1. sectado

    Tone Test! Suhr Pro S1 Marshall JCM 800 vs Fender Princeton + Suhr Riot (Landau I'm Buzzed)

    Tone Test: Suhr Pro S1 with Marshall JCM 800 2204 vs Suhr Pro S1 with Fender Princeton + Suhr Riot Same speaker (Celestion Creamback) and same microphone technique Whitch one is your favorite??
  2. sillennium

    American vs British Amps - '65 Deluxe Reverb vs a Marshall Class 5

    MLP, I thought it would be fun to create a video going between a Fender Deluxe Reverb and a Marshall Class 5 (in my opinion a 5 watt plexi). I used a standard Fender American Stratocaster and used the same cabinet a V Boutique Vumble and a Celestion Cream Alnico. I thought it would be fun...
  3. sectado

    Metal tone?? Marshall jcm 800 2204 with bogner burnley!

    Hi!!! We tried to get a metal tone with a Marshall jcm 800 2204 with bogner burnley using a Guitar Schecter Tempest Custom!!! What do you think about this tone???
  4. Del Rei

    (Video) Legendary Tones Hot Mod 2 + Studio Classic (JCM800 20W)

    Hi there!! :) :D Got this Hot Mod v2 these days and recorded something... Actually, I thought it would have more gain (that it already have). When you engage the Gain switch it changes a bit, but it the big difference is when you engage both Gain and Bass. I like it. Hope it helps someone... \o/
  5. Del Rei

    A (very) fast demo of my Marshall Studio Vintage (Mini Plexi) cranked...

    Hi there! Recorded this today... \o/ Settings: Presence: 10 Bass: 2 Middle: 2 Treble: 5 (8 on the solo track) High Treble: 10 Normal: 0 (not jumped) Used my attenuator (Two Notes Captor 8) for -20dB and my isobox (Creamback65 inside + Shure SM57 + AKG P170). Added some reverb at Reaper...
  6. sectado

    Gibson Les Paul and Marshall jcm 800 2204! we can get an Evh Tone??? Spanish Fly Van Halen Cover

    Hi!! With Francesco Arzenton from Italy and I from Argentina we wanted to try with his les paul and my marshall jcm 800 try to reach the tone of evh !! He sent me his guitar line and here in my homestudio I reamplified with my amp! What do you think? Guitarist: Francesco Arzenton...
  7. Del Rei

    (Video) Marshall Studio Vintage (Plexi) Cranked

    Hi there!! Hope everyone is safe! Just recorded this video today... It was not supposed to get this long, but just happened... Sorry.... Anyway, hope it's useful for someone! \o/
  8. TrippyStormtrooper

    1959HW Shrill Issue

    So I just got my 2020 Marshall 1959HW head back from warranty repair. I was playing, and suddenly the sound cut out. Broken / low volume. I checked the fuses, swapped the tubes, then took it to repair, thinking it was a PT or OT or something. When I picked it up, the guys at the shop told me it...
  9. sectado

    Do you like this tone?? Les Paul - Charvel with Marshall

    Hello everyone!! I just finished this song of my band thousand ways (Mil Maneras) from Argentina. We used a Gibson Les Paul Traditional and a Gibson les Paul Studio with Antiquities for the rhythms. For lead we only use a charvel san dimas!!! The amp we used was my 1987 marshall jcm 800 2204...
  10. All Guitars Driveway 2020.jpg

    All Guitars Driveway 2020.jpg

    Here are all my electric guitars and basses, and amps, as of Summer 2020.
  11. Del Rei

    Marshall JCM 800 20W Playthrough (Cranking \o/)

    Hey! :) I had a nice day today, playing this little beast and my Les Paul Traditional 1960 (love it) Used my Two Notes Captor for attenuation! Creamback65 inside my isobox. SM57 + AKG P170. I did some random settings and also cranked sometimes... But I should say: I never liked very much...
  12. Del Rei

    (VIDEO) Marshall vs Friedman (JCM800 Studio vs Smallbox20)

    Hey.... Again! :) :D Quick comparison here. Important: I can't use same EQ in both amps. Marshall is much more bright. So, different EQ was used. \o/
  13. Del Rei

    (VIDEO) Marshall vs Friedman (JCM800 SC20H vs Dirty Shirley Mini)

    Hi, there! :) Just recorded a fast clip comparing these 2 20W amps... Important note: Couldn't use same EQ. These amps sounds VERY different when using same EQ. Marshall is much more brighter. So, I tried to make both amps sound the same EQ, using my "preferred" tone as a reference. Hope it's...
  14. sectado

    Celestion Greenback and Creamback in the same cab?? Marshall Jcm 800 max volumen (raw audio)

    he other day I went to the recording studio since I am recording an album and I took the opportunity to film this!!!
  15. bossaddict

    Sold: 1986 Marshall 5213 MOSFET 100 Reverb Twin combo

    Up for sale is a Marshall 5213 MOS-FET 100 Reverb Twin solid state combo amp. I got this locally a while back and have quite enjoyed it, but am making room. As you can see, it's got a lot of wear from usage, including a few tears in the grill cloth as well as some tears in the tolex around...
  16. vladmaximus

    Tokai Reborn Les Paul “sustain” check ??

    Hello guys.. “Sustain” my guitar part Parisienne Walkways by Gary Moore test with my 1978 Tokai Reborn to Marshall jcm2000 —>
  17. Del Rei

    (Video) Marshall JCM800 20W (SC20) - My "official" demo LOL

    Hi there. Just recorded this one. Great amp, classic tones! Marshall + Gibson Les Paul = Heaven. LOL Used my Isobox + Celestion Creamback65 + SM57 + e906. Some parts I used a boost (as indicated in the video) Some reverb from reaper! \o/
  18. vladmaximus

    1978 Tokai Reborn with Marshall JCM 900 combo & Ceriatone Plexi

    Hello guys.. Hope you guys doin great... Here my Friend test with 2 amps Tokai Reborn with Marshall jcm900 Tokai Reborn with Ceriatone Plexi Enjoy it guys.. Video and sound from my iphone...
  19. kingsxman

    Budda SD45 (Pre Peavey): Marshall JTM 45 on steroids

    Here's one I'll probably regret...but must pay for a Two Rock amp purchase. (They aint cheap!) For sale is my Pre-Peavey Budda SD45 amp head. This one has the switchable Tube/Solid state rectifier. Tone is all JTM 45 with much more gain on tap. KT66 tubes. Amp is in very good condition with one...
  20. Del Rei

    Marshall SC20 - Full test for volume drop using loop fx

    Hi, there. I have just recorded this video to show how the loop works in the SC20 (JCM800 20W). We know there is a HUGE volume drop when using the loop at low volumes... But it get's normalized as you increase volume, and not everybody know that. Anyway... I tested Volumes 1 - 2 - 3 - 5 - 7 - 8...

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