1. sectado

    Les Paul w/sd Antiquities Marshall Jcm 800 2204 plus Klon Centura! Do you like it??

    he other day a friend came to my homestudio and he start testing my amps! So i film this! - Guitarrist: Edu Giardina - Gibson Les Paul Studio 2013 w/Seymour Duncan Antiquities - Marshall Jcm 800 2204 From 1987 - Klon Centura - Marshall 1936 w/Celestion Creamback
  2. J

    FS: Soldano SLO 100 super lead overdrive

    Excellent condition with zero issues. Absolute monster of an amp. All stock, no mods, serviced by Mike a couple of months before he closed up shop. Only selling to fund a particular guitar purchase. Comes with the footswitch as pictured. Any questions just ask. Shipping is to the lower 48 CONUS...
  3. Qam

    Who's The LOUDEST One Of All?

    'Ellio, Felliows. Name is Qam: pronounced like Derek and Clive. So a Qick Qestion for used guys, is - who's the Loudest One Of All? You know, to kill a giant you take the biggest stone you can grip. But to grip the biggest audience, usually stoned, smaller wattage amps are off-limits and you...
  4. J

    FS: Made in England Celestion G12H 30 watt Greenbacks

    This is the desirable made in UK version. 15 ohm. It has a few hours of playing time on it. Excellent like new condition. It came out of a Marshall 1960 BHW cabinet. I currently have three of these for sale. Shipping is to the lower 48 CONUS only. Pics in the reverb link below. Any questions...
  5. J

    FS: Carol Ann OD2

    This is an amazing amp. Extremely versatile, hand wired point to point build. Truly one of the best boutique heads available and Alan isn’t building them anymore. Goes from D tone cleans up through singing harmonic laden overdrive reminiscent of a cranked Plexi with a little something extra...
  6. S

    FS: Head box for 50-watt Marshall

    Hi All, Haven't posted in awhile. Life got in the way, but glad to be back. Up for sale is a brand new head box made by Splawn Amplification for a 50 watt Marshall or clone. I was going to use it for an amp build but as I said, life happened. Asking $150 plus shipping. New, head boxes from Mojo...
  7. netlocal

    Marshall Origin 4x12, ORI50, R8

    *Regarding the build material (MDF) and G12E-60 speakers. The G12E-60 speakers look reminiscent of the 1990's Marshall "Gold Back Series" Celestions. The ORI412A looks like it was put very together well. *The tolex feels very soft. The vintage style omits corner protectors. For it to look...
  8. A

    Classic Gibson Les Paul Albums?

    I'm looking for some albums that have the classic Les Paul/Marshall rock tone from the 70's, ideally. So far my favorites are: John Mayall/Clapton beano album KISS - Alive Humble Pie - Rockin the Fillmore Mountain - Best of Jeff Beck - Truth ZZ Top - first 3 albums More would be better! Cheers
  9. J

    FS: Soldano Hot Rod 25

    You’re looking at one of the best amps Mike ever put out of his shop. These hot rod 25’s get the SLO tone without melting your ears. Very versatile two channel functionality with 3-band EQ and FX loop. Extremely dynamic, very thick and rich, harmonics with note bloom, it’s all here. This...
  10. J

    FS: 1993 Soldano Hot Rod 50

    This is an extremely clean early 1993 Soldano Hot Rod 50. The transformers are factory mercury magnetics date stamped January and March of 1993 (internal transformer dates to August 1992 as seen in the pictures). I am the second owner. It’s an absolute monster. I’m selling it to make room for a...
  11. J

    FS: Soldano Hot Rod 50

    This is the last hot rod head of my Soldano collection. Amp works great, no issues, very quiet at idle. Harmonic laden brilliant overdrive. No issues, extremely clean. There is one small ding on the very bottom of the headbox (see pics). Shipping is to the lower 48 CONUS only. Any questions just...
  12. J

    FS: Soldano Hot Rod 50 plus

    This is a very clean Soldano Hot Rod 50 plus in the rare factory purple tolex. It works great, no issues. There are a few knicks here and there because it’s been played, but it is overall extremely clean. The OD channel produces rich harmonic laden overdrive. The clean channel is crystal clear...
  13. J

    FS: Soldano Hot Rod 50

    This head is in excellent shape. If you want SLO overdrive tone without breaking the bank, here you go. All original, no issues, very quiet at idle. Shipping to lower 48 CONUS only. Any questions, just ask. $1450 PPG shipped to you. For whatever reason, my iPhone pics won’t load here so the...
  14. sectado

    Fender Princeton + Klon with a Marshall Jcm 800 and Carvin Legacy ?? Castofi result

    How does a Fender Princeton + Klon sound with a Marshall Jcm 800 and Carvin Legacy together? I finished mixing and mastering this band of Mar del plata from Argentina !! David Buccheri on bass and Luciano Spampinato on the guitar. What these cracks play !!! A while ago we recorded at Mcl...
  15. J

    FS: Soldano Super Lead Overdrice SLO

    This is an extremely clean SLO from 1999. I have owned a number of these over the years and this one definitely “has it” when it comes to tone. Original DeYoung transformers with no issues. Screaming harmonic laden overdrive, smooth sustain and crystal clear clean tones. This one does it all...
  16. TrippyStormtrooper

    Four Input Amps

    Just received my Marshall Studio vintage Combo, and so far, it is unbelievable. I have a question about jumping cables on a four input amp. Is there a preferred way to do it? Like, a specific input to a specific input? Or does jumping any of the inputs from channel 1 to channel 2 have the same...
  17. TrippyStormtrooper

    Marshall SV20C Speaker Replacement or External Cab?

    Hey guys, I want to purchase a Marshall Studio Vintage 20. I don't currently own any cabs and don't really plan on buying any heads in the foreseeable future. I own all combos and I like it that way. I usually buy from Sweetwater so I can enjoy their 3-payment deal, and they have a demo model...
  18. M

    WTB reisue jubilee 4x12 b cabnet

    WTB Reisue silver jubilee b cabnet with vintage 30s. Must be in very good to excellent condition.
  19. lespaulfreak93

    NAD! Mini Silver Jubilee 2525H

    Here it is! My first "adult" purchase! Late NAD, came in on Wednesday. This little beauty on top. (Pics are horrible because my phone camera lens are cracked) What can I say? Absolute tonal perfection. Total opposite of the POS sitting underneath. Literally got my perfect dream tone by...

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