notes per string exercise (/w tabs) - alternate picking rocks!

    Hope you have some use of this exercise! Have fun and good luck :)
  11. Yofresh

    A way to write like Dream Theater!

  12. Yofresh

    Daddy Rock Solo Contest - Guitar Solo

    Do you think I have a chance of getting in the top 10? This is my entry:
  13. Bubba Z

    Orange OR15 Cranked (Videos)

    Hello! I jammed with my drummer friend this morning and used the beast: the Orange OR15. I know questions pop up around the internet quite often about how loud this amp can be and whether or not it works for jams with a drummer. Here are some videos for anyone curious about how the amp sounds...
  14. Zarg

    New release: Cyhra! Album coming October / Jesper Strömblad (ex-In Flames)

    Hi Guys, I really miss the times when Jesper was still with In Flames. I'm a big fan of In Flames but have very mixed feelings about how they became almost a different band over the years. Ever since "Siren Charms", I couldn't consider myself as a fan anymore. I still love the older records and...
  15. sci

    "Riot in your mind" - metalcore & power metal song

    In „Riot in your head“ I have tried to mix what I like at most from metalcore and power metal: or directly the MP3 from the secret download link below:
  16. asclepius14

    EDM with a drop of Metallica

    Not a huge of EDM fan but I liked this one and decided to improvise over it. Ended with a iconic lick from master of puppets. Hope you guys like it! Epiphone LP Standard (i bought it used about ~10 years ago). Amp: Roland Microcube

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