1. A

    What color is the back of your Les Paul? Mahogany tint discussion

    What color is the back of your Les Paul, and for bonus points what year/model/series is it? Feel free to gush over your guitar if you really want, post a long love letter if you really feel inclined, the more the better. Recently I've been thinking about the one guitar to rule them all. What...
  2. A

    My huge slab of African Mahogany + updates

    I haven't done any measurements on it yet, I haven't cut into it, and I haven't touched it. It's really thick and it's taller than I am. Somewhere around 100$-120$ at Rockler Woodworking and Hardware. Still a beautiful looking alternative to the real deal and I have many many plans cooking for...
  3. T

    WTB: Gibson Les Paul Special or Junior in White!

    Wanted: A Gibson LP Junior in White. Ideally I’m looking for the limited edition “Nashville” series that had a faded, non-glossy finish and the flowery pickguard, but I’m open to other models. Must have a slim or 60s neck profile and a bridge P90. Preference for faded finishes and doublecut...
  4. T

    Kauer Starliner Deluxe - Killer P90 Tone! - Price Drop!

    Reluctantly selling my Kauer Starliner Deluxe. Incredible guitar that easily lives up to all the hype and takes the "Slab w/ P90s" to a whole new level. Playability is set with 10s and the neck profile and finish are extremely comfortable - Kind of a Goldilocks thickness, and the satin finish...
  5. S

    is this real mahogany gibson 2002 studio lp?

    I am about to buy this guitar and I dont want to make mistake. never owned or even played gibson for longer then five minutes so I would appreciate your help :)
  6. G

    1938 old growth hondorian mahogany

    I am currently finishing disassembling a 1938 32 foot cruiser which had the entire superstructure and interior made with hondorian mohogany (marina dropped and hull (atlantic white cedar) was not repairable. I HAVE A GARAGE FULL OF 1938 mahogany including multiple long boards that are 16 wide...
  7. P

    Wtb: Gibson les paul traditional mahogany satin worn brown

    Does anyone have a 2012 gibson les paul traditional in mahogany satin worn brown they'd be willing to part with? Looking for a good one in original condition that's been looked after. Thanks all.
  8. Kidofthepast

    Gibson Les Paul Faded refinishing, help needed!

    Okay so I have this Gibson Les Paul Special Faded finish (bizzare guitar) which I have stripped with acetone, it originally looked like the picture of the black guitar I have attached to this thread (pretty awful imo). After stripping the finish I then applied some oil to it to bring out the...
  9. Johnny Guitar

    Custom Built Guitar Thread!

    Let's see them one of a kind beauties! Mine's name is "Boss Hog". The body is from a Fender Jim Root Telecaster. The neck is a Warmoth maple neck with a Goncalo Alves fretboard. Custom Cut Pickguard. Gibson humbucker sized P-90's, added a tone knob, and a 3 way toggle switch at the top (les...
  10. 2

    Help with value of 2005 Gibson Les Paul Special

    Hello I was wondering if someone could help me determine an approximate value of a 2005 Gibson Les Paul Special SL USA made is Black EB Ebony in color appears to be in excellent condition, with a mahogany neck. It is a Sans Lacquer guitar with polyurethane finish. It is a slab body...

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